Period is 8 days late but every test is negative…could I still be pregnant?

I was suppose to start my period on 1/12 which makes me 8 days late and at day 35 of my cycle. Aunt Flo usually visits pretty regularly almost like clockwork. So being this late is kinda worrysome. I’ve had slight nausea, I’ve been exhausted even throughout the day, and unusually hungry. But every test I take is negative, not even a faint like or a shadow, just a big fat negative. I had the worst cramps on 1/3 and thought I was gonna start my period early but I never ended up starting, I don’t know if that matters. Is it possible I can be pregnant? Is it too early? If I am pregnant does it mean something might be wrong? I’m freaking out right now!

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My test have alway came out negative until I’m 3 weeks🤷‍♀️

My tests didn’t register until I was about week 7

Maybe check with a blood test to be sure

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Most likely too early. Make sure when you test again to use the first pee of the morning as well.

Mine don’t show til 6 weeks. I always have them do a blood test.

Spring for the digital test.

Mine was negative till around 3/4weeks

I’d say it’s still possible that you’re pregnant. Give it another 2-3 days, test again. If you go past 2 weeks with negative tests and still no period, go see your doctor and have them do a blood test. However, stress can play a huge role in late periods and can cause a lot of body symptoms as well, including random nausea.


I was 9 weeks, all negative home test. Dr. Office pee test negative. An internal to check cyst, found a baby. flo came to visit, the week before. got vlood work to see how far I was.

It took me like 3 weeks to get a positive with my last pregnancy, just wait a little bit and test again

Yes you could be pregnant. Time will tell.

You could be pregnant. If you have been under a lot of stress sometimes your period can be late or not show up. You can have the symptoms. If you arr very worried call your doctor.

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My friend had negative or inconclusive tests for months. It’s still possible.