Pregnancy makes me really emotional: Advice?

Does anyone else go crazy in early pregnancy? Like to the point where all they do is cry, scream, and throw things? I can get very violent, bitter, and emotional with my other half. It’s very hard for me to control, so please no judging I’m just wondering if there are other mamas out there that get like this in the first trimester that go without medication from their doctor. My bf doesn’t help much around the house or with the baby. He’s always out drinking with his friends and comes home past midnight, so that contributes to the crazy.


I do and im 6 months

Girl, in my first pregnancy I almost left my husband because he said I didn’t make the chicken noodle soup gluten free for a church dinner. PACKED MY BAGS and left!! :woman_facepalming::woman_facepalming: Sounds like you at least have a legitimate reason for it!


Sounds like hormones. Aren’t they great?

No, screaming and throwing things, becoming violent really isn’t hormones, thats choice. Being extremely moody and irritable is.


There is NO EXCUSE for you to get violent with him. Stop using pregnancy as an excuse for that. Everything else, probably hormones.


At the beginning i was the same way. It slacked off a little in the second trimester. Now im almost 34 weeks and its back! Just let yourself ride the emotion train and realize it will be okay. Sending good vibes your way​:heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

Oh yes when I was pregnant with my daughter. I was like a caged animal. Hang in there!!

Your hormones are all over the place and you need support, physically and emotionally. He needs to step up, be a man and be there for you. Everyone deals with stress and pressure differently and reacts differently. When pregnant your reactions can be way more extreme than they normally would.x

I’m early in pregnancy too and I just cry all the time I feel very sad and alone even though there is people all around me

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You should talk to your doctor. It’s not ok to treat anyone that way so there may be suggestions of medication they can give you.


My child’s father told me the first trimester was the worst he’s ever seen me, he said nothing can compare to that lol. I wouldn’t become violent but I’d scream and freak out all the time.

My first pregnancy I asked my husband to take the trash out. He didn’t do it within minutes so I threw knifes, skillets and a kitchen chair at him. Isn’t it great being preggo crazy lol.


Think to yourself if someone treated you like that how would you feel . It’s not ok for him to be out if he is not caring for his relationship at home but two wrongs dont make a right and you cant blame violence on pregnancy. You sound like you have other children, would pregnancy be a good excuse to be violent with them ? So you get my point . Dont let your emotions get outta control and dont let someone hurt you so bad you do .


I was like that when I was pregnant with my girl, just try to relax a little it will pass

I was very bad in my third trimester. My emotions were so intense! I’m 1.5w postpartum now and instead of being irritable, I feel guilty and nervous about everything. This is my second baby but I can’t help but think about everything that can go wrong. I hope your emotions settle down soon, and they probably will because they’re not likely to rage once you’re in the second trimester. Hang in there girl!

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I was that way but I’m bi polar and was very young. I hadn’t quite learned how to find my zen yet in those days lol… but most women I know are pretty crazy during pregnancy… its different for everyone but these days a dr may give you something to help or at least advice on the matter…

Hormones are never an excuse to be violent. If you’re physically abusing someone, you need to get away from them and find yourself some help. It is perfectly normal to be emotional during pregnancy, but it is not normal to be violent, or like a previous comment, throw knives. That’s scary, and I feel bad for some of your men. I was super emotional with my son, but I would never think of hurting my husband. And even if I got angry, I NEVER felt like being violent.


The moodiness is normal… the way you handle it is up to you… maybe go out for a while when you feeling angry… go for a drive or walk, listen to some music, read… anything that contains you being away with whats upsetting you for a while. Also talk to ur significant other, first apologize for you actions, hitting and throwing things at him will not solve the issue. explain to him whats bothering you amd what he can do to help.

Damn… I was not at all this way. I dont think that you getting violent is normal AT ALL. Go to your doctor and tell them the truth about your lack of anger management.

