Pros and cons of having kids close in age?

Pros and cons of having kids close in age? My son is seven months old, and we want to start trying for another very soon. I’m scared my baby boy will be sad about it, and it makes me feel guilty and sad myself… lol


My girls are 13 months apart now ages 8 & 9. Its was so hard when they were babies but It’s the best thing ever they are best friends. Especially with COVID they always have someone to play with.


My boys are 22 months apart. It was a quick adjustment! I was so worried about that too but my oldest loves his baby brother!

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My boys are 3 years apart, and I’m pregnant with a little girl due in July, my youngest will be 4 by then. I think 3-4 is the perfect spacing, they get a few years to be the baby and you can at least start potty training or have them completely out of diaper before the next baby is born. But they’re still close enough in age to do things together and have a strong bond.


I lucked out with my two oldest daughters, they’re so close in age and have the perfect combo of differing body types that they quickly wore the same size everything. Made buying diapers a dream and to this day, they’re 6 and 7 years old, they’re able to share clothes for the most part.

My kids are 2 1/2 years apart and it was tough at first, maybe for the first 4-6 months until my youngest started rolling and being more mobile and now they’re are 4 and 6 and they’re the best of friends. I have a friend who’s kids are 5 years apart and then she has a third who is 2 years younger than the youngest one, so 7 years younger than the oldest one and she says the oldest one helps but he feels left out because he’s so much older and doesn’t really like to play with the babies, he helps out but he gets sad because the attention is on the babies.

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My kids are 18,13,11 and 3 the two middle ones fight all the time and the baby is basically alone because hes 8 to 15 years younger than his siblings

I have 5, my oldest are 2 yrs and 1week apart. They’re pretty much into the same things and get along (most of the time), I have a 8 yr old bonus son who’s kind of in-between. And a 4 yo, and 1 yo. They both like the same things but my 4 yo gets jealous sometimes and bossy but loves his lil bro. It’s all about preference, and really what you want. :heart:

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My 2 oldest sons are only 16 months apart and grew up to be the best of friends. No regrets!

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My son was about 3months when I fell pregnant with the third he adores him

Mine are almost 6, 4 and 2 this year with the 4th due in March. They are best buds. They teach each other so much too.

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My boys are 15 months apart. It was an adjustment at first ( I think that’s a given with having multiple kids no matter the age difference) they do fight occasionally as brothers do but majority of the time they are best buds.

I have 6. 4 months, 2, 5,6,8 and 9. My first 2 are 8 months apart. And they all get along just fine.

My kids are 3 in March, just turned 2 in November, and almost 3 weeks old and we wouldn’t have it any other way! My almost 3 year old and 2 year old have their moments, but they are so close to each other and love each other so much! It was tough at first, but once we got in our routine, we are like a well oiled machine now. LOL. And when I had my daughter a couple weeks ago, I was really worried how my older babies would react. But they love their little sister so much and love helping out.

My kids are 12 years old 10 years old and 5 months old. My older two are reasonably close polar opposite style personality and demeanor. They go thru phases of being really close playing together all the time and then distant and doing their own thing. Both of them have been really great with the baby but obviously won’t have anything in common with the little.

Mine are 14 months apart. I have a girl and a boy. He was her “dude of honor” at her wedding last year. I wouldn’t change a thing.

I liked my 3 yr spread the best. Only one in diapers and I didn’t feel like it robbed one of their infant time. My brother and I are 17 months and we never got along. So don’t think close in age makes the. Close or play nice together. I think my 5 yr spread was a little far but I couldn’t help that. 2 1/2 -3 1/2 is my favorite

My kids are 26 month and 22 months apart, my youngest 2 are really close. Oldest and middle aren’t close at all

mine are 15 months apart and even though they are a boy and girl are so close. I often tear up seeing them be just so close.

All 3 of mine, the last due February 4, are all 2 years apart. Yeah, they get into it like siblings do, but they are also extremely close to each other.

My kids are 14,12,11,10,9,7,6,3 and 2…once u get a routine its easy. My older kids will bicker etc but at the end of the day are cuddled up with eachother. My 2 youngest are irish twins and man they give me a work out every day!


My kids are 20 months apart. The first 4 months were TOUGH but now it’s great!

I am the oldest of 4 kids. I am 2.5 years older than my brother, 8 years older than my sister, and 9 years older than my youngest brother. My brother, who is 2.5 years younger, and I grew up together and have always gotten along and been pretty close. As an adult I’ve become closer with my youngest brother and my sister, but mostly because we all volunteered together at our church. Growing up I was the babysitter and caretaker for my youngest siblings so I didn’t really feel like their sister, more like a cousin or a nanny.

