Pros and cons of having a midwife or a doctor?

I am trying to decide between having a midwife or doctor. Which do you prefer and why?


I think you can be a lot more personal with a Midwife and I also think they’re more willing to come to you

Midwife. I prefer women in terms of OBs and I also like how they spend more one on one time with you. My shortest appointment is one hour. They take their time to answer questions and discuss everything with me. Meanwhile, I used OB doctor in a previous pregnancy and I feel like I would be in waiting room longer than office and in office for 20 min max unless I needed blood drawn or Sono done.

I was going to go with a midwife but ended up high risk. I ended up with a doctor and tbh I dont think it could have went any better. I had an amazing experience. Very unexpected.

I had an OB for my first and a midwife for my second. I prefer midwife for sure. Longer appointments. More personal. More supportive of natural birth. House visits. Always on call.

I’ve had both, i loved my midwife team, they were amazing but i also loved my dr. Each experience was different and amazing in it’s own way.

I had a midwife with my first. Wanted one with my 2nd but was high risk and couldn’t

Im going with doctor due to this being my first and having PCOS so I can have a perfectly monitored deliver. I do agree with Jessica Lee in the woman over anything else but thats due to personal reasons.
At our hospital you can have rotating doctors or just one, Ive went through 4 docs and have chose an amazing female doctor as my doc. Sadly she wont be able to assist in the delivery as she is pregnant as well.

I LOVED my midwife!!! I’ll always go with a midwife! So much more personable and they cater to you and your birth plan as much as they can, they advocate for you and all around it’s an amazing experience!

I had my Dr with my first and a midwife with my 2nd because my Dr moved practices. I did not care for the midwife. My Dr was amazing and I was so comfortable with her. I did not feel that way with the midwife. I tracked down my Dr and went back to her right after I gave birth. Also with the midwife she did not deliver my 2nd even though I saw her through the whole pregnancy. I had a Dr deliver in the hospital and I never met her before. We literally met 15 minutes before the baby was here. So I didn’t like that at all. Now that I am back with my Dr she will be with me the whole pregnancy even at delivery. I think it also depends on the Dr. Mine is amazing and I wouldn’t trade her for the world.

Depending where you live. Canada, midwife because the standards are high and they actually have to have a degree.

States= Doctor because anyone off the street can claim they are a midwife.

I use a doc because I have high risk pregnancies and my husband and I just feel it’s the safest route

Dr because my preg was high risk to begin with. Ended up needing to be induced because of cholestasis. If you go with a Dr., find a practice you love, not just one Dr. because you never know who will be on call. I was in labor for 3 days so I cycled through pretty much everyone :joy: I LOVED my doctors and nurses. Definitely find out about the practice’s C-section philosophy; I knew mine was against it and so was I, but by the third day of labor I was literally begging for one and they still wouldn’t do it. I was pissed at the time but am very grateful now.