Pain during sex 7 and a half months after birth: Help?

When I had baby 7.5 months ago, I tore really really bad, and they took an hour to sew me back up and basically had to make sure I had separate holes again. Now- it hurts SO bad during sex. I don’t know if there’s scar tissue or what, but it hurts to the point I feel sick and can’t enjoy any of it. Has anyone had this? What do I do? What can I do? I have seen my Dr at six weeks; they gave me another six weeks before giving me the OK to try anything because it took a long time for me to heal. Even at the 12-week mark, it hurt when they checked me out, but they said I’m all healed up.


May have given you an extra stitch. Heard that happens a lot

Get a second opinion.


Have you tried lube? Idk exactly what kind of pain you’re having but lube might work

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See a physical therapist!!! I had to. Helped tremendously!!!


Definitely a second opinion, different doctors office and do not give up until you and your doctor have a reason why.


Get another opinion, another Ob/Gyn at least but a plastic surgeon may be needed. That kind of pain is not normal!

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I would recommend finding a Pelvic Health Physical Therapist. I went to PT for a couple months after having my daughter and it helped me so much!

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Go to another dr. And like someone else said they lube, take it slow

Following. 3 years later and it still hurts

Pelvicfloor physio!!!best decision of my life

I had an almost 4th degree tear massive amount of stitches and was on bed rest for 3.5 months after birth didn’t get the ok to try to have sex until 20 weeks pp. My son will be 14 months tomorrow I still have pain with sex. I had to get shots to break up the scar tissue from my ob/gyn and am now in physical therapy it seems to be helping a bit but I’ve only done 1 pt session. Good luck I know it sucks.

Did you have a 4th degree tear? If so message me! I will invite you to the fb group. There is a lot of extremely helpful information in this group and everyone is really great!! I would ask your doc about pelvic floor therapy otherwise.

After my first vaginal delivery in 2004 it took almost 6 years after for it not to hurt. I made the choice in 2014 with my second child to have a c-section. Wasn’t about to go through that pain for years again.

So I’m a year and 1 month pp and it JUST stopped hurting me. I have 2 kids, the first I had a 2nd degree tear and with my 2nd I had minimal tearing. Was checked out and all was fine. But still hurt so immensely. Sometimes it’s a mental thing. You get so in your head from the trauma you experienced it physically affects you. And its SO HARD to get passed. That’s what I had and had to overcome and it still affects me here and there but not even close to as bad.

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Go to a differant ob and have them check to see if you wrre given the husbands stitch
It can cause a lot if pain and discomfort. Its when your dr pits an extra stich in to make you tighter for your husband.

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They may have given you a “husband stitch”. That’s when they give you an extra stitch to make it “tighter” for your husband. It happened to me after I gave birth to my second child and it hurt every single time I had sex, and it will hurt until it’s reversed in most cases (physical therapist, or child birth). When I had my third child thankfully they stitched me back up properly and I haven’t had any pain since.

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Ask your OB about a Vestibulectomy. Best choice I ever made.

easiest description: an episiotomy revision, but different.

Yeah pelvic floor therapy! I’m going now even tho I had a c section and so far I haven’t seen much improvement but there’s some!

If the area where you got stitched back up hurts its most likely the scar tissue. Dont forget having a baby really takes a toll on your body. But see another Dr. They may have another treatment option. Also use witch hazel on it still, it will help with soothing the area as it is probably still healing.

I ripped from one to another too, and while I had pressure it didn’t hurt that bad.
Maybe they stitched too much?
An hour?

Try kegels. Strengthen the muscles, and see a different gyno.
I wish you luck.

See your ob. I didn’t heal properly and needed surgery to remove scar tissue. Good luck!

I had a 4th degree tearing when I had my baby 3 months ago… & yet to try having sex yet… I have no advice but know what ur going through! :persevere:

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I went through this. I can’t even remember how long I took to heal and for sex to be ok again, but it was a long time

I would get a second opinion they may have given you the husband stitch and not told you witch could be what’s causing the pain

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I had a blood filled cyst on my ovary. Best to get checked

That’s a hard one.
I’d recommend seeing your OB and telling them how bad it really is.
If there is nothing that can be done then they do have numbing cream that’ll take the edge off. I’ve had to use that in the past because I have more nerve endings in my vag than regular people do so it hurts sometimes.

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I had a 4th degree tear when I gave birth in 2009. It was painful for several months up to a year before it stopped hurting. I just had my second baby in August and had a 2nd degree tear. Recovery this time around has been much easier. Maybe see another doctor and get a second opinion.

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I had the same thing and scar tissue is what is making it hurt. But I was told that after a few times it wouldn’t hurt anymore. Even though the pain was bad I did it and then it didn’t hurt anymore

It happens with my son 10lb 2oz i torn up down and side to side just give it time there is alot of scar tissue after this which is thicker and harder and not as giving to opening as before :persevere: my ob suggested massaging natural olive oil on and around the area as often as i could to help repair the skin

Hi. I am a Pure Romance consultant and I get asked questions like this often as well I experienced similar effects after having my first. After giving birth and during breastfeeding we dont make as much natural lubrication which is extremely important as well as foreplay is important so that your body knows to get ready. I know with a newborn you probably dont have a lot if time but you should get at least 15 minutes of foreplay (for you not him) so that your body can get ready then use a good silicone lubricant since it will absorb like a water based will. Feel free to message me with further questions.


I had that problem, try sitting in a clean tub of water as hot as you can stand it. I took site baths at the hospital and it helped after delivery. I had a 10lb 8oz baby.

Had the exact same problem…ripped one end to the next. The ONLY thing that made it feel better was my partial hysterectomy 20 yrs later. It hurt every way but missionary even then just a little pain but was excruciating any other. After the hysterectomy it was like back to the beginning. They said scar tissue was the cause and nothing could be done to get rid of it just mask it.

I tore with one of my kids and was sore a long time. Still …they should do something to help you or repair it. Maybe try another dr

I would speak to your OBGYN about this issue…

Hope you have an understanding husband…

If you’re Doctor can’t help you go to another Doctor and get a second opinion you need time to heal also

I had pain with sex after giving birth my daughter for 6 month but I was also still bleeding the doctor put me on birth control pills. To help with the bleeding my daughter torn my inside up when coming out but needless to say as soon as the bleeding stoped and o had time to heal up all the pain was gone

I would tell your dr again what’s going on something isn’t right

Try anal sex,girl. Lol. :woman_shrugging: