Potty training question!

My son is 2 years old and at daycare sits on the potty. (Still hasn’t done anything though.) says when he’s peed and/or pooped. So we tried putting underwear on him and now he’s afraid of sitting on his toilet. He’ll just cry and refuse to sit and so he’s having accidents. We tried making it fun, singing songs, rewards but nothings really working. Not sure what else to do..

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Used one of these to potty train my son when he was 2. He loved it
Foryee Cute Frog Potty Training Urinal for Boys with Funny Aiming Target - Blackish Green https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00VP6Z3HI/ref=cm_sw_r_apan_glt_fabc_9NDKSWN6E1KKHR94RED7

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He might not be ready.


Don’t push it too hard on him! I thought my daughter was ready around that age and then regressed when we started encouraging it more. He will let you know when he is ready. You could always try a potty watch which plays a song and lights up every 15-90mins to try the potty. Even if he doesn’t go when he tries, praise him for being such a big boy and trying the potty. Also, read books about potty training. My personal favorite book is “No More Diapers for Ducky”. Just remember, he won’t be in diapers forever! Don’t stress about it. He will feed off of your emotions.

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Following… my son is 3 and goes when he wants

Saw where they turn them backwards and let them draw with dry eraser…,

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May be too soon. Don’t push too hard, he’s got time! I pushed with my oldest and honestly if I had just waited it would have saved a lot of blood sweat and tears lol. When she decided she was ready it wasn’t even like we trained her, she just started using the potty and that was that. Very few accidents and no night time pull ups

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My son did this & wasn’t ready. He just turned 3 and pretty much did it all by himself. When they are ready, they will do it. Don’t push too hard, it will definitely back fire.

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Might be to early but try putting him on the toilet backwards. I just potty trained mine like that. The hardest part to me is there muscles are still so new so it will take a while to fully potty train. Dont stress

Give it time …every kids different … accidents will happen

Well with my three year old I had him pee trained and he would use the potty chair we had out in the living room for him. well we were just starting to learn how to go poop on the potty chair and then covid hit. Then Daddy was home all the time so he was terrified to go poop on the potty. well I had been putting up his diapers and pull-ups from him and only letting him use them at night time cuz he would still have accidents sometimes but 98% of the time he woke up dry.

Well I ended up going camping with my family Thursday to Sunday before Halloween. And when we got home I started putting him on the big boy potty again. well it literally only took me 3 Days To Train him before he started doing it all by himself. And after he got done he would flush the toilet put his seat back up and put his step stool up as well and then hop in the tub turn on the water and wash himself. Before he started going to the bathroom by himself, we didn’t really use baby wipes because unfortunately my boyfriend will use the baby wipes for everything else but our child.🤦🤦🤦 So I would just put him in the tub and just give him a mini bath and then he’ll just play in the bathtub after I wash him and cleaned out the tub. He got used to washing himself with one of my small loofahs that gave him to wash himself and now I always leave soap on it and he knows how to wash himself.

I legit bribed my kids with candy :sweat_smile: bought a big bag of dum dums (they make teeth friendly lollipops but they’re pricey). My daughter is 2 and has been potty trained since about 1 1/2

We used the favorite super hero or cartoon undies. Explained that we don’t want to get them dirty but if we do we clean them straight away, always ask them at certain times if they want to go…if they haven’t been in a while, take them. Repeat the glorious undies and they have to stay clean to give super powers…its a white lie but effective with constant reminding. Eventually they just go. I always take them or go in the toilet with them so I can show them how to wipe or shake. 3 sons down, 1 needed a mini toilet seat for the toilet so he didn’t fall in. Then my daughter was the same. Got her a step seat coz she just wasn’t having the whole me pick her up to put her on as she was tiny.

We had the same problem and just came to a point where he wasn’t ready. We tried every few months from the time he was about 18m old and he didn’t actually “click” until almost 4.

Put a daiper back on him and try in a couple months

He might not be ready. Give him a few months and try again

He might not be ready, were in the process or training our 2 year old, and one day he’ll be 100% on it, next day he wants nothing to do with it. We’re doing a sticker chart, with reward at the end of the week so he has something to look forward to! :grin:

Let him continue sit on the toilet with his diaper on. Keep trying to take diaper off while he’s on. He’ll let you take it off eventually!

This kept happening with my son when he was 2. He would show all kinds of interest and then refuse to even try, so I backed off for abit and would try again and same thing. I ended up waiting til after his 3rd birthday and about a week leading up to it kept telling him he was.going to be a big boy soon and big 3 year old boys use the toilet. He is pretty well potty trained now and he just turned 3 last month.Maybe he just isnt ready yet. Don’t let people try to insist it hasto happen right now either cause that was one’s my biggest issues-friends with kids always seem to suddenly forget how hard it was for them when talking about anyone else’s kids lol

Kids potty train when they are ready no matter how hard u push or want him too he will do it on his time when hes ready

He may not be ready to potty train. Every child is different. He may just be sitting on the potty at daycare because it’s their procedure. You can continue to encourage him, but don’t rush him. My son was about 3 when we started potty training, and we got him started by letting him pee outside in the bushes.

My mom got my youngest brother a pair of cargo pants like my other brother 16 years older and told him if he peed in them she would take them away. He thought he couldn’t pee when wearing them so held it until we noticed he hadn’t gone all day. We thought he wouldn’t stop when we told him needed could pee but in the potty. He was trained with that pair of pants. My oldest was when I got her some underwear with ruffles on the seat. She wore them with the ruffles in the front so she could see them. An accident and she couldn’t wear the ruffles rest of the day so training was quick. Before thevruffle u Derwent, she would sit on her potty chair and pee through her underwear because I caved to my mom yelling that it was indecent to let her wear no underwear at home or she woukd have been trained sooner. Hardest part of training is for them to learn to pull the underwear up and down.

Give him time, he will do it when he is ready. To be honest my daughter is stubborn and does things in her own time. I asked her if she wanted to use the potty and she continously would say no and run away so I waited. One day she said she was ready to say bye to diapers shortly after her 3rd birthday and within a week she was fully potty trained morning and night. It has been a few months and she has had only 2 accidents. Made our lives easier and we didn’t have to go back and forth with regression.

my son is turning 4 in May and is just now cooperating with potty training.

Turn him backwards on the toilet hand him an expo marker…no pressure on him and it just happens.

Boy, start at three. Unless you time here m for a couple of days and he has a schedule. Use the schedule as a guide
Sounds like he is getting stressed

He’s probably just not ready. If he’s crying when you try, put it on hold a couple of months and try again. Those negative feelings about potty training won’t help anyone. Follow his lead. I’ve heard it can take longer for boys than for girls.

Some time the automatic flusher scare kids

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Tot on the Pot did it for mine!

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Muscle memory is real. Try naked from the waist down…it is a huge help! Bring home into the bathroom with you when you’re going…talk about what is happening…he’ll start to catch on. When you see him ‘going’ remind him that pee goes in the potty! DM your email…we’d be happy to send you some charts.

Hang in there…you’ve got this!

Just went threw this with my 2 year old daughter. We tried singing stickers and even letting her take her tablet in with her an she would scream an cry an not want to use it. But I found that letting her use a dry erase marker on the toilet lid sitting backwards helped a lot. Now we are in week 2 an she goes with no issues and no yelling or crying. But just take your time an do what feels best for u an him just make sure he feels safe and knows you are their just to help not forcing him