Question about booster seats

Do they need to be latched like the other carseats? I can’t seem to figure it out… Google is giving me mixed answers.


It depends on the make of the booster seat and even then if you want to use the anchor system for them, they have weight limits so just check the manual

If they have a latch, tether, or anchor, use it. If they don’t, use the seat belt as it should be worn.

If your booster doesn’t allow latch or didn’t come with latch you will need to buckle the seat belt anytime a child isn’t riding in the booster to prevent it from becoming a projectile in a car accident.

Depends on the type of booster. We had one we put the seat belt through the back and used the five point harness. Last one was one she just sat on; no anchoring, just a seatbelt like normal people.

There is a page on Facebook called carseat safety - it’s great.

depends on the brand/make of the booster seat tbh.

You can purchase them with or without the latches. I personally LOVE the one I have that has the latches. It makes it super easy for my son to get in and out without the seat moving around on him. But safety wise- I would think both versions are about the same since the seat belt is the safety mechanism. The anchor just holds the seat still. Your child and the seat are both strapped in with the seat belt.

Depends on the type high back no back do u have the manual? And brands every brand is different

Does it have a latch? If yes, use it, if not, then seatbelt. Never both together :woman_facepalming: