So it took my husband and i 5 years to have our first baby and I had a breast reduction in recent years and the surgeon gave me a crap ton of prescription pain and I took it as prescribed and could go without them but couldn’t handle the sickness so that surgeon told me about medplex so I went and the dr there put me on suboxone and i had planned on being off of it but because it took 5 years we kinda gave up and thought it would never happen which is when it happened and our baby dr told me if I quit taking it wed loose our baby due to withdrawals inside of me but if I kept taking it she’d have to be in nicu to be weaned off so we wasnt going to loose our baby so she was weaned off,our baby dr didn’t call dhr but the nicu did and they’ve done one home visit and is coming tomorrow to do one to dismiss our case as long as theirs no issues.