Potty training advice for a boy

I can not potty train my 3 year old boy for the life of me. We offer treats. We got a whole bunch of books that he loves reading. The 4 times he has used the potty We made a big deal out of it and he was so excited. Then it just stops and we are right back at square one.My one and a half year old girl though, is already half way potty trained. She tells us she needs to go it is only at night she needs a diaper.


I had all my kids done by 2.
I had 1 boy and 3 girls.
That included nights.
The key is to be consistent .
During the day put on underwear. At the times.
I had a bathroom on the same floor.
Plus when they started to walk .
I put a potty in the bathroom.
So who ever went to the bathroom. The child went to sit on it. So they wouldn’t be afraid.
It took me 1 week.

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My son was hard too I put Cheerios in the toilet and told him to try and sink them. Or if you look on amazon they have games to put in the toilet for potty training. But he may not be ready. Good luck :heart:


Put him in undies. All day. Be consistent. It can’t be when you have a bunch of errands, and plans and parties. It has to be a full week or two where you have nothing going on. When he has an accident, just say no biggie and get him changed. Don’t make a super big deal of it or get upset. Hardest part of parenting until the are teens I swear lol :laughing:


Try putting a drop of blue or red food coloring in the toilet. When he goes the magic happens. :blush:

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As the mother of 5 boys, it’s a difficult task. They are only ready when they’re ready and that’s it! Each one of mine were different - one was past 4 before he got it - another was 21/2.


When my son turned 2, I bought one of the children’s toilet seat ( the one that you place on your actual toilet) and had him sit on it every hour. That’s how he 1st learned. For 3 months he peed “like a female :joy:”. When he was comfortable enough his father took him any time he wanted to go and showed him how to pee like a man. Now he’s fully potty trained. He will be 3 next month.

My son has twin boys. He made a bullseye on a tree in his back yard- lol. They would try to hit the bullseye … hysterical- then they would try the toilet- worked!

Show how to pee i did my son i covered my self and pee he seen my go then he went in toilet after same with poop when you dune show say this what you do. He doesn’t need
To see your private…

Boys take longer than girls. He is still well within the normal range of age appropriate potty training norms.

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For me this is what worked.
1, keep em naked as the day they were born. It’s easier to see when they need to go imo. And it seemed that peeing on the floor was not cool for him because he had to help clean it up. We didn’t make a big deal out of it if he did but he didn’t enjoy having to help clean up either.
2. A wall hanging urinal. We had one given to us that was a lil frog with a spinny tongue to aim at. He hated regular training potties but this? HE LOVED IT. He still uses it now at 4.5yrs.
3. Let him pee with you. That’s where the urinal came in handy. He was able to come with me and go in tandem with me lol. Huge difference when they can go at the exact same time.
4. Of course, no judgement. Accidents happen. Congratulate them for ‘almosts’ and ‘good tries’ as a step forward is still progress.
5. We stayed at home and stayed in a specific part of the house for the most part. The master bedroom was where we holed up at as the bathroom is adjoined and doesn’t have a door, just an archway. So he could come and go as he pleased without going far. This made access easier for him. It took about a week and a half to two weeks and he was potty trained and was about the same age as your son is now. He’s had a handful of accidents since then but it was within the first few months of being potty trained.

Night training came naturally to him after this. We had a few days where we were out of overnight pullups and just went with it. He had a few accidents the first week but since then? Maybe 3 accidents total and he was dead tired that night.

You got this momma :grin:

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With both my boys I let them naked as a jay bird it’s helps alotttt !


Girls are so much easier then boys. I’ve had both

Boys tend to to train slower than girls. He’ll start back up when he’s ready. Less pressure about and around it decreases the chances of bed-wetters. It doesn’t exclude it! Don’t get me wrong when I say it just lessens the chances.

Then he’s not ready. Don’t force it


Honestly with my son he would sit and sit on the toilet and wait until I put undies on him to pee so I left him in wet undies for an hour and kept taking him back to the potty. He didn’t like it and finally stopped waiting to pee when I put clean ones on him. Consistency is key. It took me 3 days of undies and no undies going every 5-10 minutes.

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We stopped and started many times with my son, I find boys just don’t care as much! My daughter was much faster in her training.

