Pressure in pelvic area while pregnant?

I’m 32 weeks & 3 days it’s my first time and was wondering if someone could tell me what’s going on. There’s a lot of pressure on my pelvic bone and my back hurts in sharp pain along with my hips… is it because of the way my baby could be laying? Or should I call my ob to see if i should go in? I just don’t want to waste time if it’s nothing serious …
There’s pressure in my stomach too.


Its normal. Ur bidy is running outta room. Go for walks.

I have had a 26 weeker SO I would call and go get checked…Better be safe

Lay on your left side and drink water or juice. If it doesnt go away call or go in

I would also drink lots of water and see if that helps and change positions but if it was me I would call and go get seen to make sure it’s not early labor

When I was pregnant with my first my midwife told me not to ring until I REALLY couldn’t handle what my body was going through. THEN will you know it’s the right time to call in lol hope that helps

All sounds normal. It probably is the baby getting in position and putting more pressure on everything, they gain a lot of weight in these weeks too so it gets uncomfortable.


If you are worried phone in, the midwife is the best person to asses you xx

Oh sweet momma your body is like an orchestra getting ready for the show

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Speak to your midwife. Mine was premature Labour

It’s better to waste the time and get checked out if it bothers you. Especially since it bugged you enough to ask on Facebook. I’d just go get seen. May be nothing may be something. Better safe than sorry


I’ve had three pregnancies all very different from each other.
36, 2x 29 & 40+11 weeks
If in doubt enough to ask go get seen.
From experience take no chances.

I’m exactly the same amount of weeks and days as you!
My body feels the same. It’s normal (this is my second.)
I find that drinking more water and being more active throughout the day help relieve pressure. Also, have your partner stretch your legs out for you!

Sounds exactly how I felt when I went into preterm active labor at 34 weeks, it stopped on its own but I was dilated at 3cm by that time and put on bed rest for the rest of my pregnancy. I would get checked out, better safe then sorry !!!

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Go to your doctor, ASAP or ER and be checked out, please! Take it from one that knows!

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If the baby hasn’t flipped yet I would say it’s definitely your body reacting to baby being head down! But as always get checked out to make sure all is well. Best of luck! :crossed_fingers:

That’s just the beauty of coming closer to the end of it.
You’re going to have a lot of pressure and sharp pains.
Hopefully the baby is in the birthing position, so their head is pushing down on your pelvis, which is what you want to happen.

Baby could definitely be laying on a nerve, you could also have SPD. I am pretty sure mine started around 31 weeks. Super uncomfortable especially in my vaginal area. Hurts to walk a lot. Unfortunately it is something that doesn’t go away, talk to your doctor if you have it you can get a referral to PT

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I ignored that same pain thinking it was just Braxton hicks (false labor) until my next baby Dr appt and was actually in active labor and 3 cm dilated. They sent me to central Baptist hospital in Lexington my (cuz hospital in my town isn’t equipped for a 31 week newborn) and after a week in the hospital i had my son the same day I returned home. All 4lbs. 13.5oz of him lol
You can never be too cautious so please jus go to make sure its nothing… And the back pain just a heads up OMG I wouldn’t wish the pain I felt of contractions in the back on my worst enemy… Good luck n congrats

Best is to go get checked out… I also had these pains though towards the end

Its just your body expanding and bones are gonna ache just try and keep busy and your mind on other things.

You should definitely call your OB just to check in- they will help you determine if medical care is necessary!!! My daughter burrowed down there the last two months hahaha everyone is different but to me it sounds like what I experienced! Your kiddo may also be messing with your sciatic nerve :confused:

Better to go in and have it be nothing rather than ignore it and have it be something. It’s possible that what you’re experiencing is completely normal as your body begins preparing for the big day but if you’re concerned enough to ask, go in.

The pressure is from the baby getting into position but still get checked out,good luck

Sounds like Braxton hicks
But always always go in if something doesnt feel right

Normal it stretching pain…try more walks and water… But if it gets any worse i would go to doctor or er… But just call your doctor to make sure…

That’s how I felt then the next day I had my baby very quick and 33 weeks I was 9 and half centimeters when I got to the hospital. Surprisingly he was 6lb 7 oz LOL

Sounds like Braxton Hicks contractions

Definitely check with your OB

I have pelvic girdle pain and sounds like that… nothing to worry about my physio just said where possible instead if sitting to rest lay down so you take the pressure off your pelvis for a while xx