Pros and cons of a VBAC?

Has anyone had a VBAC? I’d really love to hear some success stories, or even if you tried but ended up needing another c section. I’m due early August and definitely want to try to have her natural but I’m so nervous!

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I have heard alot of good stories about VBAC, I never could have one because of the way they cut me during my first csection. It was emergency

I had an emergency csection with my daughter after 22 hours of labor. My son came completely natural in only 2.5 hours of labor.

mine went worries mama

I had 1 natural birth second,one c section,and my 3rd one a vBAC it was successful no problems ahe came,out just,fine

I spoke to my OBGYN about it and even though it’s been 9 years since my Csection she said it is best to have another one. & if I truly want to try natural then I have to go to state capitol hospital incase my uterus ruptures. I’m just going to stick with another Csection. Definitely speak with your OBGYN about it.

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Check with your insurance company…my friends insurance wouldnt cover a VBAC…risk I guess???

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I had three C-sections then a vbac with my 4th. All natural. Basically I didn’t make it to the hospital in time and had to push her out. It hurt like hell. But baby and I were both fine.

Absolutely loved mine! My first was an emergency c section because he is as breech, my second was delivered successful VBAC 2.5 years later to a 9lb 7oz baby with no complication! Pushed 19minutes!

Recovery was 1000 times better with the VBAC as well!! Highly recommend trying!

I also had a c section with my 3 rd and an due in June with my 4th which we are also trying a VBAC with! I’ll keep you updated :wink:

I did. Hands down, the most incredible experience of my life. Good luck with whatever you choose! :heart:

i had my 5th as a vbac. all went well

I had 3 c-sections. 1 in 1985, 1992 and 1993. My daughter that was born in 1993 was a scheduled c-section at 38 weeks and was born with respiratory distress. I was so nervous and scared when I was expecting my son in 1996, I asked my doctor to let me labor for 10 hours max and try to deliver VBAC. Miraculously, 9 hrs and 22 minutes later, I delivered a 10lb, 6oz. healthy baby boy

My 1st was c-section because he was breech and we were both dying. I had pre-eclampsia also. My last 3 vaginal. 2nd should have been a section but I had her naturally with help from the nurses and dr. I would much rather go natural because you recover a lot quicker.

A girl I know had a VBA2C water birth at home. I was gonna do a VBAC but the hospital where I live won’t do them due to not having an anesthesiologist on duty 24/7.

VBAC and Birth After Cesarean Facts – Evidence Based Support is a GREAT group for this

My 2nd child was c section all 6 following her were vbac.

My doc wouldnt let me try. So i will be having a second c section. Talk to your some will let u try and some wouldnt.

I did! Dont listen to people saying your should have another c-section. I had two vag births then an emerg c-section with my 3rd then a perfect vbac exactly 2yrs and 3 days later. Heal time is soo much faster on a vag birth and I personally would always choose vag instead of c-sections. My obgyn said as long as its been 18months since the c-section and babys heathly a vbac should be fine. Mine went great.

I had a repeat c-section scheduled but ended up going into labor a month early. My hospital was extremely VBAC friendly though, and practically insisted that I tried for one before they would do a c-section. They were super supportive and it ended up being the best birth experience I never expected! Absolutely no regrets!! And the recovery of VBAC vs Csection was night and day different. I had been worried about keeping up with my toddler after, but with the VBAC it was not a problem at all. If you have a supportive birth staff and they think a VBAC is possible for you, I highly recommend at least trying!