P.s. I let my son choose his potty reward treat…he chose olives!!!:woman_shrugging::woman_shrugging::woman_shrugging:

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It’s a boy thing , he will do it as his own pace lol , they get distracted, and really don’t care when you make a big deal of it , he’s to busy, my son and grandson we’re not completely trained until around 4 and a half or so. He will when he feels like it

Don’t compare the 2. Kids are ready at different rates. Clearly he is not ready. I wouldn’t push it.

Get a little kids potty , we’re you can put it anywhere he’s at . at all times . and let him know constantly if he needs to go potty it will be there next to him you gotta keep remind him it’s there so wen he needs to go you can help as well and he will eventually do it . Then Until he can go to the Regular bathroom.

My almost 4 year old just today started. We gave up and just asked through the day if she wanted to go sit. We bribed. Today after all the years asking…she went. Over and over :partying_face: sometimes they just truly have to do it on their own schedule.

Boys can and often do take longer than girls so be patient. I used the naked process. Just take a weekend or 3 day stretch that you don’t have to leave the house at all and let him run completely naked. He sits on towels on the floor and you take him to sit on the potty every 20 min. I had a jar filled with m&ms or other small candies and mine got to get 1piece for a pee and 3 for a poo. I also did stickers.

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My technique isn’t as popular these days but we lived in a forest and it was summer and he got to be naked and water the trees. Then he wore undies and if we were inside he had to use the toilet and not go outside to do it. Then one day I realized it had been a while since he had any accidents. His brother was close in age and didn’t get training of his own. One day shortly after his big brother was trained I just happened to notice he hadn’t been in a diaper for about a week and there were no accidents. I basically had them train their youngest brother by the time we were living in a neighborhood where I couldn’t have him running around like a wild animal. :rofl::joy::rofl: I can’t take credit for any tricks up my sleeve or patience or consistency. The first would wear a pull up if we had to go somewhere while he was training but aside from that I didn’t take extra care or focus too much on it. The first two trained themselves the most amd never wet the bed. The third took more training but in shorter amount of time (again mostly just copying brothers) and he had to wear pull-ups at night for 2 and a half years.

My boys were close to 4 by the time they were trained so don’t stress just keep trying and I found that instead of a potty on the floor a potty seat on the toilet for my boys worked way better they got the concept because they saw us going and then finally caught on that that’s were they needed to go hope this helps some

With my two boys we waited until it was warm out, then put them in underwear and spent most of the day outside. First day was a lot of accidents, the second less, the third less. They were potty trained in a week. Having to go inside, clean up, get new clothes on, gently explaining we go in the potty not our underwear helped a ton. I think they were both close to 3 when we did this.

We used a sticker chart for our son. Every time he peed, he got to put a sticker on the chart and when the chart was full, he got a surprise or a fun day out.

My son is almost 4 and he finally is getting the concept. The first day I put underwear on and the first 3-4 times he peed on himself although I kept asking and asking him if he needed to go. Then just like that he said he needed to go potty and started going on his own. He will have an accident here and there since it’s only been a week. We praise him every time and he loves it. Now we need to work on him doing #2. :grimacing:

Do you have a male in your family that you can trust to help you. It took my husband showing our son how to use the toilet for it to work.

For our little man, We used a potty training target projector and also got him a toddler size froggy urinal and omg it helped so much! He actually wanted to go potty then and he was fully trained in about 2 weeks…

Also with my girls I put panties on during the day and once they had an accident once they never wanted to do it again bc it wasn’t a diaper it ran down their leg and they didn’t like it

I heard that you can buy bulls eye stickers to go in the toilet and they can try and hit that. I only had girls

He’s probably not ready. If he’s not there then you can’t force it. Boys and girls are different and no two kids are exactly alike. Let him have a break and then try again in a few months.

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My son didn’t get it til 4 closer to 5. Be patient and consistent. He will get it when he’s ready.

So maybe he hasn’t developed the nerve that tells him he needs to go yet? It can be as late as around their fifth birthday. Don’t make a big deal out of it. Just work out when he goes (make a diary) and put him on the toilet or potty about twenty minutes before those times.

My mom potty trained my brother by teaching him to go on a tree outside. However, we lived in the country.