Potty training tips?

What is a good age to start potty training? My daughter is 16 months. I am scared that it will be harder since we live in a two story house and the restroom is upstairs. Any advice?


I brought my daughters potty down in the living room and it’s been a breeze so far

Get a little potty and slowly move it towards the bathroom x


Any age! I started potty training my daughter at 10 months old. Whenever I went to the potty I sat her on her. If she went she went if not no big deal. But it got her used to the routine and she was completely potty trained before a year and a half and she’s never had an accident! The earlier you do it the better imo. They are less opinionated on it the younger they are haha.

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Underwear. There will be accidents at first. But I learned pull ups they think are diapers and after so many accidents they dont like soiled underwear.


put a potty chair for baby downstairs too.

Get a potty chair put in your living room


Put a potty down stairs. 1 mnm for pee, 2 for poop. She will catch on to the positive reinforcement very quickly. Then eventually move things upstairs

Is she readyâť“
Really ready​:question::question:
If so Buy a Potty for training tots, and place it off the side at the end of the steps. :poop:
Suggest that u keep up with getting her to the Potty every 30 minutes. :clock2:
Especially after eating and drinking. :banana::milk_glass:

I left my daughters potty chair in the living room because that’s where we were most of the time. It’s a lot easier to potty train when they can get to the potty quicker !

Buy a little potty chair for her and keep it downstairs. I keep my daughter’s in the living room and she runs over to it anytime she has to go. We started at 15-16 months and she’s been doing great, she’s gonna be 2 in November. Just nighttime is her problem area.

Stay upstairs can she talk?

Keep her potty downstairs. I potty trained my 2 almost 3 yr old son in a 2 story house with only a basement bathroom (at the time)

small potty … keep it in livingroom in a spot where she can still see whats going on but isnt displaying it for everyone… i had my kids in corner between sofa and wall… then at bedtime id move it to bedroom…

With my daughter she was day trained in a weekend at 15 months, and we lived in a 2 story, and I did not get a potty chair because I didnt want her going potty outside of the bathroom. I put regular thin panties on her (not the thick white ones with the block of fabric in them) and rewarded her every time she said potty and went potty. There was probably 2 accidents the first day, one the second day, and then she was fine. (She was 22 months when she was night trained) find a favorite candy you can reward with, m&ms, skittles, gummi worms, etc, and use them. And most importantly remember all kids are different. If your baby is not ready, dont force the potty training. Mine literally said potty one day, then went peepee on the big potty when I lifted her to it, which is why I trained her at 15 months. I myself was 2 and several months, and my brothers were all 3.

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At or soon after age 2. At 2 most children have physical contol of their bladder and rectal sphincter muscles.

Be a good work out up and down them stairs,

We put a potty downstairs for my grandaughter and the she eventually started going up the steps when she had to go.

Put the potty right where you are most the day. I did living room, than once she got that I moved it to the bathroom. I also keep mine naked all day.

Take her when you go and have seat downstairs.

Get a toddler potty and put it on the main level. My daughter was potty trained by 16 months

You’ll get your exercise daily too, going back & forth upstairs and down

You need to get a potty chair and put it on the main floor

What ever you do the key is consistently

Bring the little potty chair down stairs


Buy a few little potties leave them everywhere. Then for 3 days keep her naked increase fluids and make her sit on it every 15 mins

Just put down a litter pan and teach them to cover it up… simpler than putting them on a LEASH for outdoors…