Pre eclampsia side effects?

So I got diagnosed w preeclampsia while pregnant and delivered 3 weeks early, I didn’t experience a real deal labor. I didn’t have contractions, my water didn’t break, I wasn’t dilated, my cervix was closed, my mucus plug hadn’t dropped, the baby hadn’t dropped, I literally just went to the hospital and had surgery. (C-section)
Well I have not pooped since the Monday night. The night before I had my baby. Is this normal? I haven’t pooped because I’m too scared to push and it hurts to push.
Just wanna make sure this was normal w everyone else who has had a c section?


The first poop is the worst, god speed. Stool softener and fiber rich foods. It won’t be easy, but you can do it.


Yes its normal when I was in the hospital after having my baby they gave me stool softeners twice a day to prevent that issue

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I went the next day ! But it was kinda hard to push because I was sore

Take some miralax itll help

Take a stool softener daily and just don’t push too hard when it does happen. That’s normal though. And the first poo is gonna suck.

They normally don’t release you until you have a bowel movement. I went the same night as my surgery. It is painful but it needs to be done to ensure there were no complications with the surgery.

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Yes very, it’s due to the pain meds. Take colace it helped tremendously, you can get it at any Walgreens in the US.

I had a vaginal and same thing for me, just took laxatives, stool softener, and ate fibre rich foods and eventually just happened also sitting there and relaxing helps a bunch even if it takes a bit

I didnt poop for a week after my csection. And it hurt like hell when i did. I had to double up on stool softners to go

It’s normal with birth, not just C-section.
That is the scariest poop you will ever take lol


Totally normal get some prunes or juice and a stool softener.

I didnt poop for a week after my emergency c section. But i had other issues that were going on. Definitely take some stool softeners to help you poop.

I was the same way after my c section, I used a pillow and hugged it while I went to the bathroom. It eased the pressure and made it easier for me to try to go!

Liquid magnesium citrate will help get eveything going easily. Its cheap but it doesnt taste the greatest. But it works.

Stool softeners!!! They gave me one as soon as I got to my room after my c section and a couple times a day till I left the hospital.

I haven’t had a c-section but they terrify me! I think you are putting yourself down and downplaying what you experienced! C-sections are not the easy way out. I’m sorry you didn’t get the labor you expected but that doesn’t mean what you went through wasn’t painful and hard!!

stool softeners, miralax, or milk of mag

Try to hold a small pillow where it hurts while you try… Tmi but i cried my first poop after my 2nd c section nothing helped me i just had to make myself… But some of the pain will go away after you poop

Mine was 10 days after
I had a couple complications and the pain meds didn’t help either. It’s the worst shit you’ll take in your life but will feel much better after!

I didn’t poop for a week after my first c-section. It was painful and scary, I was put on miralax to help.

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The push pain can be helped some by rolling up a towel and when time to go comes use the towel against your abdomen for support. It helps.

Stool softeners daily or twice daily. Don’t miss these. It hurts.

I took stool softeners twice a day after my c-section and still couldn’t go almost a week later. I ended up having to use a glycerin suppository just to get things moving. It was a lifesaver!

I didn’t have an issue after having my c-section. I was able to go 12 hrs after having it . but I also just took motrin for the pain . try holding something against your incision so that it doesn’t feel like you’re going to burst at the seams

I had to poop before i could be discharged from the hospital. Take laxatives

It’s best to try and poop lol but to me it was scary af, I always felt like I was gunna push my insides out lol but after the third i kinda knew It wasn’t gunna happen, an dpooping was th ebest bet…
You could also be constipated, try some.prune juice. I swear by it lol

They made me poop before I even left the hospital. With all three of mine. First two vaginal and last c section.

normal, don’t stress or push too hard itll cause hemorrhoids. your doctor can give you a prescription for a safe stool softener

Stool softeners i also had a small pillow that i put on my stomach and would hold it there while i used the bathroom

Miralax! Only thing that helped me!

I didnt go for almost a wk its normal. Just take a laxative that ur doc approves religiously.

