Pros and cons on getting tubes tied?

So I was thinking about getting my tubes tied after my third baby. I haven’t had much thought on it until recently. I was wondering the pros and cons on it! Stories, suggestions, I’m up for all!


Pros: you can’t get knocked up again.
Cons: I feel like my period got soooooo much worse!


Love it. Periods way better I think. Highly suggest it. No more thinking about birth control ever.

My period was a lot worse after I got my tubes tied


After my son was born I got mine done and he’s almost 5 months old. I’ve had four pregnancies but only two living babies. I mentally couldn’t go through another pregnancy but watching him grow so fast makes me regret it sometimes but honestly im happy with my daughter and son. I don’t have to worry about taking birth control or having something in my body that throws me off. It’s been great so far, I’m breastfeeding so I haven’t gotten my period back yet. The surgery itself wasn’t bad, normal pain after but quickly healed :woman_shrugging:t2:

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After my 2nd c-section I had mine cut & tied - I didn’t want the worry of having an “OOOPS” baby and hated trying to remember to take the pill. I have had no problems since (and that was 43 years ago)

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I got my tubes removed when I had my c-section and everything went great. When my period came back it was kind of heavy but I think that’s because I didn’t have one for 9 months. Lol.

Pros: can’t get pregnant, no birth control
Cons: possible heavy period

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I wouldn’t do it. If your relationship ends and the next guy wants kids it’s going to be a deal breaker.


My neighbor got hers done and some days she regrets it. She gained a lot of weight and has her days where she wishes she could have one more. I’d personally just get birth control until you’re 100% sure you’re done.


My periods & cramps are awful some months. Sometimes they don’t come on time.


I’ve had nothing but problems since I got my tubal litigation… Irregular periods cramping pains. And I now regret it… I have had 6 pregnancies I lost 3 and have 3 living…

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After my 4th I had mine done. Cramps are gone, lighter and shorter periods, no remembering to take a pill every day. Its has now been almost 3 years with no complications.

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I got mine after baby number 5 and didn’t notice anything different just no more babies. My mom and SIL got theirs don’t too and no changes.


Best thing I ever done.
Got my tubes tied. Then went back and got the novasure ablation. So I haven’t had a period in 3years and It made it to where I can’t have anymore kids. You girls should check into it!!!

I got mine done after my 4th. I was 23. I regret it but I’ve had nothing but problems since then and a more painful period. And that was 11 years ago. The only pro I have is not worrying about forgetting my pill.
Keep in mind everyone’s body reacts differently to things. Personally, I think it is more of a decision based on how your body/health is. Just talk to your dr about how it can affect yours

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Ive had mind cut and burned for over 7 years and I regret it every day. Not because I cant have kids, I was finished having babies after my 3rd. But my periods got SO much worse! I am literally completly immobile for 5 days a month. I bleed so much and I am completly drained of energy. I cant even make it to pick all my kids up from school and make it home without stopping. I would have never had it done if I knew this was going to happen. I would have gotten the implant in my arm that lasts a few years until I was ready for a hysterectomy.

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I got my done last year it great to not have to worry about birth control but my monthly is bad but I have always had really heavy periods and bad cramps but sometimes if feels lot worse.

Just fyi, getting your tubes tied does not mean you cannot ever get pregnant again. I know many women who have gotten pregnant after having their tubes tied.

I had mine done and it sent me into menopause at 26, I had complications with each pregnancy and Dr said it was necessary, I guess God felt so too. I’m sure my case is not common but it does stink to know at such a young age my possibilities were limited and there risks with such an early menopause as well but everyone deals with something best wishes

I recommend getting then done right after a baby I had mine done and my daughter is 7 it was the worst pain I have ever been in. I didn’t have mine tied they took my tubes out so no change if ever getting pregnant again it’s wonderful.

Getting your tubes tied is surgery for you. General anesthetic. If you want birth control for YOU, then go for it. Do read up about pros and cons of having a tubal clipping vs a salpingectomy though. If you’re married, with the same person and want birth control for the BOTH of you and your family consider a vasectomy. It’s an office procedure that doesn’t take long and is far less dangerous than you undergoing a surgical procedure.

Pros no more babies, for me it lessened my period pain. I’m happy with my decision. 3 pregnancies 2 living couldn’t handle another miscarriage. Also found out I have a blood disorder that doesn’t allow my body to breakdown and process folic acid so it was the best choice for me. Cons my periods are heavier.

3 is plenty. Have fun now

I had mine done years ago and never looked back. We had 2 beautiful girls. I had no problems and worry

I had mine done after my third son n now I pregnant with my fourth son.


Got mine done after my 4th baby in january 2018. Didnt have any issues but I have noticed my periods being painful now where as they never had been my entire life.


following this! Planning on doing it after this baby (4th).

