Potty training help please!

I am trying and have been trying to potty train my 3 year old son. He only goes when he wants to no matter what I do. I tried letting him run with no diaper on and with his underwear but still nothing. He went a few times on his own or when I ask but after about 3 times he went get diaper a wanted a diaper on. I tried giving surprises and rewards even showed him a big reward foe when he has it down still nothing. I need help. He is going to start pre k in fall and I want him ready but I can't have him ready if he doesn't want to go to potty.

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Potty training help please!

He may not be ready to potty train. And forcing him to do so will only prolong it.


Don’t force it unfortunately. When he’s ready he’ll let u know. Keep rewarding every time he shows any interest tho

Sing songs while he sirs on the potty…read a book…blow bubbles . Ya got to use your imagination and make it more fun…so it doesn’t seam like a punishment of time out and just sitting…don’t give up…stay confident…and consistent…put the potty chair in an easy to get to area…yes…even if it’s In the living room…once they learn to go…and are use to it. Then you can’t transfer to the actual bathroom…make him extra proud to be a big boy now …and always…always get super excited any time he tries to sit on the potty…and always always do the pee pee dance once he does go…make up crazy fun songs…gotta go the extra mile on the fun…lol…it’s not always a quick thing for some…don’t give up and don’t give in…take him to the store to pick out some big boy under wear…and make it a big special ordeal…

He isn’t ready. Stop and try again in a month or so. Potty training shouldn’t be a battle. those little turds Will always win.

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Buy a potty watch. Stupidest thing ever but works.

Boys are usually late. My son was almost 4 till he was fully potty trained


I made mine start cleaning up his own messes. It took 1x


Stop for a couple weeks. Act like it was before. Then reintroduce the concept. It takes a few times

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I use hershey’s kisses as a reward everytime. but i do agree don’t force it! have you tried his own potty toilet ?

My daughter is 4 and just now getting potty trained. I tried when she was 3 but she wasn’t interested so I stopped and let her choose when she was ready then started again and now she goes in the toilet all the time and is wearing big girl panties and only wears diapers to bed till she’s fully potty trained. Just take a break from it for a little bit till he starts showing signs of readiness and when he is ready continue to reward him and praise him for going in the toilet and when he is ready try putting cherrios in the toilet and have him aim for them or put him backwards on there and give him a washable marker and let him draw on the toilet while he tries and goes.

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Took about 2 days of naked training for us. But you can’t use underwear. Completely naked from waist down. It gets messy, but patience and encouragement will make it a much better experience. You have to watch constantly for any signs and make sure he’s very hydrated so there’s the most opportunity. Worth a try!

Set a timer and when the timer goes off have him sit on the potty…start in small time intervals…and then.extend it by 5mims every time. There really isn’t a time frame…my nephews were both trained not long after they turned 1…

It is so hard… but it is something that can not be forced. Both my sons were 3 1/2 when they finally had it. It is frustrating as a parent, I was there. Younger kids were potty trained and I was still buying diapers. We did do a blind surprise bag with a car in it because he loves cars but it was only for the first 10 times he went, then he was good to go. Good luck!

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I tried the same things with my son, he was 3 then, and he would not do it. So finally at 4 i bought him a potty chair. Which eventually he started using to go pee on. Still wouldn’t go poo on it. Patience is key when it comes to things like this. Eventually he realized I wasn’t going to let him go to school until he was potty trained and then starting going poo on it. And even then we still use pull ups at night because he’s not ready to be in big boy undies at night. He’s 5 currently.

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For my son, I took fruit loops and threw some in the toilet and made it game. See how many you can sink! First time I did a pull-up, he shook his hand at me and said no, not wearing these and never did gain.


I put a few cheerios in the toilet for my son to aim at. He loved going to potty to drown the cheerios! Oh, and he used a stool. No baby potty for him because daddy didn’t use the baby potty!

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Just continue to be consistent. Make it a routine. He’ll start recognizing the urge in his bladder. I’ve always heard it was harder training boys than girls.

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My boy was stubborn too. Ended up waiting until he was almost 3.5 and it finally clicked. Sometimes we have to be on their schedule.

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It’s easier to potty train in the spring/summer. Boys are usually later than girls. You still have time before pre K starts. Relax. Try it on your days off/ the weekends when you have more time.

