People keep blowing me off: Advice?

Can y’all help me figure out how to get over being upset with someone when they blow me off? This past month I have been blown off by people and end up waiting for them all night just to be let down. No texts or calls are letting me know they can’t make it, anything. I just completely ghosted. And I know a lot of people would just say screw them, find better friends, but this happens with EVERYONE. Like no matter who it is. I can’t win. I’m sick and tired of being let down constantly; it’s draining.


I think you need to find better friends


We’re always have a backup plan make multiple plans if one doesn’t go through you got another one. And when they call and say hey I’m on my way say oh me and I already left I didn’t think you were coming like before


Stop trying.
This is why I have pretty much 0 friends and do nothing with anyone outside of the small family I’ve made.

I’m not wasting time, energy, or anything on anyone.


Stop reaching out, stop making plans, and most importantly, STOP WAITING! If your friends say “let’s do xyz at 5pm” and you show up and no one is there, send a group text and say “hey im here, if no one replies in 15 minutes im leaving, hope to see you!” And if no one replies, leave. If it happens more than twice after that, you need to reevaluate your friends. I get it, we can all be busy but no one is too busy to communicate. There’s no excuse.


That happened to me and they talked behind my back after so I said fuck them and moved on…best decision ever.

Wish I was there . To show you what a real friend is :heart::pray:

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This is EXACTLY why I don’t talk to folks anymore. :woman_shrugging:t2: Stop reaching out and focus on you. The older you get, the more you learn to not waste your time and breath on people that don’t even think twice about you.

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I got upset with one and they didn’t talk to me for 3 weeks, literally for saying thanks for the ditch (was a constant thing) then decided to text and I guess cause I didn’t text back quick enough it wasn’t worth a response. This is someone I thought I was close with for a looooong time. Sometimes people just suck. I mainly stick to myself and have kinda stopped trying, there’s good people out there

Why the hell are you depending on someone else? Can’t depend on anyone for anything but yourself.

People are only going to treat you the way you let them treat you. Start cutting negative people off.


Honestly I don’t really have friends except a couple. But I do ghost people a lot and I don’t do it cuz I don’t care but because I get too overwhelmed to respond. It sounds dumb because it’s usually not something that would overwhelm most people but for people with mental health issues (anxiety, depression, etc) simple things/conversations can be overwhelming.

Your right it does happen with everyone
It’s happened to me my entire life.

Take what people say with a grain of salt.
And move on.
I just did everything by myself.
Learn to be happy and comfortable by youself. It helps

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They are NOT worth your time or energy. Find new friends and move on .


Tell them how they are making you feel. Always be true to how you are feeling. Ask them why and let them know how it is making you feel. Ask questions! Your feeling are valid and you need answers as to why they keep blowing you off. Hope it gets better for you

I really hate to say this but you have to take a look at yourself. Make sure it is not something you are doing. If you can 100% say that it is not then walk away and do your own thing. If it is then make the effort to change what you might be doing wrong. I had to do that with myself and discovered a huge change in things. Some things I was doing wrong and some I wasnt.


Make your plans with the understanding you only wait a half hour for the other person unless they call to let you know they are delayed then find something else to do if they don’t show.

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Do you ask them why? What are their responses? Who is making the get together you or them? Maybe they dont want to hurt your feelings and dont know how to tell you so they dont hurt your feelings

Maybe confirm the day of that you are still on?

I could comment… But I think I’m gonna sit this one out


Aghh than it’s the people you choose to have around you. choose good people or learn how to expect less from them.

I have learned to walk away. It’s hard to do but, much healthier for you.

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I would suggest that when making plans, give a latest time you will wait until. For example: You want to meet up at 8 for coffee? Cool. If I don’t see or hear from you by 9 I’m going to assume you’re not coming. Hope to see you then! That way, if they show up @ 9:01 and you’ve moved on w/ your day, they have no reason to get butt hurt over it.

Honestly? You just have to get over it and move on with your day / evening.
You are the only person who controls your happiness and you shouldn’t let the actions of others get in the way of your happiness and peace of mind. If they blow you off? Don’t make any other plans with them and move on. That’s the best way to cope.

Let me be your friend you’ll see how friend is supposed to be!!

Ask them what the problem is ?

I’ve had the same thing happen to me this week. I just give up now. Just let it go.

People would do that to me years ago, finally said to them I don’t need you to make me happy,I started found out by myself, when they ask why they wasn’t invited I told them I was with my best friend

Maybe you have bad breath or jest fucked up

What’s the common denominator? Not necessarily meaning you but how about timing, location, genre, do all included get along, do you manipulate the conversation or only talk about yourself or a one topic person. Personally I don’t care to socialize with people who interrupted or only care about their opinions or won’t agree to avoid certain topics, agree to disagree. You may need to look in the mirror as we all do.

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If everyone does that to you…what is it about you? Do you allow yourself to be used?

That’s why I keep to myself, can’t be let down or disappointed. Some people just don’t care to give someone a heads up. To them it’s no big deal.