Pregnancy nausea throwing up

I found out I’m pregnant with my second about a week ago my doctors app is on the 29th. I’ve been so sick for the past week. And it’s only gotten worse. I’ve throw up today about 5 or 6 times just today. And yesterday. I don’t understand how I keep throwing up because I havednt been eating much at all. I’ve lost a few pounds in the past few days. I’m not sure what I should do. When I made the doctors app I told them how I was feeling she recommended me to take dramine and I have been but it stopped working. I’m not sure if I should go to an urgent care… is it normal to be throwing up this much?? And not being able to keep anything down? I feel nauseous 24/7 and it’s making it hard for me to take care of my son. I didn’t go through any of this with my 1st pregnancy so I’m really just lost. I’m just so miserable and I feel weak I can’t even go in my kitchen the smells make me sick. and I could just throw up again. I’ve been eating popsicles and trying crackers and watermelon but nothing is staying down. I just don’t wanna look dumb for going to urgent care for this and I don’t even know if they would be able to help me

I would definitely get a second opinion. Dramamine isn’t going to help throwing up. U may need to go in to get a drip. U could be dehydrated! I think going back in would be a good idea! Get better soon!