My kids are 3 years apart and it’s difficult especially when my youngest was born but now that they are older I love it

I guess it’s personal preference. I personally wouldn’t do it cause I want to be able to afford to send my child to college if he chooses. I think the age gap will help me separate the expenses lol

All kids will be a little be jealous, its just making sure you as a parent reassure them

I have a 5 year old a 2 year old and in April will have a newborn

However just remember to speak with a doctor first because on average the human body needs 18 months to completely heal after child birth, if you see the size of the scar the placenta leaves inside of you! I know people have children closer and are fine, but on average thats how long it takes the body to heal properly xxx

Mine are 23 months apart and she just adores her little jadabug. Although mila gets jealous from time to time jada is her favourite person :heart:

If having them close isn’t what you want you do not have to. Enjoy your first, get through the baby phases and enjoy them with him and then revisit the baby idea.

How about being concerned about your own health and well-being? Your babies need you to be as healthy as possible.

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Biggest con in my opinion: the second pregnancy can be super rough on your body.

My boys are 12, 8, 2 doesn’t matter whether they age gap is big or small they’ll still fight like hell, bug each other etc

DONT DO IT!!! Kids that are 18mnths apart or closer DO NOT GET ALONG AT ALL specially when they are both boys. If I could turn back time I would have had my kids further apart in age or only would have had one kid… having only one child is way more fun and manageable then having multiple kids. So glad after my second child theyet me get my tubes cut burnt and tied bc no way in hell was I having more kids.

Personally I wanted my first to be out of diapers before my second one came along lmao that was my only real thought on it. If you want to have kiddos closer together there is nothing wrong with that. Just what fits for you and your family. Personally I would be too overwhelmed with them both needing so much but thats just me. My daughter will be five by the time her sister gets here but she is about 2 years later than we planned due to medical issues lol

If you have help go for it. If not then it will be hard. Makes me feel so depressed some days. It’s hard work even with some help.

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When I found out I was pregnant the second time my first was 7 months old!!! My first thought…I didn’t want to have to share ME with someone else! My hubby and I were not trying for the second but it was such a joy to have them so close together. Yes, our first did not seem to like me when he came to see me in hospital after having his brother and had NO interest in him at all. Our first week home was hard for me. He didn’t seem to want to be with me and he even smacked his new baby brother on top of the head one evening! I was already upset as I could not breastfeed (it just wasn’t working), we were dealing with an issue of flies in our house (in October!!) and I was tired and sore! BUT…they are 15 months apart and I honestly believe they are the best of friends now. They fight, the older of the two sometimes just wants to be left alone. When they are doing things together you can just see how much they want to be with one another. Having kids close in age has its ups and downs and probably always will. There is also a special bond as well. I’m so glad our boys are so close in age. They are 8&9 years old. The only thing I fear, yet look forward to…the teen years​:grimacing::crazy_face::grin:

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I wanted mine close in age…didn’t work out that way with 2 miscarriages in between. They are 14 and 7 and bestt friends. I don’t think age difference matters its about you teaching them to always be there for each other and to always have each others backs no matter what.


A lot depends on the personalities of the kids. Mine are 9, 5, and almost 3 and I always give the advice to wait until you learn the personality of your kid before deciding if you’re ready to take on another. Not just for the sake of your own sanity, but also for the sake of the child who may need a little (or a lot) more of you than what you’re able to give when juggling more than one.

Ultimately it’s your decision, just food for thought!

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Pros - they will grow up to be best friends. They will entertain eachother and play together.
Cons- no sleep. Some fighting. Can’t get much done around the house. Non stop diaper changing
Mine are 11 months apart. I wouldn’t change a thing looking back. Now they are 7 and 8. They are always together


I have 3 stepchildren 16,15 and 8 and honestly they all get on really well. Dad said having 2 close together was easier and they did everything together. Although the 15 year old suffered really bad with collic when he was a baby.


My two are exactly a year apart and they are the best of friends. Don’t know if it makes a difference but my daughter is the older of the two and she loved having a baby brother but honestly, she was so young she doesn’t remember ever NOT having him around.


My two are 18 months apart so my first was 9 months old when I got pregnant with my second and we wanted them close together. We wanted The diaper stage to be the shortest possible. the two of them play together really well now that they are three and five. The first little bit is a challenge but it makes up for it in a later years.

