Pregnancy tests are negative but I am leaking milk: Advice?

I did a test a week ago, which stated negative, but last night I saw milk leaking out of one of my breasts. Has someone had a similar experience?


You don’t start leaking milk until after the pregnancy go to a doctor seriously how stupid to come to the internet for medical advice, Google it this is not normal
Have people become that stupid that they know nothing about life and how the body works

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Pregnancy tests are negative but I am leaking milk: Advice?

You would not leak milk the second you are pregnant. Do you have another child?


Might not be milk may be another kind of fluid. Need to get that checked out…:100:

Are you on birth control sometimes it makes you lactate

You won’t leak colostrum soon as you’re pregnant. Better going for a GP because it may not be colostrum at all.


But just place a cabbage leaf under breast that will stop it

Are u on BC? Happened to me when I was getting the depo shot…

Yes my breasts was leaking at 22 weeks . Pegnancy test was negative and had periouds … a week.later i went to be screen for cancer and it was confirmed @ 23w 4 days that i was pregnant . My is now 8 :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


My niece had a tumor growing in her brain on the part that controls her hormones. Her body thought she had a baby and started leaking milk. She hadnt had kids yet


Check breast for lumps

Lots of medications can cause lactating. Look into side effects of any meds you are currently taking.


I’m going through premenopause this is normal and only in 1.

Mine were for a while. Went through a lot of test because of many problems with my body. Was told that as long as it isn’t green or brown not to worry. I’m glad mine stopped finally because my breast hurt

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I have had quite a few random days of leaking throughout the years. It never meant anything. I have 3 kids (all 6 yrs apart) and breastfed them. I would leak 2 or 3 years after I stopped breastfeeding and definitely wasn’t pregnant again. My OB Dr told me it’s normal to leak. So long as it’s not discolored, rancid smelling, or painful when it happens that it’s normal.

My mind is crazy sins 6 may last period pregnancy test and sonar nothing sore breast tummy swolen so dont know whats wrong. Also disgarge from breast. Mind not at ease

My moms nipples leaked everytime I got pregnant. :rofl: weird shit.


Have your prolactin checked. My daughter had the same thing happen. You could have a cyst or small NON cancerous tumor on your pituitary gland. Your regular dr can check for it.

Go to your ob and get a blood pregnancy test. I took 20 tests…all negative. I was producing milk and had done things you shouldnt do when pregnant. I went into my dr for a blood test and they wanted to do another urine before the blood. Nurse came in and said congrats I was almost 2.5 months pregnant

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Do you have friends that are pregnant or breastfeeding? I had a friend i worked 40 hrs with every week my last pregnancy who had a 2 yr old at the time and she relactated being around my hormones so much- i was pumping at work and breastfeeding at home


You could possibly have high prolactin I had this and was leaking milk, it was because of a certain medication I was on for sickness


Your breasts can leak even if not pregnant

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I did that cysts on the overies giving you a fake pregnancy symptoms


I had this happen to me. We did some testing. And everything turned out okay. My hormones were high then balancing out

Book GP and have your pro lactin levels taken. I have a Prolactinoma that causes this. Easily sorted

I would 100% consult your PCP. That could be a few things. Please seek medical attention.


Good luck and prayers. I hope you find out what’s causing it.

That happened to me so they did some tests. It ended up being my pituitary gland. Sometimes the gland will send out hormones that it doesn’t need to send, but usually corrects itself

Get a blood test. Of that comes back negative demand a mammogram. Leaking breasts could be a sign of trouble.

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I had a baby over a year ago and i still produce milk. My doctor said its due to my meds. I also have a friend who has thyroid disease. Never been pregnant but started leaking milk.

Id still get a blood test though if it continues

I had this happen after I had a breast augmentation, there are wet nurses that produce milk at a late age in life due to stimulation of those glands also. The dr said mine was that the glands had been pressed upon and cause stimulation and my youngest child at the time was 5 yrs old. There are many different reasons definitely call your Dr labs need to be done though for sure

I began lactating a full year before I got pregnant. I also had several miscarriages in the previous year, and it was attributed to the presence of the lactate hormone, likely from the hormonal changes.

Once I had that but it was because of my psych med I was on made people lactate even boys

It can be a side effect of meds. I took Sibelium which is to prevent migraines. Turns out 1 in 100k women may experience lactation. Go see your doctor. Leaking breasts is not normal unless pregnant or nursing.

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Pregnancy tests are negative but I am leaking milk: Advice?

Go see a doctor asap. This could be a sign of something as simple as hormonal imbalance but could also be much, much more serious. Do not delay with getting medical help as soon as possible


Yeah, I had my son 11 years ago…that still happens to me …I’ve never thought it was a sign that I’m pregnant again

I would probably go to the Dr. You generally won’t start leaking milk until the last trimester.


Nothing serious I had same problem fill milk n every test came out negative

Now it stopped on its own

Having breast milk doesn’t mean u pregnant

Its an homormonel thing

It could be hormones or a symptom of one of your medications. Either way, talking to your doctor about it asap is important.

