Pros and cons of having a VBAC?

I don’t know what to do my due date is June 1 I’m pregnant with my second son. my firstborn I had a c-section he’s about to be 10 months and I have a choice to either do a natural birth or another c-section idk which one would be safer


The C-section just to be on the safe side

I personally chose a scheduled c section the second time

I heard it takes a while for a c section to heal so id do another since your babies are so close together

I would just go with csection since you already had it, that’s what I did. Second time around is alote easier too. I made sure I took my meds. before I did my “walk arounds” in the hospital the 2nd time around.

My second was a c-section, 4 months later I got pregnant with my daughter and had her VBAC with NO complications at all. 2 of my friends did VBAC and one of them was a home birth VBAC, neither of them had complications! It depends on YOU and your body and if your doctor feels comfortable doing it!

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The csection would be safer to do. With a vaginal you have a higher incidence of a rupture but it is whatever you will feel more comfortable about

I didn’t even get the choice of a vbac I’ve had 3 csections and I’m due with my 4th nov 11th but I’ve heard csection is safer after a csection

Ask your provider! If she feels it’s safe for you to attempt a VBAC then go for it!


I’d ask for a week early induced labor. This way your in a controlled inviroment and if a c section is needed then you can have one. It is 100% possible for you to have this baby naturally if the doctors are giving you the option.
With that being said.
I choose to have a c section for my second. It was calm and everything was good. No pain meds once out of the recovery. I was in and out of the hospital with baby less then 24 hours after I was admitted.

I would do a csection…

If you’re given a choice by your doctor that means it’s safe for you to do a VBAC if that’s what you want to do.

It’s safe to have a vbac if you want

Just keep in mind if you get a 2nd c-section you will have to continue to have c-sections with the rest of your kids. This is your only chance at a vaginal birth. I wasnt told about that until I got pregnant this time (3rd time) and was told I have to have a c-section now and don’t have a choice about it. I liked my c-sections simply because I knew what to expect. Do what makes you comfortable

Ive had 3 natural vbacs after my csection. Vbac healing was way better.


You should have had a VBAC counseling with you’re physician that explains be the pros and cons and they tell you whether you’re a good candidate for a VBAC (Vaginal Birth After C-section)

I had a scheduled c section with my 1st and then 2 VBACS. But there was almost 3 years between my c section and first VBAC. I would see what your dr suggests. Where it’s not even a year later the c section may be the safer choice.

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I had a hard time deciding between a vbac and a c section to where it boiled down to last minute decision. I decided to go the c section route bc 1) who knows if vbac would end up being successful and I would of wasted all my time in labor and 2) it’s just easier and quicker this way. Also I had my tubes tied which also influenced my decision too. Good luck with whatever you decide to do!!

VBAC!!! I had one 16 mo after my emergency c section. It was 100% a better experience. Everyone wants to scare you (even some doctors) but the reality is, c sections are more convenient for the doctors. The chance of uterine rupture is less than 1%. Your chances of complications & issues with scar tissue having repeat c sections is WAY higher. You can’t be induced & have a c section btw.
Do your research on vbacs. I can’t recommend them enough. Mine was absolutely amazing.

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If your doctor says it’s safe then I highly recommend vaginal birth. It is so much more beneficial for the baby.

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Naturally is always safety then major surgery. Just make sure you got a good Dr

Vbac. It only takes 3 months to fully heal from a csection. Why put your body through another major surgery when you have a choice? My first was a csection. The rest I will try for vbac

I’d try natural and if the professionals think it won’t work they can do c section :heart:

If the provider is giving you an option, it should be ok to do a vbac. Healing is usually quicker with a natural birth. I was up walking after my kids were born within an hour.

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Honestly I would say it depends on how many kids you’re wanting. More than 3 I’d try natural. 3 or less I’d do another c-section

Generally a vbac is better, but you need to talk to your doctor. They normally want 18 months to 2 year between births at minimum.

