Pros and cons on pull-ups?

Opinion on PULL-UPS
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I personally think pull-ups are pretty much a waste of time and money. You still have to lay them down and undo the straps just like a diaper which might be a littler confusing for some kids also if you just pull them down you could get mess all down their legs. But anyways my stepdaughter wears them at night time and nap at her moms and grandma. I do not use them at my house at all when we started potty training she would wake up and go in the middle of the night but since they both put them on her constantly I feel like that just makes her comfortable with going on herself in her sleep. How do I bring it up to her mom that I don’t think she should put them on her every night if she capable of going to the potty yeah you’ll have accidents every now and again but it’s kids it happen. I know her grandma is too lazy to deal with the mess. I think her mom might be too. Advice on how to bring it up. What do I do if she just say “no I’m not doing that” just confirms she too lazy to deal with the mess. I do it anytime and every time she sets the bed at night at my house which I have her everyday from early in the morning till night time and she stays the night a lot through out the week. I’m also expecting a baby and would Like my stepdaughter to be fully potty trained by the time he gets her. Not to just make it easier on myself but for my stepdaughter as well just claiming another milestone that I know she is completely capable of.


Even tho she is the step mom, she stated that she has the child all day and evening, plus staying thru the night alot of days. Which sounds like shes with her more than her biological mother and grandmother. I dont think its being disrespectful or overstepping any boundaries if its for the better and advancement of the child. If shes capable of helping with potty training, which we all know can be challenging at times, why not take this into consideration


I started potty training my 2yr 8 days ago, tried with no panties, no pull ups, nothing for 6 days, she got it down great, aside from nap time and bed times, which for the most part she wakes up dry, but I’m also expecting a baby and would like her to be potty trained before baby comes, but I broke down and bought pull ups, why? Because my daughter is having issues pulling her panties on and off, firstly, secondly, I am exhausted with this pregnancy and don’t want to clean the carpet, the floor, the sofas, the beds, etc, Numerous time a day because she is still learning the potty sensation fully and when to potty. I am not lazy, I’ve got a household to run on top of pregnancy. Her mother knows her better then most, and if she thinks she needs a pull up, that’s what she will do. The fact that you came across as saying she and grandmother are lazy, is wrong on many levels. If your stepdaughter is capable of pulling her pull-up on and off herself, and stays dry most the time at night and naps, why would it even matter to you if she still uses them at night? If she dirtys them, then obviously she isn’t ready to go all night or for naps without them.


Not sure what pull ups you’re using but the ones my 2 yo wears pull up just like underwear, the only time we lay him down is if he had a :poop: accident to wipe him. But try mentioning that she is doing great in real underwear over night at yalls house, and see if mom is open to trying that with maybe a bed wetting pad in the bed just in case. That’s what we did with my step son, his mom wasn’t totally on board but we kept telling him he could do it and every time he was dry all night he got a sticker and after so many got a reward (like toys from target dollar bin) he would tell his mom on the nights she had him he didn’t need the pull up. It worked but took a bit longer. Back story he was potty trained at 2 but regressed at 2.5 (when little bro, ours, was born) by 3 he was back to normal and by 3.5 dry at night full time.

Your personal opinion on pull ups is just that personal. I AGREE with you 100% they are a waste, I didn’t use them. Unless we were going to visit at someone’s house. Then I would use just to be courteous to the home owner. Lol

Never used pull-ups. Depends if you have a good relationship with your step-daughters mother. Most moms think they know what is best for their child so your in a pretty awkward position. I would either have your husband talk to her or just leave what she does alone and keep doing your method when the child is with you.


Pull ups are not that difficult to use. I’ve never had to lay a kid down to change their pull up except for the occasional poop accident and that was very rare. Now that they have the Velcro sides it’s easier than ever to use pull ups. Tell her mom that you think everyone should be on the same page as it gets confusing for the child and explain how she wears underwear and uses the potty just fine at your house, but say it without sounding superior. If she comes back with a reason as to why she has to wear pull ups, listen to her reasons and share your own experiences without judgment. If she says she’s going to continue putting pull ups on her then respect her decision as she is the mother and either use pull ups or continue doing what you are doing


A lot of y’all have insecurity issues with being a mom and it shows :joy: I’m a mom a step mom and my daughter also has a step mom and I’d never in a million years treat her step mother the way y’all are talking good lord get a grip. And yes pull ups are a huge waste of money just buy the protective mattress cover, and it sounds like you have her more than her mom does so just do your thing & maybe start telling her mom when she picks her up how she had another accident free night with no pull up & how proud you are,maybe she’ll get the hint.


I can put a pull and/or diaper on my kids standing up. It takes 2 seconds. Pull ups are for kids to learn to pull their pants and things up by themselves not for you to do it. Hence the I’m a big kid now song. It’s to teach them how to pull up and down their panties but keeps the child from peeing or pooping through panties.


I rip the sides, there is no laying down. Also, they come in bigger sizes, I only use them for night time.

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I never used/use pull ups to train only at bed time if needed.

Yikes…that’s a tight spot

As soon as we can im going to start potty training out little. What is the point in going from diapers to pull ups and then to underwear. Once we’re done with diapers that is it.

Im sorry but if i was the mom and you tried to step in about how i parent my child at my house I would get very offended… If its seriously hindering potty training then the childs father should talk to the girls mother. Not you


Wow the comments of “it’s not your place” are unreal! It totally IS her place. It’s called healthy COPARENTING. She is with this child a lot apparently. She is her bonus parent. You can’t expect children to grow up healthy mentally and physically if you don’t communicate with the other parents and adopt the same routines in both households! Jumping from house to house with different rules and different routines is chaotic for a child! Smdh have some common sense ladies…


Very few children are incontinent.