I had a hormonal imbalance and it affected the pituitary gland…luckily it was not a tumor and it went away after trying some supplements from my physician.

My youngest is 4 years old and I still have a random drip every once in a while. Usually only from one nipple though, the one my babies had latching trouble with. And I under produced both times I tried breastfeeding to the point I had to formula feed. It always astounds me when it happens but from everything I know and read it’s not entirely uncommon for random dripping up to a decade after delivery.

Breast milk doesn’t mean pregnancy x

Heres a radical idea…GO TO A DOCTOR.


It could be serious. See your Dr. asap!


Even men can lactate it’s about your hormones


Go to a doctor sometimes pituitary gland or hormone issues can cause leakage. If over 30 also have a mammo to rule out a cyst that could be causing said hormone issues


Pituitary. Ask them to check prolactin.

Yeah go to the doctor. Could be breast cancer.


Go see a dr. Asap.
Not to scare anyone but my cousin had this and was not pg, turned out to be breast cancer. Not sure the details but…this was her.

Yes, it’s from high prolactin levels. That hormonal imbalance could be something minor, but it could be something more significant as well so it’s best to get checked out by a doctor.


If you started any new medication lately look up the side affect some prescription medications can cause lactation as a side affect.

could be something much worse. Please go get checked.

Plz check prolactin. If it is high an MRI of brain is necessary

Yes hormones are high

I had that problem before. Went to my Dr. New medication was the issue.

I highly recommend just talking to your doctor.

Often times it is a tumor on the pituitary gland…see a doctor!

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Some medications will do this. ? Hormonal issues

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Pregnancy tests are negative but I am leaking milk: Advice?

Get your thyroid checked

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Have you had a mammogram recently? This is a sign you should discuss with your doctor and a potential symptom that something is off.

There are medications that have this side effect.

Go to the doc asap. Certain breast cancers cause this.


I’d definitely go to the doctor

I had a friend who started doing this, come to find out her partner was cheating and gave her Trichomonas.
Go to the dr, get a full check up including a Pap smear and mammogram


My sister in law is pregnant and since then I’ve been leaking milk :rofl::rofl:

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A Pituitary tumor can do this

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Happened to me AFTER a hysterectomy. It was caused by a pituitary tumor.

Wow…you learn something new everyday

Could be a milk duct thing. I had the same thing happen and I def was not pregnant

Go to the doctor immediately this can be a sign of breast cancer


have you had kids before ? i know a friend of mine has an 8 year old and that was her only child and she can STILL manage to pull milk… they don’t leak but if tries to make it come out, it still will.

I’ve had milk leaking since having my first baby in 2012, I am not pregnant and am healthy as can be.


I would contact your dr. It could several different things and instead of what if’s or could be’s call your dr and find out the what is.


Happened to me when I started premenopause

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Could be sign of miscarriage

Lost a pregnancy almost 8yrs ago and my breasts still leak from time to time… especially during ovulation :woman_shrugging: doc told me it happens sometimes

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Everyone has different experiences with this. Some can be a pituitary tumor, a hormonal imbalance such as PCOS can cause it, some women never fully dry up after kids, medications, etc. Multiple women have had this issue, so it is not unheard of. But it would most definitely be something to bring to your doctor’s attention.

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You need to call your doctor and be seen. There are a lot of things that can cause your breasts to leak.

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This just happened to me in January. Had a lot of tenderness, so I took a digital test. It said Not Pregnant. But then I noticed a couple hours later that I was leaking milk. The next morning, I took another digital and then I forgot about it while I was getting dressed for the day. 20 minutes later, I remembered to glance at the test, expecting another negative, and that I would have to make a doctor appointment. It said Pregnant. I screamed so loud I woke my husband up. :joy:


Call your doctor definitely

Need to get your prolactin levels check asap


Make an appointment to have your hormone levels checked . I had the same happen and ended up having prolactinoma


I did this years after I had mine. It’s actually not uncommon but the doctor still wanted a mammogram.

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I got my tubes tied 3 years ago and still leak right around the time I’m gonna get my period i also didnt breast feed my youngest

My youngest is 9 and I still leak. Dr said its normal.

Honey it’s not milk unless your extremely pregnant call your stomach

You don’t get milk as soon as your pregnant, you should deff make a dr appt though to get checked out


Happened to me last October, took a test and was pregnant with twins.

Call your Dr could be different things.

Idk why but I was leaking months before I actually ended up prego

My leaking came from a medication I was on. I knew I wasn’t pregnant because my tubes were chopped off then burned :joy:

Girl I had my son 2.5 years ago. I never breast fed, but I leaked like a damn broken faucet, only had milk for maybe 2 days and it was gone.
So now randomly, I’ll feel a little coldness and realize my nipples are leaking…still…especially when my bestfriends lil boy was under a year old. Every time I’d be over there and he would cry, I’d come home and find out I’m leaking again😅

Could be thyroid. Hashimoto’s can cause that along with some other auto immune disorders

I had that experience before and it turned out that I was not pregnant but I had something called fibrocystic breast disease that was apparently keeping me lactating even after I had stopped breastfeeding my son 6 months prior

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