Pregnancy tests are negative but I am leaking milk: Advice?

Definitely see your doctor and have blood work done for thyroid disorders


a lot of women are experiencing this and cycle changes from being around those that are recently jabbed with the cov shot. there are thousands of women online with the same issue! huge clotting, missed cycles, weird discharge etc… if you want to read their stories check out Brit_galvin on IG. She is injured from the shot and the hospital verified it was an injury from the shot and her neurological doctors. Her account has thousands of women telling their stories as well!


This happened for 8 years ! Doctor did tests and all.

I had a baby 10 months ago & im 34 weeks pregnant & JUST starting leaking milk!

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This happened to one of my sisters and she was diagnosed with a small tumor on her pituitary gland (nothing dangerous) which caused her prolactin levels to be abnormal. She was prescribed some meds and has had no problems since.


My youngest is 7, I still occasionally lactate…

The first time I started… for no reason, mind you… my youngest was 3… it lasted a month.

Now i have a bit of leakage when i ovulate and the first 2 days of my cycle.

Dr said its something to do with my hormones. Dumb! Lololololololol I HATE it. No one else notices though :woman_shrugging: so I guess it’s not a huge deal for me. (Other than tenderness, discomfort, and such that comes with)

I would go visit your dr. Keep them up to date on it. There are MANY reasons it could be happening… Better to make sure it’s not a dangerous reason, just in case.


It could be a side effect from a medication


Talk to a doctor immediately

Call your Dr. I had that happen and it was a small tumor on my pituitary gland called a prolactinoma.

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Have you changed medicines or started taking anything? About a year and a half ago my Dr. Put my on some new meds and it made me lactate. I went to the dr. With concerns, did the pregnancy test. It was the meds my Dr. Put my on

Could be medications or supplements you’re taking. It doesn’t always correlate with pregnancy

Prolactin levels may be off.

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I have a high level of prolactin in my system. Even when not nursing. A side affect of that is leaking milk. They had to check my pit gland to make sure it was ok

Could be a hormone imbalance. Have your dr check your prolactin levels.

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Pregnancy tests are negative but I am leaking milk: Advice?

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This happend to me also. Went to Dr. and he said any chance you could be pregnant. I said yes. He said I bet I’ll be seeing you back in a few weeks. He was right. I was pregnant!

Yes! I had a deviated pituitary gland and it caused my prolactin levels to rise causing the lactation. I’ve had to take a medication for many years but no longer have to. It can correct itself. It wasn’t serious but did need to control the levels with the meds.

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Yes, I had a milky substance coming out of my breast but never been pregnant. Dr said hormone imbalance

I had a tumor in my lung when it happen to me

My milk duck died and it was passing clear then blood. Had it removed. All is good

This happened to me, doctor thought it was breast cancer, it was my hormones

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I had that and found out i have a tumor on my pituitary

I have it but I nursed all 12 of my kids. Im considered a wet nurse lol


You may have a lump… that’s what happened to me. I had a complete hysterectomy and I’m past menopause… I ended having a lump that was precancerous that was causing me to produce milk.


My milk ducts were found to created breast cancer

For my second child, I had milk before my first (negative) pregnancy test, so yes, it happens. It started less than two week after conception.


Sometimes it’s a blocked duct that finally releases. You can ask your dr to check your pituitary gland, too. Best wishes

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Yes and I had breast cancer - GO get screened. Don’t mean to scare you but some cancers leak a milky substance.


Are you taking an anti depressant.

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That’s exactly happened to me . First 3 months all pregnancy test came back negative… but I was pregnant :confused:

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My first pregnancy that is exactly what happened, I took the test too early, I waited a month and took another test, it was positive. I tried to get my dr to do a blood test and he refused because their test came up negative to.

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Milk does not
Come until after baby is born… and it’s not milk at first… it’s colostrum , then milk… u should see a dr…

I knew I was pregnant two days after I missed my period when, in the shower, I had a let down reflex. Sure enough 8 and 1/2 months later, my daughter was born-47 years ago😀

You need to see a doctor…it could be hormones but it might be far worse…see a doctor


Yes!!! I would check your thyroid. I was not pregnant and I was producing breast milk because my hormones were out of whack.

