Question about a childs last name

IIf a child had their last name changed to both parents last name. Would there ever come a time that the child would only be allowed to use one? IF SO which one would they have to use? Does it depend on which last name is first before the - ???


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Whatever is on their birth certificate is what they will have to use legally


If you add a hyphen to combine the last names they will not be able to chose which last name if both last names are are on the BC no hyphen they can decide to use one

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And if the first last name is never gonna be used again then they will lock it to never be used again I know all about it cause I was adopted

I thought they would always use both…unless they are old enough to voice which last name they prefer and want to use

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As a person who was given both parent’s last name I can say I’ve never HAD to use just one. However, personally when I can I always choose to go with just one

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I think it depends on whether a hyphen is used or not. The hyphen makes the double last name one word. So all documents would use both. Unhyphenated names run the risk of one being used.

I knew a guy growing up that had “Navarro Cruz” in the last name field of the birth certificate and on his social but the MVC only put Navarro as his last name on his license.

If it’s been changed on the birth certificate to include both names hyphenated, then they won’t have to choose as legally that’s their name.

If you haven’t legally changed it and have decided and just told people, then whatever last name is on the birth certificate is the one they have to use for eg. bank account, TFN/SSID etc

I have a student who has two last names, but everyone just uses and says the first last name that’s listed.

My son has both and not hyphened. He has his dads then mine. Usually at appts and such it goes by dads. But I have both as well and most times ppl use mine instead of my husbands so it just depends. I use both when signing anything

My mom changed my last name when I was little. And I have never had to use the first last name only the last name she changed to

Don’t hyphenate a kids name. I just put my maiden name as a middle name for my kids

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If it’s a hyphenated last name then that is both their last name as a hyphen makes it one name not two :blush:

If it’s hyphenated, they use both as a whole name. If not, whichever name is the final one would be considered the surname. The other would be a middle name.

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My daughter has both and she uses the last one

No. I hyphened my last name, I usually end up signing most things by my married name. It’s really a pain when you have to sign legal documents especially if it’s a very long name.

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The only issue I’ve run into hyphenated my and my husband’s last name for myself is that the NJ DMV cannot support a name this long DeAngelo-Podsiadlo was too long. Aside from that no other agency has had an issue with it.

My husband has 2 last names. He has to use both for legal purposes but for everything else he uses his first one. And when I married him I only took his first one and our kids only have his first one as well.

My best friend had a hyphenated last name and she never had the best relationship with her dad
So she always dropped his name

I changed my first middle and last when I got married (long story, toxic mother) I still use my lifelong nickname from my birth given first name and new last name from hubby for everything except legal. Some people don’t even know that I changed it all.

I had 2. My mother’s first, then my father’s. Any legal or financial documentation had to have both. I was happy to take my husband’s 5 letter name when I got married. (I haven’t fixed it on Facebook yet, stupid fb mashed the two names together, leaving out the hyphen and the last letter.)

My daughter has both of our last names, not hyphenated. And is required to use our when registering for anything. (School, doctors, sports, etc.). I was told that based on how it is on her Social Security card that would be her legal last name.

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My sons name is hyphenated. Legally we use both, like at school, doctors, etc! On his schoolwork and such, he uses just 1 and we haven’t had a problem! I think he does it because of his older brother, my oldest, only has my maiden name, my youngest we gave both my maiden and husbands last name….

My best friends daughter has two last names, non hyphenated. She wants to use only one of the last names but the school won’t allow it so Shes stuck with 2 unless legally changed. Sort of annoying g

If it’s a legal change and it’s their legal last name, noone and nowhere can tell them they can’t use that name. It’s their legal, government name. The only thing I could think of would be a situation where the entire, hyphenated name won’t fit on something. Or if they decide to drop one or the other. It’ll still be their legal name, but they may choose to drop the first half or last half.

Legal purposes both would have to be used. The child decides to use only one.

My daughter has my name and her dads last name Hyphened. The school goes by the first last name . Legal documents I have to use both

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In PR we use both of our parents last names , first dad .
We move to Jacksonville NC , all her documents like BC , SS , ID has both both places like school, dr. Appts just use the first one … his dads

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All 3 of my kids have hyphenated last names mine last and dad’s first and I have no problem at pharmacies school anything like that they ask which I go by and I tell them the first.

I have a hyphenated name, in school they used my most preferred last name, but when i went to public i had to use the 1st one. It was weird. But only hard thing is some of my bills are 1 name and some are another

A hyphenated last name is legally 1 last name and there is never an instance where the person has to choose because the hyphen makes it 1 last name.


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my step sons have both the only time they use both is when it has come to court or doing there taxes other than that my one step son who i raised went buy our last name didnt use his moms his choice and my other step sons did the same

When I married I hyphenated my last name to keep part the same as my children. (Previous marriage) So for me it depends on the situation. Legal purposes I use both obviously. But of like signing permission slips for school. I use which ever last name for whichever child I am singing and go mostly by just my husband’s last name. I know that’s a little different and not really what you are asking. But I just thought maybe helpful

I had both my parents last names throughout school years and hated it, it wasn’t my legal last name. I used my birth last name which was my names up until I got married.

A lot of doctor’s offices will call only the second last name when asking patients to come back to exam rooms. Hospitals will often put only the second last name on patients identification bracelets and charge stickers. Many places do not want to mess with two last names, even if they are hyphenated. Choose which last name you want your child to use. It’s less confusing, less frustrating.


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You mean like their parents names are hyphenated? If so that’s their last name. They can’t be forced to use 1. I have a cousin who’s name is legally hyphenated but he chooses to use just 1 on most things even in school. I had a friend who hyphenated her kids names. Each parent uses their name for the child. In school they were allowed to choose which they used daily but on legal stuff (standardized tests, report cards etc) it’s the full hyphenated name.

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If it’s Hyphenated, legally you use both on any legal documents. My name is hyphenated and I have absolutely hated it my entire life. I don’t recommend doing it to your children. It has always messed up my taxes and other important things.


If it’s there legal last name they can always use it no one will tell them they cant

I have a hyphenated last name and have had one since I was born. The first part of my last name teachers could never figure out how to say so I stuck with the second part of my last, both parts of my last name are legal and I use them for legal documents however when it comes to certain things I only use one part because they do not make the “name” lines big enough during school

My fiance has both his parents last name no hyphenated but when signing things and at school he only went by the first one and people know him only by his first one and not both or the last. Our daughter got his last names at birth but she also only goes by the first one because she says shes like her dada and goes by what he goes by.

They don’t ever make you pick one name. If they can’t use the hyphen for whatever reason, they just remove it to make one long last name

Just use the father’s name, that is the usual custom!

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When I had my son I wasn’t married, so my son was given my last name. Once I got married (not to his father) I legally changed my sons last name to my husbands and mine. His birth certificate was even changed.

I have my mom and dad‘s last name. My whole life I only use my dad‘s last name. As an adult, there’s times where I use my mom‘s only and then there’s times where I use my dad‘s only. I was never forced to use both unless it was legal paperwork

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My sons name is hyphenated and they use both or whichever is written down.
Never had any issues.

only thing I"m going to add, there are a limited number of spaces on most forms etc… There will be times both names won’t fit… And I’ve worked in numerous occupations where you have to fit a name in an attention to line, they don’t all fit…