We have started trying for our second. My son will be 3 in July. We wanted them close together but not too close. 3 years is a nice gap I think.
Maybe start reading books about babies. I know his only 7months but at least he will be a bit aware you still have 9 months after you convince which your son my be 1yr by then.

Had my boys 13 months apart not planned but wouldn change it they use to get along now that they are older they u wouldn believe there are times they get along and times they don’t. Have 2 under 2 was hard work but was basically the same thing but with 2 instead they where really good when little napped at the same time so I did to feed and changed n bath there are good things but it’s what u think u can handle really

we wanted too try again when my daughter was a year but fate happened and I fell pregnant when she was just turning three months :joy: will be 11 months between my babies and im having a son this time around :purple_heart::blue_heart: it’s going too be hard but the positives will outweigh the negative and they will grow so close. I personally think its better than an age gap cause at least still in the baby stage they can learn off each other

Your baby will feed off of y’all’s feelings. It’s all he knows. I think the only “con” ,if it is one is just making sure your body is healed enough and ready for another 9 month journey. Best of luck🥰

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There’s going to be very close age-wise to baby’s, maybe wait till some time after he year and a half and then try, them two years apart that’s ok, cuz then that’s kid kind of do some things for itself, and you can focus on the new baby that can’t do anything for itself just a thought like if you want a baby you have one just hold him.

me n my older brother are 2 years apart he used to drag me out of my car seat when I was just chillin n would steal my bottle but then we got along n my little brother is 4 years younger than me n he annoys the living shit out of me n my older brother has to play middle guy n separate us
definitely get them closer :rofl:

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Its pretty hard. My honest advice to anyone that asks is see how you feel once they get to 2ish cos shit gets real pretty fast :laughing:

I wouldn’t wait knowing what I know now. Just because you had one without any complications doesn’t mean it will be that easy going forward… I learned that the hard way…

First and second child are five years apart and have never been close. Second and third are 17 months apart. They had their own language as toddlers. Went through some rough patches as teenagers but close again as adults. Two girls and one boy, the boy is middle child

Mine are 17 months apart. It was hard at first, but I wouldn’t change a thing!! They are best friends.

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Mine r 13,11,10,8,7,4 and 3 my 11 nd 10 are 11 months apart boy is older i loved ot because she learned quick she followed everything he did he was potty trained at 2 nd she was potty trained at 1 i lovee it close in age they love each other more

I got pregnant with my last one when my baby was 8 mths it was a little scary at first but it was actually pretty easy. My daughter wasn’t jealous she was a very hands on little big sister

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Mine are 17 months apart-now 24 and 23, but and girl. It is great! Both were planned, and they kept each other company and playmates all the time.

Me and my sister are 11 months and 23 days apart and I don’t remember a time we were apart when we were little.

Hes gonna love haveing someone to play and share stuff with. Qnd be great for when he’s older .they will always be close

My sons are 2 yrs and 1 month apart (2&1/2yr old and 4 month old) they both love each other so much, but my 2 yr old can get annoyed when his brother is with me and he really needs a cuddle. But he loves trying to help with his brother so much and it’s so cute, if he starts crying and I’m doing something he’ll try to give his brother the dummy, if I’m trying to burp the baby he’ll try to help put him on the back, and loves talking and trying to share thing with him. But he can also be a bit rough and has accidentally hit his brother with things.
The hardest part is when they both need you at the same time but other than that it’s not difficult at all.

Mine are nearly 4 years and are still
Best friends , always look out for each other .

Don’t feel guilty. Replace that talk in your head with gratitude and love.

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Cons…no help! Older kids can help so much!!

mine are 11, 7, and 1. and i love it. my boys help out so much with the 1 year old

I have a two year old (was still birth) a one and half year old and a six month old ( been keeping busy :woman_shrugging:t2::rofl:) and I love every second of it I’m always on the go!!

Mine is 9 and 5.

Tbf. The age gap sometimes is very hard when. My youngest was prem and still is very baby like.

My eldest sometimes will wind the youngest up.
But on the other end of scale they really close sometimes.
And loving.

My son was the same hated the new baby. Now they beg me to have more. Lol

They wanna sister.

But I manless and want no more kids lol.

My kids are 21 months apart (boy and girl). When I was pregnant my son didn’t quite understand… And the first few months were tough because he did show some jealousy. But by the time she was 6 months he came around and they’ve been best friends since. They’re 5&3 now and they do fight sometimes like all siblings do but they also share and play together so good, they give each other’s “boo boos” kisses, get upset if one gets in trouble and is in time out, etc. They even say they’re best friends.