I had my son 11 months after my daughter was born via c section & was told that my scar hadn’t had enough time to heal to attempt a vbac & that it was a high likelihood it could rip open

Vbac! I’ve had 2 and they were so much easier! Labor is hard yes but recovery is way better!

My kids are 10 months apart and I had a c section both times, I didn’t want to risk anything the second time since there wasn’t much time in between.

You don’t HAVE to do a csection again just cause your first was a csection. You can try for a vbac if you want.

No advice but I’m due June 1st also

I just did another cesarean because my fiancé could be with our daughter while I was in the OR and I would be home with the kids anyways while on maternity leave so the healing time didn’t matter much plus the doctor told me I’d probably have the same issues with my son as I did with our daughter. It wasn’t worth the suffering and loss of energy so I just elected

Definitely do a VBAC!!!

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I wasn’t given a choice I had to have another c section (2 years apart) due to rupture risks

This soon after your last section, they shouldn’t even be suggesting natural for you.


I had my daughter natural, plan a natural with my son but he ended up being an emergency c section was induced with to, I took longer to recover from the c section go natural unless they tell you to have a c section

I would do natural. You don’t want an incession with 2 babies to care for.

If they gave a choice go for a natural birth this time.

It’s hard but we’ll worth it. I had three. I had a baby ten days early at 10.8 lbs and my last was 1 day early at 11.8 lbs.

I have faith that you can have a baby natural birth

I had my daughter and son 11 months apart and the Dr told me I could have a vabc but he highly recommend me to have a C-section due to how close my previous one was because he said that since I was having my babies so close that if I attempted to have a vbac that I could end up reopening my stomach from the previous C-section… and then have alot more issues.

It’s up to you all I can say cuz I have never had a vbac is that my mom had a vbac with my brother and she said she wished she opted for another c-section cuz till this day she has horrible hip problems she is her in late 50’s now. However because it has not been that long sense your c-section I personally would to to scared of opening or damaging my scar and would opt for another c-section but it’s up to you if your dr says it’s 100% ok then why not.

Don’t know why they are giving you the option. My 1st born was an emergency c-section, and my 2nd (he’s only 11 months younger) ruptured my uterus, never even got to try vbaac. I’d say do another c-section.

I have had 3 vbacs
I do not regret it at all
There would be no way I could have heeled while take care of toddlers and newborn

I’ve had both natural and c section I would go natural any day over a section. Recovery is long after a c-section the pain is Incredible and much more chance of Infection. Plus your body knows how to naturally heal after a natural birth, a section is such a shock to the body. My opinion of course

There is no right or wrong answer. Do what you are most comfortable with. It’s your decision and your decision alone.

if you’re able to try a vbac

My wife has had 8 very succesful v-back deliveries. With 5 home births Dont believe the hype they try to tell you about “high risk”! It’s a load of crap!

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Natural if choice I hear

The doctors around here wouldn’t even consider vbac because of fear of uterine rupture during labor. Honestly, it is up to you. You may have to have a csection again. My cousin really wanted a vbac with her second since it had been 6 years since her csection, but her blood pressure rose to high too fast, so she had to have another csection.

Natural is safe. No matter how soon you just gave birth. It is up to what you feel you are capable of. Do you feel your body to be rested well enough? etc. Try for natural if you want to and if not switch into a C-section.

Try the vbac. It will help with future children if you are successful. Im on my 4th c section and I have to be done.

my 1st was a c section and I choose natural with my 2nd and end up having an emergency section 1st child was emergency section as well.

I gad my daughter natural. She was 6lb 7.8oz… I had my second son the other day he was 7lb 11.3 oz… I gad to have an emergency csection because he wouldnt pass through my pelvis and i was fully dialated… I can either try natural next time or csection …im doing csection

Natural would be great but be very careful because your incision can rip on the inside especially being so soon and cause you to bleed internally.