Pros and cons of having kids close in age?

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What are the pros n cons of having children close together in age? my son is 14 months old I’m 5 in a half months pregnant with my 2nd. I’m not worried about how close they are in age in fact I’m happy about it they will have each other to play with which is great. How close are your kids? I want to hear your opinions :grinning: (no I’m not planning on getting pregnant right away I’m just plain curious lol)


pros hand me downs go right into the next’s dresser. cons they fight alot and more chance of 2 in diapers at the same time. My first 2 are 18 months apart 2nd and 3rd are 4 1/2 years apart I have no real preference as both have enough pros to outweigh the cons :slight_smile:

Mine are a minute apart :wink:
Haha but they’re 3 years older than their sister…

Pros you are still in baby mode. Clothes & baby items can be used again.

Cons 2 in diapers. The oldest is still technically a baby when you have another baby. The fighting!!

I have 4 kids ages 16,11,9 and 14 months

I liked when my 2nd was born and her sister was in kindergarten all day so I had baby all to myself and a little helper when she was home. My 2nd and 3rd are only 2 years apart and still drive me insane when they r together my 4th is lucky because he has 3 babysitters

I have 5 all together, my first 3 are 15 months apart, my 3rd and 4th are 13 months apart and my 4th and 5th are 23 months apart.

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My boys are 13 months and 3 days apart. It’s cute. They play together. Race back and forth with boxes. My oldest gives the youngest kisses while he’s sleeping. My oldest throws his most prized possession (his blanket) on us when my youngest falls asleep nursing on me. They play peekaboo together. It’s great.

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Mine are 10 months apart, I love it.

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I have a girl that just turned 4 in December & I’m expecting my 2nd in August. I wonder tbe same thing only I’m the opposite, i wonder if I’ve waited to long. I just think about what their relationship will be like! I guess you never know till they are here.

I have 4 and 5 year olds… they’re usually “bestfriends” but, there are days where one doesn’t want to share and all hell breaks loose.

Pro : cute…play time will be fun for them…baby stuff can be used again for #2 :wink:
Con : two kids in diapers. Its gonna be expensive and a pain in the butt.

my 3 were Irish Triplets basically so back to back to back. I technically had 4 as one was a twin and we lost her twin. But they argue nonstop. it is Larry curly n Mo in my home daily lol. But they do have an awesone bond when it comes to someone else playing with their siblings they get jealous and don’t like to share. there’s always multiple in diapers. potty training 3 was fun lol and clothes are always being outgrown at the same time :frowning: but they’re a blast and I love them. they learn and love to teach the next and can all share rooms.

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I have a 4 year old, a 1 year that be 2 in June and a 9 monlth old that be 1 in June it great but also they all are a handful being that close

I have 5. 13,10,9,7,6… 10 and 9 yo are 9 months apart. 7 and 6 yo are 14 months apart

I have a 9, 5, 2, & 2. And 7 months with number 5. The two year olds are 9 months apart and they are best friends. Although it is like your stuck in the baby stage for what seems like forever, it works out in the end :smiling_face:

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My youngest 2 are 14 months apart. It was rough. But I wouldn’t change it. They both potty trained at the same time. They’re best friends now.

Mine are 364 days both boys 4/5…
Pros…they share everything, they are best friends, Always someone to play with.
Cons…each stage is different as in when they were babies you carried them both and when I’d put the oldest in his crib rub his back to fall asleep holding the baby with a bottle and rocking him in my free arm. They gang up and are double the trouble.
Also, birthdays I struggle what to do since they are back to back

My boys are 22 months apart…but then they are 11 and 13 years apart from daughter.
Pros- friend to play with
Con- fighting
(Completely different body type so could never do the hand me down thing)
It is also AMAZING how even with 13 and 11 tears apart from their sister…they are still all 3 the BEST OF FRIENDS!

My oldest just turned 5 in Feb. My youngest turns 3 in July for the most part they get along and play , but there is still lots of bickering lol

Pros is having a close relationship and being able to share things between them. Cons, they will have similar needs that will overlap and make it difficult to balance your time and tend to both kids (like dirty diapers, naps, things like that)

11 months apart here there now 3 and 4 and due number 3 in July so will have 3 kids 4 and under x

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I had a 7 month old when i found out i was 15 wks pregnamt with my daughter…they are both the same age for about 3 weeks every yr…its great except they are really close and seperating them is rough on them…they do almost everything together. My 5 yr old goes to kindergarten in August and my 4 yr olds bday is after the cut off date so she wont be…its gonna be rough her being home alone every day of the week and him gone without her…but as far as most everything else ita pretty great…just trying to get them separated can be rough when they grow up so close

I have a 3, 1 1/2, and a 4 month old. Right now it’s really hard since they all depend on me so much. But I’m hoping once they become a little more independent it will help. The price of diapers add up, but use your resources if need be! As of now the 2 older ones play pretty well together! I’m a single mom, so the only co I really have is not enough one on one time with them.

I have a 7 and 2 year old and that fight lol so idk

19 months apart for our middle and youngest. Oldest is a few years older. They all fight like maniacs but it’s their ages lol

There’s 3.5yr between my first and second and for the most part it was a really easy transition from one to two. My second and third are 2 years apart and it’s noticeably harder to manage that age gap because the 2yr old is still not used to getting most of my attention.

My two youngest are 15 months apart and it’s great!