It’s interesting how many women want to try to say this isn’t normal for someone to experience. Just as every woman has a different experience with certain birth controls, your experience with pregnancy will be different as well. Just like some women do great with pregnancy while others have to be put on bedrest. It can literally be out of her control how she reacts to certain events due to her hormones. If you have anything negative to say about her actions, you should probably keep them to yourself. I do suggest talking to your doctor about it. Idk if there’s medications you can take or not to try to help keep your emotions in check. I would also try to be more mindful or if you know a big blow out is about to happen, just walk away and deal with it after you’ve had time to process it. Good luck hun❤


Emotional? During pregnancy? you don’t say? :open_mouth:

Lol, but all jokes aside, yes, the hormones affect each woman differently. Some become extremely hostile, others extremely depressed. It’s rarely the same for every woman. My wife was more likely to cry and was hornier, but that was it. An ex (not my baby) was extremely easy to anger and wanted nothing to do with sex. It’s basically your period on steroids.

Keep working on controlling it. The method of controlling your emotions when not pregnant are typically effective when you are pregnant (most people seem to choose NOT to control their emotions it seems). Having a happy household definitely makes it easier, but it sounds like you may have gotten with the type of guy who doesn’t place you first in the relationship. If you think you can have an honest and non-hostile conversation with your boyfriend, sit down with him and let him know how much you’re struggling and would appreciate his help.


Second pregnancy my husband says I’m crazy when I’m pregnant :joy: I’m sure your be fine xx

I wasn’t that bad but I was super intolerant. I didn’t care for much :joy:

I never got violent but I was angry the whole time, and I didn’t even realize how much it was from the hormones until a week or so after I had my son. I told my fiance it was weird but I just all of a sudden didn’t feel angry any more. Every little thing irritated me.

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I put a giant dent in my husband’s fender from a 2x4 because he traded my favorite truck. You’re not alone.


Maybe he goes out so he doesn’t have to deal with it. If a man was doing this, every comment would be to leave cause men shouldn’t be violent towards women. And the same goes for women being violent towards men. Being pregnant isn’t an excuse.


Never, my hubby cant believe how easy going and happy I am while pregnant. I’ve never been mean or hateful towards him…
And just a thought but maybe he goes out because he doesnt know how to deal with you


Hormones or not there is never a good excuse to get violent with someone. That’s something you have to work on and learn when to step away from a situation.

Hormones go crazy during pregnancy, it’s all how you handle how your hormones are making you feel.


If you recognize you are being that extreme you can control it. I’m 23 weeks pregnant with my second and the hormones are insane and being overly emotional sucks but you can’t use it as an excuse to treat other people poorly. Although your man needs to step up and help you and be more supportive you can’t act like a nut job. Noone deserves to be treated like that. Get to a doctor and get some medicine.


I mean I punched my husband in the face when I was 8 months pregnant with our daughter… :unamused::unamused: I mean in my defense he deserved it, you don’t drink then drive home… but yeah hormones and pregnancy go hand in hand.

light exercise, naps and communicate needs with partner. if homeboy knows he’s part if what’s driving you crazy- then he best fix it.

I did with my first pregnancy it went on for the whole pregnancy. I was fine for my 2nd and 3rd. With my 4th I was good in the beginning but the last month or so before he was born I was completely insane. I nested like crazy and would lose it with everyone in my house about messes. It got so bad that 2 days before my son was born I kicked my family out for the day and scrubbed every inch of my house with bleach. I told my kids and ex that I’d burn the house down if they didn’t start cleaning up after themselves. It will pass. It did for me at least. We all laugh about it now.

So this is your SECOND pregnancy with a man, you KNEW, would rather drink and leave his other baby with a “crazy”, “violent” woman, than stay and help out? Girl, the fact that you crazy when you’re pregnant is the LEAST of your problems. Next time get help, not pregnant. :woman_facepalming:


This is like reading my life except for my bf doesn’t go out drinking and stuff. He doesn’t help out much at home either though. I’m in the 3rd trimester and luckily it seems to have leveled out but I was the same way. Always upset, always mad, always crying, crying when I didn’t feel like I was getting enough affection, crying over a messy house. I can’t really give much advice other than talk to your bf about it. Make sure he knows how you feel. Especially when you don’t want it to hurt your relationship too. My bf and I would fight and fight to the point of almost breaking up and it was half because of me being extra emotional. Try to tell yourself to walk away when your feeling worked up. Distract yourself. talk to your bf and explain how you feel and about how you NEED more help. Ask yourself if your just feeling emotional.

