Possible hypersensitive issues?

I’ve been having trouble with my 7 year old wearing any type of clothes because she always finds an issue with texture or tags. She has been like this since she was a baby but I always thought she would grow out of it, especially because in the latest years she had been doing so much better. The second half of this school year has been the hardest. I have been trying cotton, tag less clothes and it’s been a little better but if she feels so much as a string or something she will not wear them, she is the same with shoes. I am worried she will only get worst when puberty hits. Could this be linked to some sensitivity issues? I have always suspected she has ADHD but she has not been tested because all her teachers say she’s fine. Should I bring it up with her pediatrician? And has anyone have this problem with their kids and what do you recommend is there a certain brand I should try? Please help as I am at my wits end!