Party venues for teens?

My son, last minute, decided he wants a bday party. It’s on the 25th of this month and he’s turning 17. I can’t have the party at my house. What kind of venues do you do for older teenagers? Ideas greatly appreciated!


Laser tag. Paint ball. Go karts. Bowling. Camping.

Laser tag, River tubing (with coolers and packed lunches), rent a pavilion at a local park, and get him a speaker and do bbq, take him and a few close friends to dinner/lunch have cake and to the mall or something.

There are so many ideas, don’t over think it!

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Main event if you have one in your state!

I had a dinner at a restaurant and let everyone know in advance they’d have to pay for their own dinner. We did it twice for my son as a surprise. Once for his 16th and again for his 18th. It worked out great

Top Gold, arcade, country club, depends on him and his interest.

Dave and Buster’s
Water park
Amusement Park

Pool party game truck if he’s into video games

pizza party at the park or take him out to the water park with his friends

I had my daughter’s HS graduation party at a local lake and rented the pavilion. It was even better than her formal Sweet 16 party! Good luck!

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Fire halls , Pools… what kind of party does he want

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Karaoke at Don Felix in Henderson, Tx

The ax throwing place slippery rock


Local park or pool?
Skating Rink?


Pool party , we have a hooplas with trampolines arcades n such. What’s he like …there’s bowling ,skating ,laser tag … amusement parks usually have pavilions to do a cake …

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Bowling alley, Lazer tag, arcade?

Movie theater ?? Rent it out

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Maybe ask him where he would like it. That’s hard deciding that for a teen. My son (will be 16 on the 22nd) stopped having parties when he was 10. After that we just had little get togethers with cake.

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Bowling alley. Rent a VFW. The new thing is those portable arcades. Ppl bring them to your location. Even to parks. I def wouldnt do hotel. That sounds odd and i doubt parents would feel comfortable with that. I heard you can rent abmovie theater out for cheap and have a pizza party in there.


Laser Tag
Water Slides
Rent a hotel room with a joining room that has a pool
Lots of soda and chips


Pizza parlor, bowling alley, arcade, Park, skate park, amusement park.
The possibilities are endless

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Maybe an escape room of some sort?


Just an idea but let’s you rent out pools at other people’s houses by the hour. Let him grab a few friends and have a pool party.

The new thing is, hotel parties like you. Both get a room side by side. And the kid just has his friends over. And they play games and s***

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Rented video game truck might be fun. They come to your house and park. 2-3 hours of fun.