Look into/talk to your dr about perinatal depression/anxiety. It sounds like half that half useless partner. But find out/get help for the one you are in control of.

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See a doctor. Therapist. Or whatever other professional can help you. Dont just ask for advice on the internet.
Or if the boyfriend is the root issue sounds like you need to leave him.

This is my first long term pregnancy now 10 weeks!
I have manic depression with psychotic depression. I was supposed to be taking medication, a few different kinds but I didnt like how any of it made me feel.
At first the depression was KICKING MY ASS!
But at the same time we ARE human, and hormones are such a curse with it.
How I’ve "controlled " myself, I have to keep reminding myself I have a bigger purpose starting (pregnant) so that’s really helped. And by simply “putting on my big girl panties” and HANDLING EVERYTHING HEAD ON! repeating I CAN DO THIS!

As far as being physical with your partner, maybe see a counselor. I feel like that may have been past behavior and you’re gonna have to knock that shit off especially by being an example. No one should be being physical with anyone but imagine if the shoe was on the other foot, would you tolerate him hitting you?? Something to think about, We are all women who’ve been there… but you got this! Do it for your little one growin in your gut!

Sounds like your man is an asshole honestly lol… this is an asshole issue. Emotions during pregnancy are the norm… intense ones

Honestly if you were living in a more stable environment with a partner who supported your mental and physical needs you probably wouldn’t stress ascbad and have as many outbursts.
But their is no excuse to get violent with your partner! Always step away before violence!!

If I had to come home to a violent woman throwing things I’d check out too. Just because your pregnant diesnt give you any right to act abusive period. Go talk to a therapist and get some help because if you think pregnancy hormones are bad just wait till the thr birth while they are crashing and you are sleep deprived


I got irritated quickly, but the decision to throw things and become violent was something I never chose. I believe that no matter how emotional you are, it’s not okay to be abusive. If your husband did the same, and got violent and blamed it on testosterone, it wouldn’t be acceptable. I believe it’s the same for women. Domestic violence goes both ways, and if you can recognize that you are being violent, you can control yourself. Do you throw things at strangers because they did or said something you didnt like? If not, then realize that you are absolutely in control of your actions and you are choosing to throw a fit and blame it on hormones.

Okay well your bf being out drinking and not helping is a valid reason to lose your fucking shit. So dont go blaming that on early pregnancy dear.

That’s so me. I normally take a medication to help mellow out my mood swings, but during pregnancy I can’t take it. God bless my husband for being the most patient man in the world, because they were awful during the first trimester. I just had to hang in there.

Talk to your dr, and get a referral for counselling or something… could be a chemical imbalance. It is NOT normal to act like that pregnant or in general. There is some underlying issues mental health wise for sure that your pregnancy could be triggering. Get help now while you’re still ahead and aware this is a problem.

Take my experience to save yourself heartache. Get on birth control and stop having kids with someone that prefers alcohol and friends to family. Focus on what you want in a partner. This behavior gets worse not better.

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I have two girls and believe me my husband at first was not the greatest man deal with stress differently than women I will say one thing I gave him an ultimatum and after that we’ve been together for 23 years

I’m not a mom but id be telling baby daddy his boys nights out r over for awhile and u need his help with HIS child! Smh I’m sorry ur dealing with a man child like that!

I think being pregnant makes your tolerance meter really sensitive. I think feeling overwhelmed while your other half is out loving it up drives you crazy. Hormones can only take so much responsibility when your boyfriend takes none

I used to get crazy during my first 2 pregnancies. My last pregnancy I was fine.

Well I become irrational, moody & crazy also (each pregnancy I’ve just had a freak out moment in my 1st trimester) buuuuut my so is amazing with helping around the home, with the kids and with me. It’s unacceptable for your so to not contribute anything, I’d be having a very stern talk and if things didn’t change, I’d leave. I didn’t create these babies alone and I do not live in the home alone, if I’m gonna be doing things alone, I’m gonna be alone :woman_shrugging:.

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Leave that worthless POS until he grows the fuck up.