Pregnancy after ectopic pregnancy

I had an ectopic pregnancy last year and me and my significant other have been trying to get pregnant. I track my cycle using the Flo app, we’ve been doing it before ovulation, the day I’m most fertile according to the app and 6 months later still negative tests. Anyone ever gone through this, what are the chances of a successful pregnancy? I also have PCOS so I’m guessing this is also playing a role. TIA

Make sure the info you put in the app is correct, like the days between cycles since that can affect the dates it gives for ovulation. Mine isn’t the same every month nor 28 days like “normal” so I can’t use apps for that kind of thing. They have ovulation test at the store that you can try and see if you really are ovulating that day. If everything is right, it might just take time. My husband & I had unprotected sex each time for almost a year and half and i barely just got pregnant.