Pregnancy advice for a new mom

Hey mamas!
I’m pregnant with my first child, pretty early on, just found out❤
Any advice about early pregnancy or pregnancy in general? Anything you’d wish you’d known or things that helped?
Definitely thanks in advanced!


Never announce when you first find out. My best advice.


No one told me about the growing cramps or pain of your uterus. They were way worse than period cramps to me. I took lots of baths my first 13-ish weeks. I’m now 28 weeks in my first pregnancy still and the tendons pretty much in my vagina like the top are SO sore it hurts to walk or even roll over in bed. Again, baths are my bestfriend. (Not too hot though just warm enough to help the pain) good luck!

Utterly smooth creams and lotions worked best for me to avoid stretch marks. Begin applying as soon as you start showing and do it every night before bed.


Boundaries are a THING. Don’t feel bad for enforcing yours. :slight_smile:

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My as active as possible it makes labor and delivery smoother ! Take pictures as often as you want of that belly :heart_eyes: and enjoy every second of it

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“Research research”
Follow pregnancy pages, pregnancy Websites and books.
Make a list of questions to ask your dr.
Eat Good healthy foods and drink PLENTY of Water. :green_heart:


Walk as often as you can and stay active. It will help you out so much throughout your pregnancy and in delivery.

Don’t google!!! I spent my whole pregnancy researching n worrying about every complication there is for everything to turn out amazing.


You are not actually eating for two lmao! I made the mistake with my first, gained 75 freaking pounds and an almost 10 pound baby.
But on a real level, rest! As much as you need, your body is doing so much work!

Don’t lift anything heavy, if you go to bend down open your legs, since you’re early on just be careful so your baby can be just fine in there :heart: and I agree with enforcing rules that will come along as you get closer to your baby getting here. You’re the mother NO one else. Good luck… So happy for you :heart:

Always stay moisturized it helps prevent stretch marks… It may sound silly but I’ve been using coconut oil since my 6th week & have literally 4 stretch marks and im 7months pregnant!

Emu oil kept stretch marks away, keep active and ginger gum for nausea!

B6 for morning sickness!

Keep being active, take walks, it will help when u go in labor.

Start shopping for baby stuff now. I’m 13 weeks and just recently started getting stuff for baby stuff. You don’t realize how much you need and how much it costs until you start getting the stuff.

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Don’t say, “I cant wait to meet my baby”

Because you can. Trust me.

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If you have bad morning sickness to where you’re losing weight like I did, Walmart had these Pedialyte popsicles (like otter pops) that help make sure you get electrolytes and help with your appetite.

Sleep with a pillow between your legs its so comfy or get a pregnancy pillow.

What have u been craving ??

Download a pregnancy app kept up with how ur little precious bundle is growing

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Coffee is FINE in moderation. B6 for nausea! Sleep as much as you want now, once that baby is here sleep is basically a fairytale.

Eat the food!!! All of it. When ever you want. Gain weight and embrace the change your body is going through. Stay active. Helps with labor. And I promise you it Is the most painful experience ever… but the second you lay eyes on the miracle you just brought into the world, you will immediately forget the pain. I promise. Oooh… one last thing. You never ever knew what love truly was, until you meet your child. I wish you a very healthy and happy pregnancy.

A lot of water and don’t forget the prenatal!! (The gummies are pretty decent!) :grin:

Read what to expect when expecting it’s fantastic and full of facts

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Wait to tell everyone the news (except the dad, he should know now unless he’s dangerous) until after the first trimester when most problems occur.

Read up on setting boundaries and disciplining your child fairly and age-appropriately. Your little one will be pushing your buttons sooner than you think, so be prepared with solutions.

Read about what to expect during pregnancy & your child’s first year so you’re a little more prepared for it all, and know when it’s worth worrying.

Take your vitamins & rest up & sleep while you can. Ask about any pregnancy precautions for whatever kind of exercise you enjoy, and keep it up as long as you feel able.

As Dave Barry said in “Babies and Other Hazards of Sex,” “Yes, you’re eating for two, but one of you is the size of a golf ball.” Your OB/GYN should monitor your weight & warm you if you’re gaining too much. Taking the weight off afterwards can be difficult.

Get as much taken care of before the baby gets here. You will be operating on very little sleep afterwards and may get mama brain fog!

Talk and sing to your baby if you like. They will recognize sounds heard in the womb.

Order this book! It is full of great facts, recipes, and general knowledge for week to week during pregnancy: The Mama Natural Week-by-Week Guide to Pregnancy and Childbirth

Eat snacks in the beginning. If you can hold down food, fantastic! Eat. Always have snacks because even if you think you can wait 2 hours, you can’t. Start buying baby stuff now. 9 months go by so fast. Anything nursing to have before hand will help (if breastfeeding) and look into reusable breast pads. They are a life saver.
Pregnancy/ body pillow! I spent $30 on mine and it was the best! Always have snacks and water by the bed. When you have to pee, go pee. Do not wait. Even if you think you can wait, sadly, you cannot. Buy a bottle of tums and a jar of pickles (helps with heartburn). Make sure you have your diaper bag with you at all times as birth gets closer and make sure (if you work) that you have someone willing to take you to the hospital.
And the big one. When you need help, ask! Luckily I had a good friend who helped no matter what and great people at work that were there (espicially when I dropped something on the floor)

Well verse yourself on the symptoms of postpartum depression. Enjoy your pregnancy. And congratulations  :slightly_smiling_face:

Sleep as much as you can, take magnesium citrate supplements along with your prenatal. Magnesium citrate is good for preventing muscle cramping and it helps draw water into the colon which will help you poo. Eat lots of fruits and vegetables, and try to aim for drinking a gallon of water within a 24 hr period. Also go for walks try to stay active!

Keep all ur appointments with Dr’s and write in a journal so u will have it to give to your child later in life

Don’t feel guilty for sleeping so much. Either way you’re going to be tired so just give yourself a break. Get up and clean in small steps if need be. The second trimester is easier:)