Pregnancy after a miscarriage

I just found out I was pregnant again I just had a miscarriage two months ago and I’m scared to death my mind is running away with me, anyone have an tips or technique to try to calm my anxiety? I’m only 5 weeks so I have awhile to go before I’m at a save point.


Don’t stress yourself out :heartpulse:

Just stay positive. Try lavender scented candles. I had 3 misscarrages, and then had my son. A miscarriage doesn’t mean you will have another. Good luck

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Same thing happened to be and now my son is 15 months and heathy just don’t stress think of the bright side

Don’t stress. I was in the same boat as you are and carried her to full term plus a few days extra! Just breathe momma.

Just have to embrace it. Being scared is natural and I’ve been there. You’ll get through it. Be excited for your baby <3

Listen to 9 solfeggio on youtube to relax.

I miscarried in December also pregnant again… I’m just trying my hardest not to get excited/get my hopes up this time until I pass the first trimester seems to help for me

Ask your dr about progesterone tablets

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I’m waiting for my rainbow baby :rainbow: I miscarried back in August :frowning: I hope all goes well for you and your precious baby

Just breathe girl. Cling to your hobbies and interests right now. Start drinking lots of water and take your prenatal. You’ll be okay. :purple_heart:

Cbd, and meditation… and vitamins

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Lavendar baths or essential oils… Relax and let go and let God. :revolving_hearts:

Distraction is key. Pick up a new book or show. Call a friend to catch up. Take a walk. Anything to keep your mind busy will help. Also, I’m sorry for your loss :heart:

Think positive thoughts he or she is your rainbow baby

I worried my whole pregnancy. It’s natural to worry. Breathing techniques, keeping busy with something. I did puzzles and soduko.

Same thing happened to me. Just get some lavender oil and try to keep calm and relax as much as possible no stress on your body. I now have a rainbow baby. It will be worth it in the end. Miscarriage definitely makes it hard to enjoy a pregnancy but you got this

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Go talk to someone at local clinic or bereavement center grief counseling and support for rainbow babies it may help to voice your concerns out loud they are real because you are having them for no other reason but that is enough . Good luck

i watched a youtube video about this and the woman said that you have got to enjoy the life u are carrying while u can. its out of ur control. enjoy it, embrace it fully. u are allowed to be excited and u should be! dont lett the anxiety strip you of that

Just calm down and relax your making my anxiety go up it’s gonna b ok make sure you eat & stay hydrated see your Dr and tell him how ur feeling get in soon keep us posted feel better ok :rose:

My daughter has horrible anxiety. I bought her a lava stone bracelet & some oil for anxiety she puts a drop on it every day. She says it helps a lot!

Dont stress!! Ive been there also. Stressing is the worst thing u can do. Stay positive😄

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No words of wisdom as I don’t have any but I can tell you, I have been there… with two healthy babies, 3 miscarriages, one of which was twins. I lost the first one at 8 weeks and the twin at 13 weeks, I have since then had a tubal ligation. Know that you are not alone, my thoughts and prayers are with you❤️

I have no advice but if it’s any consolation, only 1% of women have a repeat miscarriage. I hope this pregnancy goes wonderful for you. Thinking sticky thoughts!

Deep breaths, try not to be alone with your thoughts…it is rough, especially soon after. Try to stay as positive as possible, it will help. We lost in Dec of 11, and were pregnant Feb of 12. He is now a crazy hyper active six year old.

There is a great FB page that focuses on pregnancy after loss support. My rainbow baby just turned one, but the page would’ve been tremendously helpful when I was expecting her. Just try to have faith and take it one day at a time. I purchased a fetal heart Doppler to use once I was 12 weeks to calm my nerves as well. :rainbow::heartpulse: Good luck mama!!

That happened with youngest i conceived him 3 weeks after one i was scared but doc kept me calm and was great about seeing me and answering all questions my youngest is now 2 and a half healthy happy baby boy

See a dr and get prescribed anti anxiety med.

I got pregnant a month after a miscarriage and having a D&C
I was so worried my baby wouldn’t stick since I just had a D&C

There’s really not much to easy your mind how can there be it’s so scary but I do hope your OB will work with you and give you extra care to ease your mind through out your pregnancy
My baby is now 18 months and very healthy

Take it one day at a time .

Try to take baths and read to get your mind off bad stuff.

I miscarried at 13 weeks and 6 months later got pregnant … I am now 35 weeks and baby is doing good. Don’t stress, doctors will probably just watch you closer which is never a bad thing. :rainbow: congrats!

I had a miscarriage and was pregnant again my next cycle. She is going on 10 in August.

Praying for you and your precious baby. Deep breaths and lean on GOD. This is HIS way of mending your broken heart.


Have faith. Talk to God. Jesus is the " Great Physician".
Gods will is his will.
Sarsh had a baby after years of miscarriages at the age of 90.
God is truly a miracle worker.
Read your Bible.
Google any question you have.


As a mom who lost 3 before i had my rainbow and pregnant once more… Just try to let things go… I know thats hard to do and easy to say… But what will be will be… Sorry its all i can offer and all the luck in the world for a healthy baby

There is no safe point I miscarried at 7 months on my 2nd pregnancy it depends on what caused the miscarriage…mine was a blood clot so I now get blood thinner injections every day when pregnant

I got pregnant 2 months after I had a miscarriage too. I had anxiety the entire pregnancy and found myself having a hard time bonding because I was so scared I was gonna lose the baby. Anything you can do to relieve stress will help. You know, relaxing, diffusing oils, soaking your feet. Also look at each week as a blessing and one week closer to seeing your baby. One thing that helped me was getting one of those dopplers really helped me. Being able to hear his heart was a great reassurance.

I got pregnant with her a month after my second miscarriage. Just relax. I know it’s not that easy, but what’s going to happen is going to happen. So, instead of stressing, treat yourself! To I’ve cream sundae or do your nails with your girl friends and laugh. Hang in there honey.

I had a miscarriage and got pregnant shortly after…as much as it might get ur hopes up bc it did mine and eased my brain some…my dr told me that unless there was an actual honest to God problem with u, 1st baby miscarriages can happen to up to 50% of women…2nd pregnancy chance of miscarriage is a lot lower but obviously can still occur. I now have a beautiful 21 month old and all of my friends that had 1st time pregnant miscarriage, all have babies. So, keep that in mind, breathe, take it one day at a time, talk to other moms, ask lots of questions to help with ur mind and here’s hoping 8.5 months from now u have a beautiful baby

Breathe, read a good book, distract yourself with some calming arts and crafts, and congrats on your rainbow baby.

I went through this too and have an amazing little girl now who just turned 2. I remember how bad my worry and anxiety was though. Make sure that you STAY OFF GOOGLE! Dr. Google will do nothing but add more anxiety with all these worst case scenarios and confusing answers. My pregnancy symptoms totally vanished and that turned out to also be normal. Take it one day at a time. I tried some TTC after loss groups but that also added worry to my plate. Join a pregnancy group, babybumps on reddit was my godsend even though I was mostly a silent cheerleader, all the positive posts really helped. The mom group that resulted from there with close due dates to mine have been the most wonderful and supportive group of beautiful women and I am beyond thankful. Surround yourself with things like that.