Post partum depression question

Is it possible to develop PPD 8 weeks after having a baby?


Yes. You can develop it at anytime after giving birth

Yes and even years after.

Sometimes lasts for years

I take it your DOCTOR didn’t consult with you about the risk factors?

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Yes. Go see your doctor.

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Yes absolutely. Don’t beat yourself up over it its more common than you think. My daughter is nearly three and I still have it xx

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Mine didn’t show up until my little one was like 4 months old and my baby is now two and I still struggle. It can happen at anytime to anyone.

Yes, please make an appointment to see your doctor.

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Yes :pensive: I got told I had this the other week and my wee girl is 2 and a half xx

Yes. The whole first year

Yes im dealing with it now and was just put on medication last week my twins will be 8 weeks tomorrow

I got it when my son was about 10 months

Yes. You can develop it anytime after delivery up to a year after

Yess for me it was very bad anxiety. Didn’t start till after my first period. Hormones all off.

Yes I believe it can develop within a year of having baby and can last for years talk to your doctor or counselor about it


I think the stress of lack of sleep and constant care of a little one can wear on you. Call it what you like. Hormones are rebalancing, life is stressful. Expectations vs reality is a factor too. Sleep is VERY important to sanity. Get some help from family, friends, and/or professionals. There are help lines to call also that can help you sort this out. 1-800-PPD-MOMS.

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Yes, it can develop up to a year after giving birth.

yes it can… and you need to see your Dr right away if you think you even might have it to be safe. I know a couple women who thought it wouldnt be so bad since didnt get it til later…and thats not true. It is always best to talk to your Dr before anyone else so they can help

Yes. The whole first year.
Then after the first year its considered chronic.

It’s possible to develop ppd up to almost a year after the baby is born

You’ve spent 10 months building these hormones. All of a sudden that need is gone and your body is without them. It took me a couple months to realize I was suffering from PPD. I think it depends on your own body and how fast it processes the pregnancy hormones out of your body. If you are wise enough to wonder if it’s PPD, follow up with a provider. Wellbutrin made a HUGE difference for me. I wish you the best. Being a mom is hard and adding PPD to that stress can be overwhelming.

I would think so. I had severe ppd with both my kids and it lasted about a year and half before my hormones worked themselves back out.

Yes, you can develop postpartum depression up to a year after birth according to doctors but in other communities they believe you can have it several years after.

Yes!!! I didn’t get it with my first till I went back to work at about 10 weeks

i had PPD for six months after i had my last baby its serious stuff i had to go get help from a doctor til it passed its scary!

Yes within the first year. Talk to doc ASAP.

Yes.Get in touch with your Dr xx

It’s possible 18 months afterwards. Please see your Dr