Please help I need a hard honest opinion!

Hi I need a very good advice about my situation right now as I am very confuse.
I am pregnant with my boyfriend of 5 months only. Now I found out that my boyfriend is still secretly talking to his ex gf before and he told me he has no contact with her anymore or any of her exes during the time that he was still courting me.
But I saw that she’s still messaging her and he also replies and I told him that I don’t like he is still talking with her because of their past situation that she got pregnant but she did abortion and he wasn’t okay with it so they ended the Relationship. They were together for 5 years and even he still keep their old photos together in his ipad ( he said he didnt use the ipad anymore so he did not bother to erase them).
Also he still keep on his wallet a photo of him where it shows on the photo him on the mirror of the mall while showing his ex gf who took it.
Sometimes when we are with his friends he also sometimes mentioned about the things he did with her ex gf before , even he also still keeps the things his ex gifted for him and on his social media.
I know that we are just in relationship for 5 months but I wanna know if what I feel is right or I am just being jealous and insecure from his ex because seeing these stuff from him I feel like he is still not fully over with her even after she did an abortion.
Also I saw a messages from her another friend that he told her We had sex and he said I am virgin and she replied that couldn’t be true and he replies more details bout our sex and said if It’s not true then maybe I’m just acting i was feeling discomfort during our first sex.
I also found out that there’s one message where someone sent him messages I miss you and when I asked who is it he grabbed the phone and got a bit upset and walked out.
Please I need to know if I am just being a jealous paranoid gf or Are these red flags that I should end this relationship before it gets more toxic.
Also he is 33 years old and still living with his dad who has a 5 kids from different women and now expecting to have a new baby at the age of 63 and his wife is 38 years old.
My boyfriend is unemployed and has no proper education but helps with his dad business.
All these i figured out during these 5 months relationship with him.
I grow up in a very solid loving family who values respect and high moral.
My parents are both successful in their both career and I am the only child.
I am a bit ashamed of my situation that I cannot open it up yet to any member of my family and friends. I need to hear opinions and thoughts about my situation if I should stay in a relationship with my boyfriend now who made me pregnant.
Also if we’re together he acts very sweet and loving but he never put our photos in whatsapp or in his social media. He kept me hidden.
Even one time I tried to test him and told him to put our photos on his whatsapp story because i know thats where he mostly talked with his ex and other women he got upset i asked bout it ( i know it was shallow and pathetic of me) but I just wanna test him if he could actually show to everyone about me and I am pregnant because he act so loving and sweet to me but with all these stuff i found out about him I think he has other personalities behind my back.
Additional to this
He also follows a lot of pornstars and sexy cosplayers and asian kpop artists.
Which i think at this age is so weird.