Pressure in lower stomach while pregnant?


i just got off work and my ob is closed as too any other doctor offices I tired calling.
So to get to the point im 34 weeks 5 days and I’ve been having random pressure like my baby is pushing down and its with a little sharp pain and i have to like bend over everytime i cant even stand when it happens and its been for a few days now but than it goes it away it only last for a few seconds to a minute and it happens a few times throughout the day and ive been having more discharge than usual. but today I really had to pee and i was on the way home and i was feeling really wet down there and thought maybe i was holding it for too long but when i went I had alot of discharge that like soaked my underwear like SOAKED it and it was more than usual but it was like regular dischage it was like the white thick cloudy one no other color but i keep feeling the pressure i mentioned and i dont know if i should go to the ER and they tell me its normal and im fine because we all know thoes hospital trips can be long and end up being pointless. Also I have an appointment thursday should i just wait or go get checked ? what do you think it sounds like ?


Get your ass to L&D!!!

I would go and get check out…also

Sounds like plug come out and leaking your water that’s how I was with my daughter… go to your Dr get checked out… good luck.

Straight to labor and delivery.

Not the ER. L&D. Your OB should have a service that can get a msg to your Dr.

Go to the hospital. Your probally lost your mucus plug .

We. Sounds like you lost mucus plug and Walter may have brokr

Sounds like u lost your mucus plug and you’re having either Braxton hicks, or real but scattered contractions…I wouldn’t panic - just talk to your obgyn as soon as u can and see if u should be seen. If it gets to be too much pain, call the emergency number

Anyone after I think 20-23 weeks along gets sent to L&D if you go to the ER anyway

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Discharge is normal. Pain is normal. I had severe discharge my whole pregnancy. And pain my whole pregnancy

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I had that Happen, ob told me it happens to a lot of ladies. Baby’s just working it’s way into position

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Sounds like youre in the beginning stages of labor girl!

I would go get checked out regardless, could be nothing but normal but I wouldn’t risk it. Good luck.

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Sounds like your body is preparing for labor. Unless there is constant severe pain or bleeding i wouldnt go to er

You should be able to cal L&D and they’ll let you know if you should come in

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My water had a leak at 29 weeks, I didn’t lose my mucus plug first, that was pregnancy number 4. It wasn’t a “gush”, I woke up with a small wet spot on my bed after sleeping, decided I should go in, felt kinda stupid honestly but as it turns out, it was my water.

Go to the LABOR AND DELIVERY to get checked out


Sounds like your water broke and you are in labor. Go to the hospital right away.

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Sounds like your mucus plug, that’s what I experienced when mine broke at 40 weeks. I would go to er and make sure everything is ok, just to be sure that youre not losing fluid

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Get checked. Wishing you all the best. Keep is posted