Partners acting weird, is he cheating?

Hi mommas,
I don’t know if its my anxiety or what but I’ve noticed a personality change in my partner. In the beginning of our relationship everything was great, well almost 3 years into it I’ve noticed almost a lack of interest in me. At first I blamed it on his depression. Thinking maybe he just has a lot on his plate. Well lately I’ve noticed he goes to bed at different times than me, I’ll catch him on his phone on Snapchat or Facebook messenger and then he backs out really fast before I can see what he’s doing. I’ve caught him in the bathroom obviously doing stuff. I’ve noticed lack of sexual interest, affection, etc. I don’t understand what’s going on, but I feel a gut feeling that somethings wrong. I’ve tried to go through his phone but he never lets it leave his sight and I don’t want to go through it with him there because it feels like I’m being pressured. That and I don’t want to accuse if he isn’t actually doing anything. What should I do? We have two children, both from past partners. He has a somewhat close relationship with his child’s mother. Is it me? It’s okay to be honest!

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I know this was posted several months ago. Still, when I went through my relationship turmoil, it lasted for a few years, so perhaps this will still be helpful.

Yep. I am guessing by now you have confirmed everything you suspected. He is definitely cheating, or at the very least, looking for opportunities to cheat. Which, of course, is already a form of cheating.

Do not believe any fairytale stories he might tell you. People who have nothing to hide don’t go to great lengths to hide things.

In my opinion it is not able to be saved, and the sooner you get on with your life the less time you will waste. Remember you only get one life and if you waste these years with him you cannot have them back.

If you have not left him already, or at least started an exit plan, start one today, and follow through on it.