My two oldest are almost 2 years apart and it was the best thing. I didn’t plan it that way but I wouldn’t change how it happened. Love my boys and now they are old enough to take care of their youngest brother :blush:

I have 6 kids and the greatest age gap is 2 and a half years. Most are 20 months apart with 9 years between oldest and youngest. The cons of kids close together are 1) complete and utter exhaustion and 2) there’s a phase when you feel like you’re doing everything for everyone (shoes, coats, feedings, car seats, baths, laundry…and on and on). That just adds to the exhaustion.
BUT! When they are close together, the older one will never remember a time without the younger one. We were worried with our first about having a second, but we NEVER let her hear a concern. We included her in everything and we talked with excitement about it all. And when the day came she was so excited to meet her baby sister! And when #3 came along, #1 talked with so much excitement that #2 was so ready for her baby brother. We could not have asked for better outcomes. They were ALL that way! Now that they’re teenagers…well, I won’t go there…haha! I personally would not have done it any other way.

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My two sons are literally 9 months apart. I didn’t plan it that way. When they were both infants it was A LOT of work and I have been a single mom since they were 18 months and 9 months old. Now at 7 and 6 they can be the best of friends at times but they can also be the worst of enemies. If I could have my way I would have waited a while before having my second son.

My first and second son are 5 years apart…they fight and argue like no tomorrow…my second and third sons are 15yrs apart…best decision ever!!! My boys are 20,15 and 1

I have had. Five kids, the only sign of jealousy was between 4th and 5 th one, because there was a four year gap. She felt I loved her baby brother more. Of course now she realises that being a baby he did need more attention,

I mean depends what kind of parent you are. I love my man but I think he shouldn’t of had his kids so close in age they clash where as mine are at least 5’years apart but I’m pregnant with my 4tj and my now youngest will
Be 3 when he’s born so still I don’t think it’s as bad as a year apart, I’m a year younger than my bro but we are bro and sis so I think it didn’t make us clash as much but at the same time when we became teens we couldn’t get along once we moved apart we never fought again lol

I have 3 kids all 15 months apart from the next. They are 11,9 and 8. The hardest part about having them close in age is being tired and having all 3 in diapers at the same time. The easiest was potty training. When the younger 2 saw their big brother using the big potty they wanted to as well. They argue a lot but what siblings don’t. Watching them grow up together and always having someone to play with is the best.

My babies are 10 months apart and its hard having them both so small but its the best watching them having someone to keep them company and playing with each other all the time. They do fight constantly but i think thats all brothers and sisters lol. :hugs:

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Mine are 25 months apart and best friends! They do fight and argue but I’m so glad we had them when we did. When my youngest was born my older was so excited! He didn’t get jealous or anything. He loved helping and holding his brother :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Me and my oldest sister are 2 years apart …best friends

The first 4 to 5 years are a bit difficult. Closer in age means back-to-back tantrums but they can also comfort each other. Having each other to learn. My son and daughter are 14 mons. Apart. They are best friends. One minute they are arguing only to make up a few minutes later. Very unique friendship. They drive us crazy…we didn’t dine in until they were five and six. We had the synchronized vomiting at home and car. The meltdowns…and adventures. It was at once. They learned everything together in one shot.
Now they are 12 and 11…and we have to 6-year-old.:grimacing:
Now 5 years apart no Bueno.
She runs the house. She has spunk and is sassy. If I could turn time I would have had all 3 back to back.

My daughter was 2 when I had my second daughter ,my first was jealous at first then got used to the idea an come around my first daughter be 4 this year an 2nd daughter be 2 there best friends plays but like any other siblings have there days an fights but still stick beside each other in the end

Mine are 19 months apart and it’s not long enough.

At least 2 or 3 years in between

Mine are 13 months apart and best friends. I would not change it for the world.

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I have 3 kids. My oldest is my son and he is 4 years older than my 1st daughter and 5 yrs older than my second daughter. If it’s anyone that feels a bit left out it’s him and not just cuz the fact he is a boy and they are girls. It’s the age difference. If I could go back and have more kids closer to his age I would’ve.

I wish I had mine closer together. My oldest is four and soon in March he’ll get a baby brother. I’ve seen the way he fits in with a big family of kids and I had no idea how much he was made for that until recently.

I personally love that my kids are close in age. Neither of the siblings I grew up with are close to my age. I’m 21 and they’re 12 and 6.

My kiddos are 4 and 5.5 and even though they argue since they have similar interests it brings them closer together and I love it.

