Pregnancy travel question!

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a little scared but is there any tips on traveling by car im 25 weeks pregnant?


Get out at least every two hours and have a little walk. Drink water. You’ll be fine. Just walk every time you have to pee.

Be sure you can make some stops time to time for walking a bit.

Stop & walk around for 15-20 minutes every 2-3hrs. Stay hydrated

Wear seat belt but have the lap belt under your belly .

I found driving helped me as when I was a passenger I suffered from motion sickness. I only have motion sickness when pregnant.

Make sure the seatbelt is below your belly cradling it. NOT ACROSS!!! IN AN ACCIDENT IT CAN CAUSE SERIOUS PROBLEMS!!!

Bring a baggie just in case you vomit lmao

stop and stretch a lot. I took a 3 hour drive not long ago and stretched and still had sore legs for a couple days that were MISERABLE.

Stay hydrated, stop every 2-3 hours, make sure that the seat belt cradles your belly, and try to enjoy your drive.

I drove from Atlanta to New York at 26/27 weeks in 1 day after having perineal surgery a couple weeks earlier. I stopped every 3 hrs (shorter if I needed to) and parked furthest at the rest stops so I could walk. I packed fruit, crackers, ginger ale and water to munch on in between food stops. I have to be driver when I’m pregnant or else I get car sick.

make sure you have a maternity seatbelt adjuster!

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When I was about 30 weeks pregnant with my second baby, I took a 15 hr car ride from Ohio to Connecticut. It wasn’t so bad. Just make sure you stop every 2 hours to walk around for about 10-15 minutes. I found it wasn’t difficult to stop that much because that was about how often I had to pee lol.

We made an 8 hour drive when I was 33 weeks for my sisters wedding. I made sure to drink lots of water and we made frequent stops, mainly because I was 33 weeks and drinking lots of water​:rofl::rofl:

Bring a puke bucket. I had to keep one in mine and my boyfriend’s vehicle lol

Dont wait too long to stretch make frequent stops to get out and move around

Stay comfey if driving switch if problems around 30 weeks me and my so moved across country 26 hour drive if I started hurting we would stop so I can stretch and switch stays also had pillows blankets and a neck pillow with me when i wasnt driving to keep me happy

Just make sure you stop and get out walk around every couple hrs. I traveled with my first one and that’s the only thing my Dr told me.

I drove from NY to Louisiana at 32 weeks. Just make sure to stop regularly to stretch and don’t stress too much