Process of getting a divorce in Indiana?

What’s the process like of getting divorced when there are kids involved in Indiana? My soon to be ex and I agree on everything from how to split the things we own and on the visitation schedule for our child. We have a good co parenting relationship we just do not wish to be married any longer for multiple reasons. I’m not sure where to start and I’d like to avoid getting a lawyer and so would he


If it’s that simple and you two get along fine just go to the courthouse and file for a divorce. Split the cost and get it done. Shouldn’t need a lawyer or anything like that

Not a lawyer, but usually if the parties agree, the most needed would be mediation, if that.

From AZ- if you agree on everything you should be able to go t the courts and into the law library and they can point you in the right direction. I did ours it was pretty easy really

If you guys agree, you can file yourselves. I got divorced in Indy (no kids or assets though), filed myself at the county courthouse. There’s paperwork available for all self-file divorces, but given the kid and property, I would invest in an attorney for ease.


Sometimes people change in the process , you should still go to a lawyer to make everything legal ( just to avoid any issues in the future ) you guys agree in everything, I think that everything should be simple

Divorced in Indiana here! Sounds like my situation, exactly. You can file for your divorce, you will need to do a co-parenting class(both of you) and wait 60 days for q court date. Make sure you fill out a child support calculation.(even if the number differs from your agreement.).

Super easy. I did it all myself.

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In indiana they now make everyone do mediation, unless there is a history of domestic violence or an agreement of parties I do believe.

It’s fairly easy to file though. You can print the packet out online for free, fill it out together if you agree on everything. Get it notarized and file. You can waive the last hearing and the judge will look it over to decide if the divorce should be finalized or if a hearing is necessary. It cost me $177, which seems to be close to the norm right now.

If you have an agreement, just go to a divorce lawyer together. Discuss the agreement with them. They will draw up the paperwork and then you go to court for the judge to sign off on. About as simple as it gets.


You better get a lawyer every state is different

If you have children and property or possessions to split… Get a lawyer… It doesn’t how civil you are right now… Divorce changes people save yourself the trouble and get legal help.


IN believes in almony for ex wife as well as child support. Also, usually the wife and kids get the house. The wife can get half savings/cking acct. The husband his personal property, car or truck, half of savings/cking.

It doesn’t sound like you need a lawyer you should just get a mediator way less money and stress

Go to Legal Aide of Indiana,they have lawyers there but usually only pay small amount.

I got divorced in NC. We wrote up our own agreement WITHOUT lawyers and filed it with the court so it would be binding and legal. We had it notarized prior and it was like $25 to recrod. We researched things we should talk about and decide on. Then we hired a single attorney to go to court for us to grant us a divorce after it had been a year.

I agree this won’t work for a lot of divorces but it did for us and it’s been 10 years ago. Our kids are 12 and 14 now.


File yourselves and sign off on everything
Rather than serve papers, acknowledge service

You can just go to the courthouse and file for divorce. Write out what you both agreed on, sign it and get it notarized to be safe and turn it in with everything. High recommend staying civil and taking things out because custody through the courts is rediculous and I have watch my neice and nephew in tears when they had to miss stuff because it was court ordered the other parent’s time. I grew up IN and just left a year ago. Watched my SIL go through so much for years going through the courts.

Try to do it on your own. NJ wasn’t hard at all. As long as you two agree…should be a no brainer.
I divorced my hubs for $500 or less.

You go to library print all the paperwork up and you both fill it out and take it to the court house and pay a filing fee it’s called a non contested divorce where both parties have made an agreement the judge then looks at the paperwork you filed and they either sign off on it or they set you a court date where you both go in no attorney needed if it’s all agreed upon then he will ask you both if you both agree to said terms and then he signs off on it this is from a divorcee from indiana it can be very easy to do yourselves if you can work together to coparent the judges love seeing this lots of luck to you both

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Get one lawyer and split the cost. Easiest way to go about it in Indiana. You will both have to take a parenting class through the state.

Get on internet in your state and print out the application for divorce. As long as you guys can agree on the kids and everything you want need a lawyer.

Try mediation, it’s a great alternative to court.