My 2 girls are 11 months a part. They fight and argue constantly. They both have 2 different personalities. They are 10 & 11 yo. I thought they’d be the best of friends, hoping they will someday.

Also i have 4 starting when i was 20 so i grew up with my kids and they all r great adults now with 3 having kids of their own and im luving it by knowing im proud and luvin the peace now

My daughter is going to be 8 months and me and my husband are currently trying for another baby. My mother in-law told me that with all her daughters she told them to buy a gift and when you come home from the hospital with the baby to give the siblings a gift from the new baby so they don’t get jealous and she said they never were jealous because they were happy the new baby brought them something home so I’m going to try that whenever i have my second baby you should to if you would like and worried about that.

All 6 of me and my siblings are close in age and I love it, my sisters are my best friends!

Anytime after the first one is potted trained

I recommend a 2ish year age gap. My middle child was only a year old when the next was born, and it was HARD. The 2 yr gap between kid 1 & 2 was best for me.


My last 2 are 14months apart

Hey mama!! I’m 20 weeks pregnant with my second when she is born my son will be 18 months old, I find the only tough thing at the moment is being tired! Will most likely change when she’s born but I’m hoping with a routine it will be fine, they won’t notice at such a young age it will become the new normal and if you still make time for just your son like I’m planning to with mine, it will be fine! You got this! Xx

Nope. I would not. Good luck.

My kids are 4 years apart. I feel like for us this was a good age gap.

At 4…
-he was able to understand things that would be hard for younger kids to understand…like babies only cry because they cant speak.
-we could tell him things like “you use to do that too” and play up the fact that he could do things for himself. It really helped cut down on jealousy issues.
-He was old enough to really help and feel like he was part of taking care of the baby. Which helped with jealousy as well…I remember one time I had a massive sinus infection. I was just completely exhausted and my head felt like it was going to explode. My oldest made the bouncy seat bounce to help settle the youngest for me. There were times when it was time for a bottle…the youngest hated being left alone. The oldest would stay there and talk to the youngest to help keep him calm while I made the bottle
-The oldest was in prek so I was able to get one on one time with baby.

In addition to all of that, I had a high risk pregnancy. So it was actually good that the oldest was in school. It made appointments easier on me.

They are close as far as all of that goes with the age difference.

No one can tell you what to do or not do. This is just my experience with a “bigger” age gap.

My girls are 2 & 1/2 years apart. I think it’s tough some days… but it would be harder if they were closer. My 3 years old is super independent and that helps me care for the younger one. The hardest part is keeping the little one away while I help my big girl on the potty or try to do “homework” with her. (Book learning)

  1. 16 15 13 … 10 6 & 5 … I’m so proud of my teens they are a great help each has their own routine they like to do …but are always helpful with the younger siblings … my 17 girl my 16 boy are close knit … I love how close they all are … theirs always a family meeting and votes …I had a routine for them as well … it was hard at first but kept on it still today

My kids are two years apart. That way I was transitioning one out of diapers when the next came. I didn’t want them closer because I didn’t want to keep buying multiple boxes of different diapers. I’d be broke! Lol

My boys are 16 months apart, no one told me you’re super fertile the first year after pregnancy. It is HARD, but I love it.

I have 2 sets of Irish twins. Can be hard but so worth it. I was the oldest of 8 but there was a 5yr difference between myself and my brother. The rest were all closer in age. I kinda missed out on some sibling stuff being that much older. Though super close to them now.

Don’t do it!!! The second one is always the worst!!! :joy::joy:
Mine are 21 months apart. If my first was as bad as my second…there wouldn’t be a second. Sure they’ll play with each other when they are older…right??

My 1st and 2nd are 2 years apart my 2nd and 3rs are 8 months apart ( we got pregnant right away and he was born early) and my 3rd and 4th are 2 years apart. My 2nd and 3rd are the best of friends and are my little irish twins and look pretty much alike. My 2nd got a little jealous at first but we included him in everything just as if they were born at the same time and treated them exactly like twins and they were great. But now they are school age and are in the same grade different teachers. We couldnt ask for better babies it was a little hard for a bit but our premmie shot up quick and now being 4 and 5 they are 2 inches and 4 lbs apart and still the best of friends and they know they are not really twins but they will ask me where’s my twin and refer to each other as brothers or twins. We love it!

My oldest 2 were 21 months apart, and by the time my oldest turned two, he didn’t remember a time before the baby. I bought him dolls when I found out that I was pregnant, to practice being a good big brother.