Pros and cons of having kids close in age?

I have two boys that are a year and 11 days apart and I’m due to have my second daughter next month and she will be a year and 9 months younger than her older sister believe me it’s not easy having kids close in age is very hard because you have to buy two different size diapers you have to make sure you have enough bottles for the both of the kids and you got to make sure you have enough wipes you just got to make sure you have enough of everything you’re going to need for both kids he’ll be very difficult I recommend waiting a little bit longer

My two oldest are 20 months apart. I found out I was prego 1 week before his first birthday. He doesn’t remember a time without siblings. Boy first then girl and good friends. Only 1 year apart in school. I have 4 total. Number 2& 3 are are 26 months apart both girls and 3 years apart in school and it’s hit and miss each day. The last one is 6 years younger than the the third and is boy, making my boys 10 years apart.

I got pregnant with my second when my first was 10 month old. The bond they have is absloutly amazing. I just let my 1.5 be involved with everything from the start and now they like the best of friends at 2 and 10 month old.

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Pro: they are little best friends!
Con: two in diapers and two who are still very dependent on you for EVERYTHING is hard and exhausting :upside_down_face:

I have 10 children all are 9 months apart. There are 3 multi births and one single birth. The get along good. They help each other. I love it that way.

I was told by a doctor that has 6 kids some close in age some not that the best thing you could give your child is a sibling. I have a 7 year old and a newborn so I can’t really answer your question, for me personally I’m glad I waited because my oldest has adhd and behavioral problems that needed worked out. She’s a good kid and is maturing which is helping a lot. But every sibling relationship is different. I have a younger brother that’s 3 years younger then me and we got a long for the most part. Of course we fought and picked on each other lol That’s what being a sibling is all about.

my 2 young ones are 15 mths apart at ages 8&9. they also have a older sister thats yes way older 16-17 yrs older .and me and my brother 4 yrs apart

I got pregnant with my 2nd when my first was 7 months old. In the beginning it actually wasn’t that hard on me. I was thankful that my son (older child) still took naps when we had our second. It was easy for me to get both babies on the same schedule, where they took naps at the same time. This way I could still get chores done, or I could take a nap too, if needed. I think another pro is that they’re close enough in age to have the same interests. They like the same shows, the same activities, I don’t have to plan something with one of them and then the other separately, for fun activities. A con, Now they’re 2 and 3 yrs old and I personally think, how close they are in age contributes to why all they do is fight ALL :clap: DAY :clap: LONG! :woozy_face: Its very mentally challenging at times.

Pro i have 4 that’s close in age and u can take them places when they get older that’s age friendly for them

I have 4 kiddos ages are 13, 9, 3, 2. So I’ve had them separated by age and my youngest two are only 11 months apart. Honestly it’s hard. It’s a lot of sleepless nights, it’s the price for 2 boxes of different sized diapers, it’s paying daycare double, its constantly one of them needing something… but it’s also so amazing to see how close they are. They are best friends… they entertain each other… they love each other soo much… they learn to share and be kind at an early age. It’s easier to have them a couple years apart but the joy that comes having them close in age is amazing.

My boys are 10 months apart was a little rough having 2 in diapers but they are so close they are the same age for 2 months every year and I love it I also have a 23 and 21 year old son as well I love it!

my kids are a year and 5 months apart they do fight over toys alot i think its a sibling thing but they have grown to be best friends most days. The double diaper bill was a little pricy at first but we got used to it and made it work. But i wouldnt trade my babies any other way, and we didnt have to start all over years later just kind of continued, now mine are 4 and 5 1/2 and going to school, and starting to get to the really fun ages

I have 3 close togethere - my eldest is 3 and there’s 11 months between him and his brother, then he (middle child) was 18 months when I had my 3rd. (None were planned). And honestly I am so grateful it happened the way it did. My youngest is 8 months now and my eldest is just coming out of diapers. What I can say is my 1st and 2nd have an amaaazing bond, my 1st was too young to understand jealousy and I’m a SAHM so I figured out how to split time between them and even now they all get 1 to 1 time with me every day but we do a lot as a family. Having the slightly longer age between my 2nd and 3rd was a huge difference because at a year and a half my middle child was more active (it’s easier when one is walking then when they’re not lol). I also noticed my 2nd is quite advanced for his age, like he talks on par with his 3yo brother (he’s 2) and i’m putting it down to him learning off his brother which he does. One thing that’s made my life easier is doing everything at the same time with them - same nap time, same bath time, same bed time etc.

My first 2 are 19 months apart(4,3) and my second and last are 15 months apart and they do fight a lot but my youngest looks up to them and has learned so much! They do love each other a lot

My babies is 7. 4 and 1… And thats good for me they get aling great and all

Mine are 2 and 1. Its hard at times but i try to make sure i give them each the same attention. But they love each other and will be close to each other.

Extremely hard I have a 2 year old and a 1 year old and boy let me tell you …THEY ARE INTO EVERYTHING. They team up now lmao . But they are so close , my older son gets so excited when his brother wakes up in the morning after he does “Fat Fat Awake” it’s so sweet how close they are . They have their moments where they fight over toys or don’t want to be bothered by each other but I think it was the best decision I ever made having them so close in age . They’re going to be very close growing up

I had. 4. There was. 2yrs 3mos. Between. The. 1&2. 10yrs&4days. Between. 2nd & 3rd. 2Yrs&9Mos. Between. 3rd&4th. It. Worked. Fine.