My son is 5 in July and at school still struggling with potty training

My daughter is 4.5 and we finally got her pretty much trained but she’s still in pull-ups at night. She started preschool in October even though she wasn’t fully trained the local school took her. I was having a hell of a time getting her to even poop in the potty so right before thanksgiving we told her Santa Claus wasn’t coming and it worked

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Let him pee outside! My boy was potty trained at barely 2 by letting him go pee outside and pooped in the toilet right after going pee outside lol


I let my son “water the grass”, it worked like a charm. He pooped in the toilet and told it bye bye

He doesn’t sound 100% ready.
Is it a requirement for him to be potty trained by the time he starts pre-k? If it’s not, I would slow down a little bit on it. Boys take a little longer to be ready, so give him time. He’s also not starting until the fall and it’s only (almost) February. You’ve got time
I am a preschool teacher, and I always recommend the potty boot camp. It’s there days of being at home, diapers thrown away, and you pump him full of water/juice. Be prepared for accidents, though.
But, in all of my years of recommending it, it’s been a 99% success rate for those who were consistent with it.


Try again in a few weeks. When they’re ready they’ll do it.

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Put cheerios in the toilet and tell him to sink them .I did this with my boys and it worked great .make a game out of it.


I had a hard time boys are just harder. And I saw one other person this… my fiance at the time threw Cheerios in the toilet and it became an arcade game and it’s good practice for good aim for later on

All undies all day. Give lots to drink. Have plenty of u dies. Put plastic disposable tarps everywhere…

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My sin is the same way

The only thing that worked for my son was money. He is obsessed with it. So i got fake gold coins and a bunch of stuff for him to “buy” from me at the end of the week. He got 1 coin for pee and 2 for poop. I set a timer for every 15 min first then moved to 20 min and 30 min. He had to go sit on the potty when the timer went off. No exceptions. Eventually he atarted going on his own. He was 3 1/2 then. We had tried other things before and nothing had worked but he started preschool at almost 4 and he was trained. One positive of being home during covid.

Offer up [email protected] everytime he goes.

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I was able to get my son fully potty trained within 3 days when he was 2.

I was a sahm then, so i had all the time in the world. As soon as he ran out of diapers I put underwear on him… Told him he was a big boy now and hes gonna need to start using the big potty… He was excited. I kept him drinking water or milk all day long… And I set timers on my phone for 30 mins and after 30 mins I would take him to use the potty… He would usually need to go… And I also took him to use the potty everytime I needed to go… I taught him to sit and use the potty at first… Then at night I let him sleep in the underwear… I did have him use the potty right before bed. And he never had accidents at night which was good, and never had any during the day either… After the third day of doing this he was using the potty on his own. And eventually his dad started taking him to the bathroom with him… And a month later he was using the potty standing no longer needing to sit. I did explain to him that if he needed to pee he can stand… But if he needed to poop he would need to sit. He was excited about using the big potty so it wasn’t hard to get him on board.

never had problems with my kids, And with my grandson I told him when he goes pee
-pee on the potty, I would buy him super hero underwear. It worked

My oldest son was trained by 2. I did a potty chart. Everytime he got 4 peepee stickers in a row, he’d get to go buy a dollarstore toy. 4 poops and another toy. Then 6 pee then 5 poops. And when the chart was full he got a big toy. Every 15 mins you go sit on the toilet for 5 mins. My second son didn’t want anything to do with it til he was 3.5. My third son just turned 3 td and he absolutely hates the toilet and refuses.
It’s all about when they’re ready and consistently going to the potty.
Good luck !


The oh crap potty training book worked wonders for us! Just have to be really consistent and commit. Only thing that took a while longer was poop! He’d always wait til his nap/bedtime pull up was on and he’d poop in there but would always pee in the potty other than that. We put a lot of pressure on him the first couple days and it was SO FRUSTRATING. Once we backed off and let him take the lead he had a much better attitude about it. Can’t recommend that book enough!

I am literally going threw the EXACT same thing!!! My son has to be potty trained before he starts school they won’t take non potty trained kids. I think because he’s never gone to daycare that’s why he’s not yet

He’s not ready stop forcing it


I used to take my boy first thing in the morning, after every meal/snack, before we went outside, 30min-1hr after having a drink, so he got into a routine of when he should be going or trying to go, but at 2 he just took himself one day, and that was that, then I got him to always tell me when he needed to go, as thats what he needed to do at daycare, he’s 3 now and fully toilet trained, follow his lead, encourage it, but do not force it or get frustrated at him, ashe will not do well if you make toilet training a negative thing, boys tend to be ready alot later then girls, and thats OK.