See your doctor. Any unusual discharge should be checked in to.

Possible Pituitary glad tumor typically benign but needs treatment

Could be a pituitary tumor

It happened to my mother in law at about 70 years old. It was a hormone med she had been given. Go to your doctor and get checked.

Milk is usually a precursor or the end of a pregnancy. Please see a doctor

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If you’re leaking milk your prolactin is too high to get pregnant in most cases

Between my 3rd and 4th my milk never fully went away I was leaking from the time he stopped nursing at 3.5 months and I was pregnant just over a year later with old

Prolactin I had this problem yrs ago I had to go a tablet for a few months to sort it out.

I went for pregnancy tests 4or 5times in till at last I felt some thing move in my tummy that was week twenty

Low Vitamin E can cause issues like this. Don’t know why but a supplement helped me per OB/ GYN advice

I leaked water before I even found out I was pregnant and continued leaking throughout pregnancy. Not sure about milk though.

Are you having any other symptoms of pregnancy?

Umm… go to the doctor… leaking milk can be a sign of breast cancer… when not pregnant or breastfeeding…

Are you on any meds that may make that happen?

Have doctor take prolactin test levels. Advice go to a Gyn

Please check with your dr. Happened to me it was b cancer better safe than sorry :neutral_face:

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Don’t ask people on Facebook for medical advice… You need to ring the doctors or your health centre…


I knew someone that happened to but no pregnancy.Just some hormones player up I suppose

May be galactorrhea, possible hormone imbalance…

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Elevated prolactin level will do this. A pill will stop it. See endocrinologist.

Go see a gym,you should have an ultra sound.

Go to your doctor ASAP. You need to be checked by your doctor .

My boob starting leaking befor I new I was pregnant with my son 2 years after I have my daughter, thats how I knew I was pregnant :pregnant_woman: xx

I would recommend you have your prolactin level checked and have a full exam with
your OB/GYN.

Call your gyno and make an appointment.

I was 48 and got milk. It happens.

I also had that with my youngest son. I didn’t even know I was pregnant

Get to the doctor’s could be breast cancer

You don’t start leaking milk until after the pregnancy go to a doctor seriously how stupid to come to the internet for medical advice, Google it this is not normal
Have people become that stupid that they know nothing about life and how the body works


Are you taking any medications?

Get checked for breast cancer.

Go to Dr. Hormone problem. Go to obgyn.

This needs checking by your doctor. Send her a message ASAP

Go get a cancer screening

Talk to your gynecologist…they may send you for a mammogram

This is a side effect of certain medications.

Think about foreplay

Call md. AND don’t fb.
Use common sense…!!!

Have your doctor run a prolactin check!

You need to see a doctor

Ask a dr.
Could be nothing.
Could be an issue

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Are you taking risperadone??

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Prolactanoma. Get your hormone levels checked. I had this. It’s a benign brain tumor on the pituitary gland.
A hormone-secreting tumor on the pituitary gland.
The hormone-producing gland in the brain (pituitary gland) overproduces prolactin, decreasing the levels of some sex hormones. It’s caused by a noncancerous tumor on the gland.
It’s an easy blood test and there’s medication to help. GL

Something like galactorrhea… Meet a Doctor

You need to see a doctor.

I kept telling my OB that I felt pregnant.
I tested for 3 weeks at the OB, before finally confirming positive.
Best wishes.

Angela Kearbey pretty sure you are officially the resident expert

I was a week late and the pregnancy test was negative. I then notice leaking from both breast. So I decided to take another test two weeks later and came back positive. My doctor explained my HCG levels were low.

  1. Partner being on your boob, too much stimulation

  2. Hormones out of whack go see a dr

That’s how I knew I was pregnant with my 2nd son. Wait a month and test again

Mine was psych med induced. Risperdal made my prolactin level through the roof. As soon as I got off it stopped.

Check your Dr… I never had issues with leakage until I was around 4/6 months pregnant with all 5 pregnancies… I’d be concerned.

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My youngest is 18 and I still leak milk

Go see your OB/Gyn please!