Pregnancy announcement ideas?

Get him a r shirt that says “worlds best big brother” x

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What are his hobbies? I would incorporate something that he likes/likes to do when you tell him you’re pregnant with his little sibling :blue_heart:

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I got my son a sign that said “I’m getting promoted to big brother with the month and year” and got him a big brother shirt…

If my son was older we did a baseball pink dust I’d have him hit the baseball with the bat💕

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Put together a Big Brother gift basked.

We went out to dinner, got a big sister t-shirt and a gift for our daughter when we told her. She was 6 at the time.

Do a scavenger hunt. Each thing put a favorite candy in an egg or something small And at the end have a note that says achievement unlocked and have a shirt that says promoted to big brother.

I’m in the same situation. My baby is 7 and I’m expecting my 2nd right around his 8th birthday. I ordered a shirt that has only child crossed out and it says big brother and I had him read it.

It seems to me that you wouldn’t want to tell him too early about the pregnancy.

It was just before Christmas so we got the t-shirt and put it under the tree and said we got her an early present x

Maybe create a little book? Or buy a big brother book and read it together and see how he would feel

This was how we told our kids we were having baby number 8 :joy::heart: we did family pictures and held a sign up without them seeing. Then had them read the sign and caught their reactions with photos! Some of the kids were super happy, my two preteen girls (on couch in purple and blue) were not happy because “babies just cry and poop” :joy::sweat_smile: but we thought it was a cute way to announce it and the resulting photos were great for telling everyone else too. Our families and friends got a kick out of the reaction photos.

Just tell him he’s gonna be a big brother ???

Are you talented at writing? Maybe you could write a kid’s book. A Big Brother’s Instruction Manual. You could include a congratulations on becoming a big brother. Then general information on what to expect. Make it light-hearted and include little things he can do to help you with the baby. Explain why the baby cries-the baby’s only way to communicate. Frequent feedings for awhile. Extra attention because wet/soiled diapers, bathing etc. have a section about how the baby will tire mom out for a little while so don’t ever think mom has forgotten him. He’s more important than ever because he’s interesting with his drawings, storybooks, movies, and time. Not a writer? See if you know someone who can help you put such a book together. Maybe there’s one at the library or the bookstore. It would be a great gift. And include a Best Big Brother t-shirt.


I have a 7yr old who has been the only child I took the test during the day he had been begging for a sister so I was so excited for him when the bus pulled up to drop him off I ran on to the bus and yelled your going to be a big brother he cried happy tears thankfully the bus driver knows us well so does the kids on the bus lol :laughing: I did the same thing when I found out the gender he is getting his sister and is so over joyed (he just doesn’t know yet how much things will change)

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I true stick figures of our family, and the mommy had a baby bump with a baby inside. And my oldest 3 at the time pretended to draw it.

I got my daughter a big sister shirt and then I waited until we had the first sono done and showed her and explain she was going to be a big sister. She’s also 6, so she’s very impatient and excited.

Buy him a “Big brother” shirt and put a baby onesie in the bag with it. Give it to him and watch his reaction lol

How about. You’re gonna be a big brother. I mean it’s really that simple.


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We got a gift box and put a book in it about being a big brother (we got it from Barnes & Noble)…a shirt for him that said something about being a big brother…and ultrasound pictures that he could keep.
He was 6.

My 16 year old told me I was pregnant so didn’t have to tell her. Lol
Get him a big brother little brother shirt set. Something he enjoys as well

My boyfriend has a 5 year old lil girl. We got a shirt saying “I am going to be a big sister” and put that in a bag. We then got cupcakes with blue colored frosting in the middle so when she bit it, thats how she found out she was having a brother

Wa I t till out of first trimester period

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They have amazing books

And just make him feel a part of it. My kiddos are 5 years apart

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Buy a doppler explain to him what it’s for and how it works then check daddy’s tummy for baby heart beat then his then yours and when he realizes he hears the baby let him know it’s bc he’ll soon be a big brother. Congratulations!!