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I put potty training cartoons on you tube and left it most of the day some of the wee songs stick in their head, I don’t know it seemed to help a lot as she pays more attention to the TV than me most days lol

Throw away the rule book, put him back in pullups and try again next month.
Every child is different. Youll know when he’s ready because they hold it longer.
Boys take longer than girls but are easier in that they can pee anywhere.
Often they dont get the feeling they need to go until 3 1/2. If hes not ready to try by then…ask the Dr . He may need hormones …cant remember the name but often lacking in boys…or he may need an op to enlarge his urethra…if its really narrow or placed to the side of the penis they dont empty their bladder properly making it harder to stay dry any length of time .
Dont push him…it will only stress you both out …and once hes ready it only takes a few days

He’s only three. He may not actually know when he needs a wee yet. He might not know until nearly five. What most people actually do is make a diary of when they wee and put them on the potty about ten minutes before. This is what I had to do with mine. At nursery, they just got them going every couple of hours instead which generally kept them dry but not really “trained”. I did try where you potty train by only giving sweets or cake for doing something in the potty to turn it into a game. They wanted to wear pants and use the potty but actually they didn’t actually know when they needed a wee until they were five.

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Mom of 3 boys here , I used the target decals you buy on Amazon . You just put them inside the toilet and it makes it more fun for them , also helps with aim .

My we boy is 4, 5 in July and I’ve just literally got him into big boy pants, I went through a terrible time with him, started when he was 2, had him nearly out of nappies at one stage not long after I started and not sure what actually happened he then went backwards wouldn’t put pants on/wouldn’t run about with no nappy/wouldn’t go to toilet or potty 2 years I’ve tried and nothing until a week an a half ago I just the other day took his nappy off, put his pants on and trousers and asked him every 15 mins did he want to go to big boy toilet(rewarded him with a favourite snack everytime he went) and took him out on day 3 and no accidents, it was one of the most challenging things being a parent I’ve done but finally he’s no accidents in over a week and goes on his own accord now without being asked, I’m guessing he was finally ready, your we man might not just be ready yet but I really hope you get there as I said it’s tough going like xxx

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Cheerios In the toilet make a game out of it you may need to teach him to stand before sitting on the potty every kids is different that’s why you have to get creative


I taught my son to pee off the balcony into the garden below, which he LOVED and then we swapped to the toilet and he was trained by 2 years old … my daughter has just turned 2 and i am loosing my mind trying to toilet train her, I take her every 20 mins to sit on the toilet and she sits for about 10 mins on the toilet then she gets off and 2 mins later pees in her training undies

My son just turned 4 and he’s still not quite there. Some kids just take longer and yours may not be ready yet either. Just keep trying, gently


Put Cheerios in the toilet and have him target practice. Best way to motivate boys. Boy’s take longer. Don’t be discouraged. It’s a constant struggle, but don’t let up. Putting diapers back on is a bad idea. I did use pull ups at night


My daughter is the same, she will be 5 in less then a month, refuses to use the toilet/potty, if u put her in undies she will hold it in or deadpan look u in the eye as she wets her pants, but will happily get out of the pool to pee on the grass :woman_facepalming: super frustrating. Stay strong and keep trying

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Let him see you throw all the diapers in the trash…tell him he’s a big boy now and does not need diapers.

A lot can happen between now and fall. He’s not ready.

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Ask Pre K if he’s allowed in diapers. Some won’t let the child attend if not potty trained.
If you are home with him all day, take him. Every 20 mins. Grab some dry erase markers and sit him down backwards, let him draw. Or, Throw some fruit loops in there and give him a prize if he hits a certain one.
Consistent. Every. Single. Day. It’s annoying, irritating and tiresome. But if you want him potty trained, it’s on you to do it.


Potty training is for the parent not so much the kid. We have to be willing to put him on the toilet every half hour or sooner. We have to jump and run when he looks like he needs to go. Going number two is most obvious when they hide or stand still or have that look which they all do. Good luck, thankfully my kids are beyond that age and have their own kids now. Enjoy your baby.my oldest hated a diaper and literally was trained as soon as she walked by 10-11 months old. My twins took longer and because of me and husband not giving it out all it was completed by 2. I felt bad because it took them until 2. But that was a different world then. Parents jobs were always the priority and potty training was so important but maybe because we had cloth diapers and anxious to get that task done.