I’m on baby number 2 (due in 3 weeks) and my first will be 10 this year. I’m glad I waited because I don’t think I could have dealt with 2 young kids at least my 10 year old can help out.

Mine are 5 yrs apart, way too much, wish I had of had them closer. My life was trying to explain to the older one why the younger one wanted to be with him and me trying to explain to the younger why he couldn’t do the same things his big brother was doing. I wish I could say that it got better but they got older but at 34 and 39 they still do not get along. 39 yr old is still resentful of the younger one after all these years. Yup wish I had of had them closer than 5 yrs!

My boys are 2 years apart (2 and 1.5 months) and they adore each other for now. My brother and I live together (also 2 years apart) and he has a son who M is 2 months older than my son. A pro is they have a forever friend and they’ll probably have similar interests at the same time. A con would be the constant fighting until they’re at least 17

My son is 4, and my daughter is 3. They were born 359 days apart. So not even a full year. I fell pregnant 3 months post partum. It is HECTIC, to say the least. They are so busy, so competitive, constantly fighting, the one always wants what the other has. BUT, it is so rewarding. They are the best of friends. They can’t bare to be apart, they learn so much from each other too, and are totally protective of one another. Besides, you might as well get it all out of the way one time. In my opinion, I wouldn’t be able to go through the baby phase, toddler phase, just to restart it all over again. But at the same time, my husband is quite hands on, despite running our company full time. So I get lots of help, it’s a huge factor. I would definitely recommend having kids close in age.

Honestly it will all depend on your kids personality over time close in age or far apart. I have a 9 year old a 13 year old with autism and an almost 16 year old. Oldest often wants nothing to do with youngest but always was good with my ex’s other kids who are now 12 and 2 almost 3. But there are does she spends time with her sister and some of those times though they drive me nuts lol. It’s like together they listen even less to me. I’d personally wait at least another year before trying

2 girls 6 years apart. They have no connection :disappointed: they are in different stages and rarely connect. It’s heartbreaking.

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If close in age and boys they tend to fight alot more and disagree and just cause chaos I cant say for having 2 girls close together I have 2 boys about 20 months apart and they tend to fight alot lol gotta love boys lol

My boys are 16months apart. It was a struggle with them being young but they always had one another. They played together, fought, but they always had one another. I enjoyed my boys being close in age once I realized that although struggle but rewarding they are now 27 and 26 and stil very close

I had 3 kids in 3 and a half years and at 1st i felt the same but my eldest Daughter was fine when her Brother came along and so was i :blush: I love having them close in age they’re now 4, 6 and 7 and (most times) get along and play nicely together.

I have 6 kids total. Most are spaced out in age except my middle two who are only a year apart. My son is 8 and daughter is 7. They have an unexplainable bond. They can not stand to be with out each other. They gave separate bedrooms but still sneak into each others room to sleep. All of my kids have a close relationship but these two it is beyond close.

I love it to be honest… My step kids are 27,& 25 my kids are 11,6,4,3,&2

2 girls 1 year 7 months apart. They are best friends. They have a bunk bed but still want to sleep together in the bottom. They are different in ways but love playing games and doing everything together. I love it

26 months apart for my two…their 6 an 4 years old two boys an they are the bestest buds ever…they do their own thing most days but if someone messes with one of them the other isn’t to far an comes a running​:grin::joy:

My 3 kids are stair steps… totally by accident but my oldest will be 4 in may then 2 in April and I’m due in February… :woman_shrugging:t3:

i have 6 kids 15/14/13/11/4/5 i can say my 4/5 years old are so close and i’m so happy about that and now my 15/14 hate to love but love to hate every each other but i think personally the closer the better

How I established the bond between my kids, who are almost 3 years apart (2 years and 11 months, and 2 weeks apart) is that when I found out I was pregnant, I told my daughter that she was gonna be a big sister. She tagged along to my appointments, and was there at the ultrasounds. She was so happy and excited in being a big sister. Along with that I would spend as much time with her as I possibly could before her brother was born, and after he was born play and cuddle with her when he was napping. Yeah…I won’t lie, it was a bit frustrating for the first few weeks with my son waking up less than 5 minutes after putting him down, but it got better in time.
Now, my daughter is 4 and my son is 1 (almost 18 months) and they are the best of friends. When she falls asleep, he will give her kisses on her head or cheek, they are constantly running around, spinning in circles and having fun being loud together. My daughter also will comfort her brother when I scold him and she will run up and hug him, along with when he has a tantrum and I can’t calm him down even if I ignore him for a few moments, his sister will run up to him and hug him. I have tried to do the same thing She does, but it’s not as good as it is when it’s his sister.

My boy’s are 2 1/2 yrs apart. They are now 21 and 24. They grew up close and still are.

4 years apart in 3 kids

My boys are all 2 years (give or take a few months) apart and they are all so close and play together, that’s a plus but with that also comes LOTS of fighting and wrestling and ohhhhhhh the tattleing. But I think the pros of them being close in age will far out weight the cons.