Plenty of fish drama

If you found a guy you were living with on Plenty Of Fish, so you made a fake account to talk to them, then they found out it was you and they were furious, what reason would you give for doing it?


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I would’ve just told him that I know he’s on there and want to know why. Of course he’s on there for a reason…but he could’ve turned it around on you…like you went on there not knowing he was on it…and try and turn the tables. Bottom line does it change anything on your end…you know something’s up…just matters what you’re willing to take.


No reason. Just leave and work on you for a bit.


How did you know he was on POF? What made you want to create the account? And if this is your SO, why not just state you found your partner on POF instead of saying a guy you live with?? If y’all are just friends or room mates or FWB etc, you have NO RIGHT to go fishing yourself to catfish the dude to catch him in “the act”. If y’all aren’t committed then what he does in his time is NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS!! Super childish! But if y’all are committed and together then why not just confront him when you found out or knew about it like a MATURE GROWN UP?? There’s a lot of context missing here and regardless of the situation, baiting/cat fishing him online is just immature and childish on your end.

Depends you just say living with, are you living with them as in room mate or boy friend and girl friend. If your just a room mate and doing it, your behaviour is a complete invasion of privacy because he wasn’t really aware of who he was sharing with, if its a boyfriend then you should have confronted him about the account from to start, don’t go dancing around with excuses, break up with him and move on.


You guys aren’t supposed to be in a relationship.


Hes mad he got caught, turning tables on you to make you feel like you are the one that done something wrong, if the relationship is gonna work seems like there needs to be changes on both sides or just part now while you both can

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Yeah this whole situation seems fairly toxic.


So based on the context it sounds like you’re not together which means you have absolutely 0 reasons to involve yourself in his personal life. Absolutely ZERO. I’d be furious too. That was manipulative, shady, and all around an asshole move. You should honestly consider why you would do such a thing for someone you’re not in a relationship with. This isn’t even a good thing to do while in a relationship, and proves you’re too immature to be in one. If you thought he was cheating with his gf then the thing you do is tell her and then she’ll decide what she wants to do. How did you find out he was on POF? Because from what you said he didn’t tell you so you breeched his privacy in order to figure that out and thats disgusting. You either looked through his phone or tried to catch a glance what was on his screen. With someone you’re not in a relationship with! You really need to slow down and stay in your own lane. Stop involving yourself in things that do not concern you and then you wont have problems. Smh :roll_eyes:


Oh wait…now reading back it sounds like yall werent in a relationship…im confused


If it were me I’d be straight up, obv hes on there for a reason, or he wouldn’t be so mad


Who even catfishes a roommate like that, I’d be pissed to

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Uh…is this a relationship or a roommate scenario?? Because that would make a big difference in our responses to your post.


Seriously… not a damned one. You were suspicious and lacking trust… he confirmed you were correct. I’d be more concerned about how we were both going to move on in different directions! No trust and confirmed would cheat if given the opportunity to do so. No foundation to build upon. Time to move on!


Honey he was on POF when y’all were together(if I read that right) you don’t need to explain or give him any reason!!!

If they’re on a dating site you shouldn’t be together. It should’ve never gone that far

If it was your other half and they were being shady on there or being on there period while in a relationship then you went on there to prove what your gut feeling was that he in fact was entertaining other females they should be the one in hot water not you!


My husband did this to me. I didn’t know it was him I was talking to for two weeks. Come to find out he learned alot about me and seen I wasn’t doing anything wrong.

I wouldn’t of even went that far. They’d be gone soon as I found the account.

They can’t be mad if they were on there in the first place. They’re just trying to turn it on you. It’s gaslighting at its finest!!

I would straight up tell him the honest truth. That you shouldn’t have a single site if you’re living with someone. I wouldn’t feel guilty at all if I were you.

You didn’t trust him or his Judy a DICK!

Pff he would be gone

Tell him you did it to prove he was being a sick and kick him out oh and make sure you have a date over every night he’s still there

Seems kinda toxic from both parties


Did that before but to my husband at the time. Just reemphasizing “at the time”.

How did you find the guy on POF? Why were you on POF? Why are you giving a reason? Did he chat back? Fuck a reason leave him.

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Living with as in roommates or dating?? Post is a little confusing

How did you know he was on there unless you were on there too?

“Pussy is pussy, right?”
Why are you so disturbed, sir? Lmao

Because i wanted to give him a special send-off

Thats when you shoutnt ask questions and just walk away.

“Guy you are living with” so you are not in a relationship and started cat-fishing this person?:neutral_face:


“Oh? I thought it was ok since you were on there already!”

Hold up.

You have a pof account and ran into your roommate on it

You made a fake account

You messaged and talked to your roommate on the fake account

Now you want to explain to him why you did it?

Probably because you’re a nut job.


Is he living w you or are you living w him?
Either way it goes one of us would be packing!
You don’t need to explain anything, leave girl.
Honestly, you shouldn’t have even wasted your time making an account, talking to him – wrong is wrong. He’s wrong & regardless of what he says, he knows it. Sounds like he’s gonna flip it back on you, he might even say naaaa I knew it was you I played along. Don’t be a dummy.

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Wait. You’re living with him like a roommate or like a boyfriend? Either way, one of you is fucked up. Or both depending on you’re relationship with eachother.


Are you two just living together or are you together? Depending your answer is how I would answer your question. If you two are together, I would have to ask why because obviously both of you were on plenty of fish (the only way for you to find him on it).

What? Wouldn’t you be the one who should be mad? Shouldn’t he be the one trying to explain? :thinking:

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Same reason he had for making one?

What else is there to say ? He’s looking for something else. You made the account to see if he’s cheating.

It’s just a guy you live with? Get over it

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I would check because it could be an old account he never deleted. By making a fake account you can find out if he’s still using the account or not

I am sorry I was stupid

The only reason they could give is immaturity and ignorance on both parts

Toxic all the way around

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I HAVE DONE THIS! my ex was on all kinds of dating websites while we were living together. I kept asking about it and he kept hiding it…so I made a fake account and set up a meeting. He was extremely shocked to see me instead, but it was def over after that :woman_shrugging: (i was in my early 20s…seems like too much effort just to catch a scumbag now that I’m in my 30s lol)


That he’s a piece of trash. And it’s trash day hunny

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Sounds like you’re not even in a relationship with the guy… If I was him I’d be moving and blocking all contact with you :woman_shrugging:

If he’s on there,then you got every right to do the same.

There’s questions before I could form an option, like are you guys in relations? Or just roommates? Friends with Benefits?

:woman_facepalming:t3: umm, give no reason and simply move on with your life. He’s on there for a reason and that reason doesn’t concern you. Focus on you and your life who gives a fck what he’s doing? You said y’all“lived” together and lived means in the past so leave it in the past and move forward :roll_eyes:

Lol id just say hay i was just being a bug a boo just wanted to mess with ur mind ha sry not sry Heehee


…what is your reason? Tell them that, then do them a favor and get out of their life.


That your psychotic and incapable of having an adult conversation about things that make you question the relationship (if there is one). My ex had a pof… a very old pof…I simply let him know I don’t feel he still needed one. He didn’t use it… and I left it at that. Why make a whole spectacle of it? Like are people this dense they expect to get into someone’s business like that? Only thing you’ve done is show that your toxic because you feel pretending to be someone your not is ok… just because you want to know intimate details about someone you Used to live with.

Cheater! they wouldn’t get an answer!

No reason just laugh

Then pack his crap & send him to sea :rofl:

WTF is HE doing on POF

Plenty of freaks and not the good ones. Is all I can say!!!