Pros and cons of getting your tubes tied?

Any mommas gotten their tubes tied not after a baby, just decided to do it one day? Pros? Cons? What was the process like? Bonus points if you also have pcos!

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Increased ovulation pain, and still had a baby

I got mine removed during an unplanned c section. I wish i wouldn’t have. I’m not having any issues, just feel that i made the wrong decision

Cons…My friends brother is the perfect reason i got mine removed instead of tied.

I had mine done right after having a baby and would not recommend to anyone! The pain and problems after are not worth the reward. It is so much easier for a man to have a vasectomy!

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Cons. . . Excessive heavy heavy heavy bleeding. Increased ovulation pain.

Pros. No more babies

I haven’t had any of these problems. Got mine done a few hours after delivering my son at 21. I think recovery would’ve been even easier if I had got them done without having to carry a newborn all the time. Was still super fast recovery though.I have pcos and it hasn’t helped at all with it but other then that I don’t notice anything different with my periods or anything else.

My mom had terrible post tubal syndrome. Two week long periods with 8 days of cramps that felt like back labor. She was thankful for menopause.

Had mine done 3 years after my second child. Just minimal pain and pressure for about a day and half. I was 28. I did however get pregnant almost 7 years later.

I had mine done I separated from my ex husband my girls were little… I kinda wished I didn’t but my kids are grown now and I am enjoying things I want to do

I got mine cut, tied, and burned in 4 places. I wouldn’t trade it for the world- I was 37 though. My periods have been more irregular then before and I have worse cramps(only the first day). It’s an easy process, the recovery is what I didn’t like. It was like after having a baby.

Well I had mine done 1 year after having my youngest. I had to fight to get it done. I was 25. 2 kids. I HATED, LOATHED, being pregnant. So I knew I wanted it. Zero regrets. The pro to it being me not being pregnant. I’m also on the depo shot, to regulate my hormones as well as it stopped my bleeding. I honestly don’t see a con to having my tubes tied. I honestly wish they would have taken the whole thing out.

Regret it , period symptoms are worse , irregular, mood swings, cramping has me balled up in bed etc …