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I’m so glad my husband to fixed!! I didn’t have to go through this. Everyone is different I heard my friends have positive results and those who had horrible results. Weigh it carefully.

I got my tubes tied with my last birth, at nearly 40 years of age. I had too have a cesarean so it seemed the easiest thing to do. I did find the pain alot more intense afterwoods in comparison to a normal cesar, which l found very unexpected and uncomfortable however compared to another unplanned pregnancy l would throughly recommend it. I noticed no difference in my menstrual cycle and the relief of not worrying about birth control was fantastic. If you are definitely sure that you wish to have no more babies then seriously consider it, however please dont do it if you really are uncertain or are young. Goodluck

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I had mine done after deciding not to face another high risk pregnancy. The freedom is great. It took about 6 months for my body to learn to regulate itself without hormone based birth control. (Doctor told me that was to be expected). Overall I’m glad I did it. The freedom of it all is great and after the initial adjustment period I haven’t noticed a huge difference with my cycle.

My mom had hers tied after her 5th child…6 years later…I came along.

Godspeed lol


Theres really no cons its only blocking the todpoles from going in i had mine tide 45 years ago best decsision ever lol

I had mine tied after my 3rd at 25… marriage ended in divorce, regretted tying them fo so many reasons… worse periods, future unknown etc. I ended up having a reversal in 2011(they could only repair one side) and entered a relationship with a long time friend in 2017… 2018 we welcomed our beautiful daughter(his first child). I’m 40 and although I know we won’t have anymore I won’t retie my tube.

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I just had my 5th baby, 3rd c section and I got my tubes removed! Only thing I’ve noticed is my right side is sore but I just got this done 2 weeks ago.

I had mine clamped. My doctor made me feel really at ease about the whole thing. It was the best decision I’ve made. My periods got a little heavier but not bad at all.

I got mine removed after my second C-section. I had a horrible pregnancy and I never wanted to go through that again. I haven’t noticed a difference. My periods are irregular in frequency, flow, and length but they were like that before baby. :woman_shrugging:t2:

Very heavy periods. And tons of pains. I wish I NVR got it done. Only good is that no more babies for me. As I already have 5. Lol

Simple - but not LOL - if you feel certain you do not want more kids then do it; if you are not certain then don’t. I had mine done at 25 and have never regretted it or looked back.

It was a breeze. A no brainer for me. Goid luck.

Pros - no more late nights and no more diaper changes :speak_no_evil:

I had mine after my 3rd child. Baby fever hits somtimes but nothing that doesn’t go away. I do get all the symptoms of pregnancy a week before my period finally hits ( sometimes a month late). Theres always a 1% chance of pregnancy after so many years the chance goes up. But it’s rare. Look up PTLS that’s pretty much what goes on with me. My periods are lighter than use to be. Everyone is different. The main things is do it because you want to not because your spouse wants you to. You have to make sure YOU are done having babies. I was the one who let my husband talk me into it I’m not gonna lie I regret it at times. But then I look at my girls and I’m like I made a good decision.

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My sister in law was supposed to have hers tied right after she had her 4th baby, but something wasn’t filed correctly and the insurance wouldn’t cover it. So she waited and then got pregnant with #5 so she made sure that paperwork was correct after that baby was born. She loves that she doesn’t have to worry about getting pregnant again. LOL

I prefer not having a period, so I’ve chosen to use birth control instead of getting tubes tied or vasectomy. :woman_shrugging:

Con you still get your period every month

pros: I couldn’t afford another child after my divorce, nor did I want another one. But couldn’t get one until I was 30 :frowning: ( 36 yrs ago) and never looked back :slight_smile:

Get them cut and burned not just tied

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Don’t do tied. Have them clipped and burt no chance of coming undone

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Had mine tied after baby #2 during my c section. I’m happy knowing I won’t have to have another surgery like that. And I love being able to not worry about getting pregnant again lol. Sad part is my baby isbt a baby anymore and we are now going through the sadness that we are done having babies. But both of us are very at peace with the choice we made as a family . Best of luck momma

Pros…no more babies
Cons…periods that serve no purpose

I regret it I have 2 and had them done and they messed up and now r untied and back together and I keep miscarrying I’d rather of just went with doing the birth control

Did it and don’t regret it. I had the best 2 kiddos any woman could ever want!

I have 3 kids, 10,6 and 3 and I’m 34 I wish I wouldn’t have gotten it done or went on the IUD I want another baby

I had mine done 15 mo the ago. Google PTLS. And realize that it is an invasive surgery. My periods are heavy and painful.
I’m glad for no more babies, but it has caused a lot of problems for me.

It’s easier on a man being “fixed”. Tubes come untied and can cause medical issues.