With and labor, pooping is an iffy topic. After my vaginal birth and 2nd degree tearing inside and out I didn’t poop for 6 days. You’re scared it’s gonna hurt more than it does so your mind puts a block up (is what my doctor told me). They give you stool softeners to take 2-3 times a day to make the process as smooth as possible.

Prune juice n stool softeners

Stool softeners, Miralax and fruit juice. Good luck! That is no fun.

Yes it’s normal, take stool softeners!!! It will help

Also hold something over your incision site when you do go the applied pressure will help

Totally normal. I didn’t poop for like a week at least and I had a c section. The gave me stool softeners when I left the hospital to take until the big poop came and lettme tell you I may have had a c section with my baby but I gave full on birth to that poop! Biggest craziest ever! Take stool softeners everyday til it happens and when you think it’s happening make sure you have some time to be in the bathroom cuz it’s gonna be a doozie lmao

Its normal your ob shouldve prescribed stool softners

You need to poop. Take stool softener so you don’t have to push.

they should have given you stool softeners with your pain medication and you can call your OB if you need it through your insurance they can “prescribe” you some if it’s easier for you. hold a pillow over your stitches if you’re scared or get a belly binder. no stress just keep eating and stay hydrated!

Its normal. My mom had to make me laigh for me to do it. They usually give laxatives to help you go. Talk to your nurse about other things you can do to help you go.

Normal but hospital usually gives stool softener or laxative to help pass first bowel movement. For me the fear was way worse than actual act of pooping first time. I was vaginal, which I’d imagine since I’d torn, would maybe be worse? I’m uncertain though. My hospital did not let you discharge until you urinated and pooped Post delivery to ensure everything was okay.

I struggled really bad after I had my csection with my 3 month old! It took me 2 weeks to have my first bowel movement and it was excruciating pain! I was taking stool softener and miralax daily but once I got that first one done it got super easy after! Try to get that first out!

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It’s normal. Get a stool softener. Miralax. Prunes. That first poop is very uncomfortable. Ugh.

It took me a week to go but it was really hard and painful to go I wont lie. Take stool softeners and a laxitive.

Let your body do the work naturally and let it happen don’t hold it in that’s part of recovery to be really sore

It hurts to pop after having a baby no matter how you give birth

When I had my kids they wouldn’t let me leave until I pooped. But I had a normal delivery so idk if that’s why. The pain pills they give you makes you not be able to go too. Lots of water lots of water and laxatives

That’s normal. First poop post is scary. Take your time and stool softener. It will come.

Here in Texas they won’t give you solid food until u poop.

It’s normal but go sooner rather than later if you can. It’s gonna hurt either way

I didn’t poop until my son was over a week old. I was passing gas though so they were okay with that. Don’t freak out too bad just yet momma

Completely normal to be afraid to go number 2 but to be honest with you it’s going to be worse on you the longer you hold it and DON’T push or strain yourself when going to the bathroom because you could pop a stitch on the inside where your c-section scar is. Just let your body do its natural thing breathing and breathe out relax your body as much as possible when you’re having a bowel movement because if you tense up it’s going to be worse. I’ve had 2 C-sections here’s what you need to know you need to get a belly band or belly wrap this will help tremendously with the pain while you are walking and moving around even at night when you’re sleeping if you want you don’t have to sleep with it on, when you sneeze cough anything like that you could also put a pillow over your abdomen and apply a little bit of pressure to your belly so that it doesn’t hurt as bad to sneeze or cough, use your lung exerciser thing that they give you at the hospital so you don’t get pneumonia, walk as much as possible but also rest when your body needs rest, take your antibiotic,pain medication, and stool softener everyday on time as prescribed along with your prenatal. Drink plenty of water, buy some prune juice and some other kind of juice that you like mix in half a cup of prune juice and half the kind of juice you like in a cup Stir It Well drink it everyday in the morning and at night if you need to this will keep your poop soft so it won’t hurt coming out at all or as much you can also drink coffee.

Yes it’s normal. My doctor gave me pills for it!

The first bowel movement was a little under a week for me but was so very painful

Miralax, and plenty of water.