Prolapsed bladder while pregnant

Has anyone ever had a prolapsed bladder I have 13 weeks pregnant and it is hanging out a-little of my vaginal area my ob dr says there is nothing they can do until after the baby I have such a bad bladder infection my bladder has actually been bleeding and sometimes I can’t even pee and i have to sit in a hot bath … it really worries me and it makes me feel terrible anyone went thru this if so what do you suggest


Get a second opinion. That doesn’t sound right


Get a second opinion asap. No way you can let that go on the rest of your pregnancy.

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Your OB sounds like an idiot. Get a second opinion before you and the baby are put at risk

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I had the epidural numb my bladder and since I was on meds and in so much pain I didn’t know I wasn’t peeing because of everything going on down there already and the meds bad mix and so I went five days and had 4.5 liters of urine ended up in the ER and had a catheter put in and had it for two months with constant UTIs I got it out about two weeks ago so far so good but def need to get a second opinion it can get worse and I feel you there was days I just wanted to give up but my daughters as the reason I kept going :slightly_smiling_face:

Kinda sounds like you might have a kidney stone

I would go to a urologist. Someone who specializes in that. There is things that can be done while you are pregnant

Your OB is a moron. Please get a second opinion

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God that sounds awful I would definitely go to another doctor

Please get a 2nd opinion

This is actually true.
I have prolapsed bladder and I feel the same way you do. I have had 2nd and 3rd opinions because the urge to pee is so great that it makes you hurt. I know how you feel. Unfortunately they wont do anything about it because the risk are too high of bleeding. I was going to have a reconstructive surgery my last c section because of prolapse and a curve I have but the risk of blood lose is to high and I couldn’t find a urologist or dr to do it. I even considered changing my ob to someone else, but thankfully I had a consult with him first and he told me the same thing.
You can message me if you have an questions!!


Ask them for a pessary. Its a silicone disc that you would insert into your vagina to hold your bladder in place. There isnt anything they can do about it during pregnancy. Qnd if you get the surgery after pregnancy, they will tell you that you cannot have any more children.