I had mine done almost 2 years ago after my 4th baby and I wish I never had. My periods have gotten so much worse then they ever have been. I have to buy adult diapers and they only help a little and I can’t even leave my house for 5 days for it being so bad and leaking and spending most of my time cleaning myself up. It’s not this way for everyone but do the research and talk to your doctor and see what might be best for you

Let the man do a vasectomy. Quick healing!

GET IT DONE! Three is plenty! If the hospital would let me and i had the money to pay for it then I would do it in a heartbeat! And i only have one child. One and done!

I had my tubes tied after the birth of my 3rd daughter back in 1991. I decided that due to complications with my pregnancy and being told that one or both of us may die during deliver that i was not going to risk my life or the life of a child again! It was the best decision i ever made and don’t regret it for one minute. It’s a big decision to make so give it lots of consideration because if you should decide that later on you want another child and decide to have your tubes untied you still take a chance on not being able to have another child. Good luck with whatever you decide to do. God Bless You

I got my tubs tied 32 years ago ,and my periods got really bad, as time went on , I ended up 10 years ago having all my lady parts taken out, ,I have 5 beautiful children all grown now… But it is a destion you need to really think about , our grand daughter is 23 and just got her tubs tied because she said she,s done , and she only wants 2 kids ,l Best of everything to you.

I had mine done in 1999. No problems except I didn’t react well to the anesthesia. Nausea and sleepiness. Not everyone has a problem with it. I did feel a bit sad and maybe guilty. I knew it had to be done though. I had two kids but I didn’t feel I could go through any more miscarriages. Like Kathy said make sure it’s what you want cos it’s permanent.

I really thought getting tied was the best after my 4th son but then years later I delivered my fifth so I had to have hysterectomy to end my baby days the doctor told me it very rarely happens but it can I know have the five ages 36,34,31,29,18 and I have three grandchild 21,18,12 as you can see my granddaughter who is 18 is 6 months younger then my son it was a nightmare but it turned out well.

Cons: surgery recovery and possible complications, expensive or impossible to reverse, possible ectopic pregnancy, and decreased sex drive is very common.

I got mine done about 4 years ago. Havent had any issues. Mine tied, cauterized and sterilized. Pain the first day, light duty for a week. Absolutely no issues. Best decision for me!

I regret it every single day of my life, wish I never did it and I have 6 beautiful children.

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All of these issues these ladies are talking about is called Post Tubal Ligation Syndrome(PTLS). It is very real and doctors do not recognize it as an actual diagnosis and will blame the issues on everything else but the real problem of getting your tubes tied. And may even refer you to a psychologist bc these problems are in your head!

I had so many complications from my tubal and ended up needed a microscopic hysterectomy a year later. Best thing thats ever happened (no period,mood swings NOTHING! :clap::clap:) but I wouldnt go for it unless you are 100% sure you’re done. We had a 7,2,1,1 btw :sweat_smile: we were done!

I had mine done 25 yrs ago, I have no regrets, mine was outpatient and with any surgical procedure there will be some pain, I have NO REGRETS. just make sure it’s what YOU want

I strongly believe that if you get your tubes tied, ask for an ablation!

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Considered it, looked into all the complications plus expense, it’s cheaper, easier, and more cost effective for my partner to have a vasectomy

When I got my tubes tied I was told I may have a bit heavier period. I thought no big deal. My period has been a nightmare ever since. Something to look into.


Pros no birth control!.. and worries about getting pregnant. I was fertile myrtle… con never able to have children again. Just make sure this is truly what you want and ready…

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Getting your tubes tied isn’t a guarantee you won’t get pregnant. Every year the percent of getting pregnant goes up by a percentage. I’ve had mine done and redone

I had mine done right after I delivered my 3rd son. Easy!!

I had mine done when my youngest was 6 months. No pain & I left hospital ,carried my baby out & drove myself home

Mine done…no problems but just keep in mind you still can become pregnant. I personally know of someone who had been tied only to end up w/ her 4th…also it can be reversed BUT typically easier and better fertility chances if vasectomy is reversed instead

pro- no more kids, con- no more kids.

I had mine done when I was 21 and never regretted it I had 1 boy and 1 girl and that’s all I need

I had no problem. Had my tubes tied at age 26 after 3 kids. I was divorced anyhow and didn’t see the need to have more. I never regretted it , but I never got married again. So I guess you can definitely change your mind at some point but if you’ve had enough…then you’ve had enough. But Love my kids and grandkids and all the wonderful students I taught and cared for for 45 yrs. And don’t forget there’s always adoption and foster kids that need us in case you get it done and want more kids.:revolving_hearts:

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I got mine tied and regret it alot, but I have 4 kids and that’s plenty…

Has anyone gained weight after having tubes tied?

Pros… no more babys

Pros you won’t get pregnant and cons if you decide you want to have more well your hit