Problems at childcare

My son is 2 in a half years old and he’s been in daycare since may of 2021 this situation has happened twice already do I go about my sons teacher putting another child’s mask on my son. This has been the second time it’s happened and i am furious more because we’re in a pandemic and that is very unsanitary the first time it happened the head teacher reassured me it won’t happen again and not it’s happened again Im at the point where im thinking about taking my son out of that daycares what would you mamas do in a situation like this is pulling him out of daycare the right decision to make

I would write his name on his mask and show the teacher. If she isn’t sure which mask is his, she needs to put it in his backpack until it’s time to put it back on. Putting another kids mask on him is gross and it defeats the whole purpose of the mask. I would try the name thing and if it still happens then I would switch daycares. Some people think it might be dramatic but it obviously bothers you, & it’s better to be safe then sorry when it comes to your child.