Potty training advice?

So I’ve been potty training my son and we seem to be at the point where during the day he’s in underwear and he’ll take them off to go pee but still is scared to poo. With that being said how can I get him to go number two in the potty he went before but kinda regressed a little with it like he’s scared to go. Also how do I go about while we’re out and about and also nighttime?


Got the idea from my coworker to tell my son that all the little poopies need to go down the toilet to be with the other poopies as a family :rofl: it worked almost instantly

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Honestly my daughter didn’t start going number 2 in the potty until she was 3. She was number 1 potty trained for a year already but was terrified of number 2 for some reason. One day I just told her ‘sorry we’re out of pull ups’ because she would tell me she had to go and then go in the pull up. From then on she just randomly decided she wasn’t scared anymore. You can try sitting in the bathroom with him, giving him a toy or book as a distraction while he’s in there, rewards. Good luck!


I read books to my kid while he sat on the toilet or gave him a book to look at on his own. It just got him more comfortable. Then things happened on their own.

How old is he??? Best advice I was given was summer closest to their 2nd birthday… I have an April baby… I’m australia… so he was 2.5 years old… never really had a problem with toilet training… they all refused to use a potty :laughing:

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You don’t. Just wait until he’s ready.

My daughter was the same. We sat her on the potty and didn’t force anything I think she went 3 days without going but eventually she did and once she’d done it once she was absolutely fine!

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My son loves hot wheel cars so anytime he went poop, he got to pick one from the box we had of brand new cars. He was super excited! I also had him pick out underwear he loved so he wouldn’t be so quick to get them dirty.

Wait until he’s ready never force a child my granddaughter was th same she went to playschool snd they said your br surprised how many children have a number
2 toilet phobia. But don’t force them they will take longer and they will do it in their own time good luck with it

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I would give my son 1 m&m every time he would poop in the potty.

My kid LOVES suckers. So we got a container and labeled it “poopie pops” and filled it with dum-dum suckers. I also had a small container labeled the same that held about 10 I took with us. We didn’t let her have any kind of sucker unless she went in the potty AND she had to show us so we knew she wasn’t lying… took about 3 days of seeing everyone else get a sucker ( had this in place at my moms as well) before she came running and yelling down the hall “I GOTTA POOP!!” Even tho it was late, she still got her sucker. After that, we continued with the “poopie pops” until they were gone since we already had them but there were no more accidents or being scared/anxious

You talk to him. Let him poop in his underwear and see that it smells and it’s gross. Tell him he has to in the potty like everyone else. My son is learning as well and after peeing himself multiple times he is getting it.