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I set a timer every 5 mins on my phone and asked my son who’s 3 if he needed to go to the toilet I also used a dinosaur sticker chart and gave hime 3 jelly Beans of his picking as a reward for going and the started to remember to go himself he also says to me when remembering “mummy I’m doing a wee or poo”

Isn’t amazing the kids in the 1970’s and earlier were usually trained by 12-18 months but the newer generations are smarter with computers and technology but won’t go on the toilet. It’s all about the parents training, not the kids. My goodness it is also much easier to get them trained than having a child going in diaper at 3/4 and even hearing 5. Oh my!


Don’t have any nappies in the house. Chuck them in the bin and let him watch. Tell him his a big boy now and doesn’t need them.

However, it’s normal till they are about 7 to not be fully toilet trained so don’t stress too much.

My 4 year old did this and no matter what I tried nothing worked. He eventually started going on his own

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I haven’t read replies. But read oh crap potty training. My son was non verbal, didn’t need any treats, just a little praise when he went, took 2 days and he peed and pooped in his potty every time. No underwear is key. He feels like he has a diaper on still! We still didn’t leave the house for a week or so as we transitioned to pants with no underwear and eventually underwear :slightly_smiling_face:

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Judy Peoples Haskins thank god somebody said it

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in know as an ex cleaner pre k they spend like the 1st term toilet training ALOT

Only use little boy underwear. Throw diapers and pull ups away.


Boys are afraid when they sit their wiener will fall off so maybe try a toddler seat to put on the toilet

Following! My son is the same. He thinks once he goes potty he’s allowed to put the diaper back on😂

I used an egg timer i set it for every 30 minutes then set him on the potty for 10 minutes or until he went. My mom used it as well it worked for us 5 kids and 12 grandchildren

Stop buying pull ups thats what i did. . i just Went through this with my youngest of 3 boys. I was just fed up one day. Get mattress protector buy LOTS of lil boxers and set the potty where he can see it. there will b messes but once he learns that wet doesnt feel good itll happen pretty quickly. Every half hr make him sit there for the same time as his age if he can go that long. Now granted my youngest still sometimes will pee the bed in middle of night but like i said mattress protector and they have little adhesive pads at walmart for kids. Like a giant sticker. Theyre great and super cheap. He goes potty by himself throughout the day now.

My daughter is almost 4 and had the same issue! We started putting a potty in her room and that’s the only thing that has worked!

Let him run completely naked for a day so he knows what’s happening. He’s gonna pee on the floor a few times but I almost guarantee you he just doesn’t know it’s even happening.

We made a chart and bought her stickers. It was fun for her. Every time she goes she gets a sticker to put on the chart. She is excited to see how many times she goes lol

I took 4 days. And made my kids sit on the potty no matter what every 20 min. The pooping took a few days longer but. Consistency is key. Keep on it and it will happen babe :sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart:

As a mom of 2 kids and a nan to many grand kids
Just be paitent with him
Keep rewarding and praise him when he does go potty
He will do it when he is ready
Perhaps keep a $ jar
Every time he goes potty
Let him put a dollar in the jar
And at the end of the week
You both count the money and let him spend that money on a treat just for him

Pee on the potty infront of him, make sure to make it a huge deal. Everyone claps and screams yayyyy. We have this cotton ball chart that if they reach their goal line they get a new toy, it takes a while. Took me a half a year to train my daughter, she still has accidents here and there. Been working with my eldest boy since he was a year and a half, he’s still hesitant and fights me and he’s now just turned two. Consistency and I’m gonna tell you what his pediatrician told me. Each kids different and they all hit their milestones at different times. No need to stress, doesn’t mean he’s behind. Just means he’s figuring the world out one step at a time like the rest of us. Try every 15-20mins to try to ask him if he has to go potty, Amazon has those potty watches that reminds kids it’s time to go potty. Don’t feel defeated! You’re doing a great job and your kiddos doing a great job to! Xoxo mama

We did sink the cheerios in the toliet. My son thought it was fun. Stickers are a good reward.

Make him clean out his underwear when he does #2……it worked for my oldest!

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Mine is 4 this month and I gave up. He will when he is ready. We also have him in for testing to see if he autistic but My oldest knew when he was ready and just went.