Pros and cons of private school?

Is there any private school Mama’s out there? I’m really considering transferring my kids to a private school next year… pros/cons! Please!


Depends on the school. I’ve taught at Public and private schools so I’ve seen that side of it.
Cons: expensive.
Pros: usually fewer discipline issues. (Not none, but fewer, in my experience, and a different kind. Again, depends on the school.)

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I don’t do private school. But I do online homeschool and it is amazing my kids are excelling big time much better then how public school was for them.

I love private school. My daughter loves it. The class sizes are usually smaller so that means more one on one with teacher to student. The cons would have to be that it can be pricey

I truly believe it depends on the private school. We love our school because it is 100% about the kids and meeting them where they are at. It’s not about anyone having money what so ever. It’s not perfect, no where ever is. But for us it’s the perfect fit for not only our children but our family

My husband was a private school kid and I was public school. While I think I got a good education the kids at my school were, for lack of better terms, assholes. My school was labeled at preppy high and if you didn’t drive a nice car you were a peeon. My husband had jerks at his school too but never had any issues. I think regardless all schools have bullies but thats just my opinion. We are planning on private school 99% because the local school here is not great and the better public school does not have open enrollment.

Hello! Both of my children attend private schools. My husband and I also attended private schools growing up. I enjoy that we have smaller classrooms and the teachers are able to work one on one with the students. They also incorporate religion, which I personally feel is important for kids to understand. The only con to private schooling is the tuition. My kids have excelled in school and I couldn’t be prouder. I enjoy private schooling, my kids and I have made lifetime long friends. It’s really comes down to a personal preference.

My daughter goes to Lakeland Christian Academy. We LOVE it. She has gone there since Pre K and she is in 5th grade now. Her class size is small, so she gets the attention she needs and she loves it. They built a new middle school across the street from our neighborhood and I asked her if she wanted to go there next year and she said no she likes her school. So, if you have any questions feel free to message me and I will answer the best I can.

Not a mama of private school kids…but a former private school kid…
Let me just say, I HATED IT!
to the extent I got myself expelled!
It was too competitive, everyone was snobby, they picked on anyone the they thought had less than they did, even though we all went to same school and were all pretty affluent…it was the most miserable experience of my school life by far.
The emotional abuse and phycological trauma are still with me and I’m 43…
I’m sure others would have a different opinion, mine is just one…
I flourished in public school…


I think it depends on the kid. Some kids will do better in private school and some will not.

I grew up college Preparatory private school. It was the most amazing education. When i had my own kids, i put my eldest in private Catholic school and it was horrendous.

Keep asking alot of you mother’s could help each other!!!

We love private school. Small class size and having school family and friends. The kids are doing excellent.

it just depends on your state and what type of private school. I went to Panama City Christian School. We were taught the Bible and we had church every Tuesday and bible class everyday. I was on the McKay Scholarship which they pay in tuition for your child to go to the private school and the only way to get the McKay Scholarship is for your child to be considered a disabled child on an IEP or a 504 plan within the ese department. I know intuition is very expensive and usually uniforms are expensive my parents paid 30 $40 a pop for shirts and shorts and the skirts that had to go all the way down to my ankles. I had to have the correct Bible. We had very good discipline children got spanked with a paddle if your parents signed the form. We also got demerits slips which were bad. You got those for being late to class PDA in the hallway with your boyfriend throwing trash on the ground may be having a smart mouth anything like that and the discipline slips you can only get so many of them before you got suspended in everything. They actually drug tested us one time after somebody showed up on campus with weed. They we’re very lenient with Juniors and seniors going off campus to go eat things like that we had between 2nd and 3rd. Where we could go to the concession stand and get food and drinks and snacks and like chill for 15 minutes and then go on to 3rd period Or 4th period Whatever it was. it was however a better experience for me than public school because I had so many issues in public school like my mother basically dragged me by my hair out of public school and told me I was never going back. I don’t know who keeps saying there is no discipline in the private schools because here in Panama City Florida are private schools pretty much are on top of discipline way better than public school. I would say 150% better than public school. We also have what we call the bad school and that is for children who have been suspended or expelled several times from several schools and are troublemakers and it’s called also the last chance School because if they get expelled not school then that means they don’t have any school to go further their education besides getting their GED. I went to Panama City Christian School for nearly eight years of my life and I have to say it was the best memories and the best experience that I have ever had. It taught me a lot about the Bible it taught me a lot about the Lord and how to be friends and I mean we had fall festivals and a prom and homecoming and dances and a football team and everything just like a public school did. we just had to be taught the Bible we was a Christian School so of course we all had to go by Godly manners and learn our Bible verses go to bible class everyday go to church on Tuesdays and it was mandatory if we didn’t go we got in trouble and we could not attend the school. So needless to say it was probably the best decision my mother ever chose for me I mean I ended up on the volleyball team and everything at the Christian School.

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My kiddo attends private school - small classes, greater variety of classes/sports. Ours has very strict COVID rules (I don’t mind since we have loads of elderly and immune compromised family). My kiddo has ADHD and I am more able to connect with teachers, admin and advisors. Even though I was a public school teacher, I love what this school has been able to do for my small human. You didn’t ask for advise, but I’ve found that its important to interview the admin and teachers to see if they fit with your family’s expectations. And how do they make you and your small humans feel.

I can’t think of any negative. My child goes to a private school. However, check them out just like any other school. My first private I went to was not a good fit but this one is amazing and I couldn’t ask for a better school with more dedicated loving staff

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My parents sent me to a private school and I loved it! Smaller classroom sizes, more one on one with the teacher and I felt I had a great education that prepared me for college.
But as someone who has gone into the education field, please do your research with all schools: public, private, charter etc. Look at test scores (and I hate how we measure learning with standardized tests but that’s a different subject all together) and see if scores have improved over years, declined, stay the same. This will give you a small insight to the school. I know all schools in Michigan have to have overall test scores available to the public


If I could afford it, I would. I went for a couple years, smaller classes, less stupid red tape to deal with state wise…more concentration on the kids & less on what the state expects for their “scores” to get more money. You pay for it though, I think it’s worth it.

If you have the means, absolutely. I home-school through a private program, but I recommend hands-down either private or this over public.