My kids are almost exactly 2 years apart. However, my younger child has the maturity level of a child more like 3 years younger. They adore each other. Of course they get into fights, but the love is so strong it doesnt last long. My oldest (6 1/2) has always been a little mommy to her brother.

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My oldest boys they is 19 months apart and my other three are 14 months apart

My oldest are 14 months apart but best of friends and they were good babies so it wasn’t too terrible. My 3rd is 15 months and I’m pregnant with my 4th and she will be 22 months when this one is born

Not close yet …2 yr old and four month old :grimacing:

My grandkids t year n two months apart about the same as yours/ it’s great but not a dull moment lol

My kids are 2 years and 13 days apart and it’s great! They argue like siblings, but that will happen at any age.

My daughters are 11 months apart…it was crazy being pregnant taking care of an infant and then an infant and a 1 yo…but now it’s great! They have a great bond and always have someone to play with and because of the dates of their birthdays they will both start preschool the same year so it’ll be fun to see how that goes

My first 2 were 26 months apart but my middle passed away to SIDS at 9 months then their dad completed suicide 3 month later. Took me awhile to find a new relationship so my children r currently 10 years apart

2 years between oldest and middle 13 months between middle and youngest. 3 under 3 wasn’t near as bad as everyone said it would be, they grew up together. Once I got rid of the 2 door car all was well.

My first two 18 months apart my middle and last 3.5 apart. I like the close she of my first two… My last was a good surprise.

i have a 6&7 yr old there 15 months apart it was rough att the age u have but later got easier for me. i had to take my older one put in a toddler so i could have crib so didnt have to go by another one.when i found out i was pregnant with the 2nd which is actually my 3rd i was glad because my 2nd one had sibling close in age to play with and have each other if something t happen to us.

14 months apart Nd I loved it

2 years and 8 months apart. They love each otherp

I have a 10 month age Gap between my 5 and 6 year old. It was hard work but they grew together, went through stages together. They’re into the same stuff. It’s amazing :heart_eyes:

I have a 7,6 &4 (soon to be 5) honestly when I had all of them so close together I was terrified! I didn’t think their would be enough me for each of them. Some how it worked out great, and I personally wouldn’t want to have my kids years apart. My oldest really helped his younger brother transition into school by giving him his experiences etc. Plus them growing up together has been fun because they all are into the same age appropriate things. It was the best way for me and I would do it all over again if I had to.

My 1st (15yr old boy)& 2nd (4&1/2 yr old girl) r 10 &1/2 years apart & fight like cats & dogs… I also have a 16 month old (boy) & my other 2 love him dearly… him & my daughter r extremely close & I’m 5 months pregnant with my 4th (shes a girl) so my baby boy will be 21 months old when shes born :heart::heart::heart::heart:

My girls are barely 17 months apart.

My sister and I are 14 months apart

About 10 months between my oldest and middle baby. And about 10 months between my middle and last

10 and a half months between 1st and second, just under a year between 2nd and 3rd, a year and a half between 3rd and 4th and 1yr 4 months between 4th and 5th x

I had my first son on January 18, 1963 the second on January 10,1964 they are the same age for 8 days .

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Mine are 15 months apart. I wont lie its hard going places at first but its fun and not as bad as i expected congrats on baby #2

Mine are 16 mo apart. Its hard… but its fun… :heart_eyes:

12 months and 2 weeks between Mr 12 & Mr 11.
10 months between Mr 11 & Mr 10 (had Mr 10 at 29 weeks) they all get on real good now. Going through ages 8,9,10 they were assholes haha but best friends now

I have two that we’re born 11 months apart there now 8-7 I also have a 10 yr old and a 3 yr old

Mine are 15 months apart. My son is 9 & my daughter will be 8 tomorrow. It’s awesome! They’re each other’s best friends. They rarely fight. They still have disagreements but usually resolve them on their own with minimal interference from me. The only downfall is they need more one on one time with me. I try to make everything as evenly as possible. But i think having kids close inn age is great! I know people who have kids further apart & they fight constantly.

My boys are almost 4 years apart exactly.

15 minutes apart. I’m tired. Lol


It can be hard at first but they will have a good relationship my are 22 mos.apart they are grown adults the are close now

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My 2 are 17 months apart so just about the same as yours. It can be tough at times (in the beginning they are worlds apart) but then it can be beautiful (when they close the gap between them). I had to reconfigure a lot and rethink the logistics of things (like how to leave the house with 1 of me and 2 of them). I learned and adapted and so will you. Good luck!

Doesn’t matter. My brother and I are less than a year apart and we have a sister 12 years younger. We love and hate each other all the same. But when you do have a late in life baby they usually get treated more like a grandchild. Which is kinda rude but. We can’t tell mom how to raise her. Lol.

I have 3. First 2 are 14 months apart and 13 months between the middle and last. It took a while to get into a routine, but having one we mainly stick to is key to me keeping any sort of sanity and accomplishing anything throughout the day.
They fight, then they don’t 2 seconds later. Then if one is in trouble for something the other 2 gang up on me or their father. They have their own little way of communicating with each other and funny things they laugh about together but we make sure to not always group them together and spend one on one time with each so they still know they aren’t just siblings and they have their own identity outside of that.

Mine are 13 months apart it’s easier than it looks tbh

13 months apart for my 2 youngest. Pro:They are best friends Con: They fight like cats and dogs…lol

I have two boys 10 months apart and it’s been easier than the 8 year age gap I had previously.