Question about breastfeeing and drinking

If I am breastfeeding and have one drink how long do I have to pump and dump for? First time EB so I have no clue on this. TIA


“If you can drive a car, you can feed the baby”
“If you can find the baby, you can feed the baby”
-Our pediatrician and my OB!


If you don’t want to feed the milk to the baby then use it for a milk bath. The newer studies support the if you can hold the baby then you can feed the baby. I’ve always enjoyed a few drinks and my babes are all perfect!

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My kids are fine. I was always told if you can hold the baby and drive you can feed the baby. I don’t drink often but I do drink 2-3 mixed drinks within about 6hr period. 6 kids and 3 exclusively breastfed.

If you have doubts just use the alcohol detection strips. I have an over supply so I just dump the two pumps after having some drinks and still have enough for baby or I bring out something from my frozen stash. I exclusively pump.
If I have one or two beers I don’t toss the milk, but if I have more I usually pump and dump for the next 2 sessions.

Pump and dump is not recommended anymore. Sober to drive sober to nurse.

Can c the problem if u r only having 1

I didn’t risk it…thats just me. And I like to drink. Lol

They sell test strips to test the milk. That’s what I did in the past.


I’ve been sober since before I had kids but I always heard people say if you don’t feel messed up, then your milk isn’t messed up. If you feel tipsy/drunk, then your milk is tipsy/drunk. I also wouldn’t dump because you can always use it for a diaper rash or bath water or something other than feeding.

My midwives told me to never pump and dump!
I used to drink Guinness, all the time, to help breast milk production and my kiddos are perfect.


My pediatrician told me to drink a couple of beers or a couple of glasses of wine everyday to ease my nerves and for my milk peoduction. Said it was good for both of us! Hops and resvertrol?? I breast fed for 6 months and didn’t own a pump.

If you are worried, save it and mix with a sober pump.

But after 1 drink you’d be fine to pump as normal. :slight_smile:


No need to pump and dump anymore ! One drink or 2 your fine as long as you cab drive, hold your baby and feed your baby. FYI a beer a week is good for breast milk production.

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You do not need to dump for one drink. If you’re sober enough to drive you’re sober enough to breastfeed

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Don’t pump n dump that’s just wasting your milk just wait 2 hours after your last drink before breastfeeding again. I was told by a Dr that alcohol takes 2 hours to pass through your milk and then you are fine. Just feed baby right before you start drinking, and pump some so you have some oh hand for baby so you don’t have to worry.

Unless you’re knocking it back whilst feeding, it really won’t make any difference.

I was told not anymore. If your sober enough to walk your sober enough to hold and feed the baby


“One drink is like throwing a shot into a swimming pool”
One of my doctors told me this, so I’ve always gone with it…


No need to pump and dump. Per all the LC’s I’ve seen in breastfeeding groups; If you can find and SAFELY hold your baby, you’re fine to nurse. But no need to pump and dump, if you’re concerned about it at all; pump but store it and label it for milk baths, or other uses. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Don’t dump, instead you could use it for milk baths if you’re concerned.

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Don’t need to pump and dump. The recommended time to wait is 2 hours after one standard drink

Don’t dump just have one glass of wine or a light drink.

Lol u don’t need to pump and dump over 1 drink …

No need. Dr Newman is a great resource. Milk only has as much alcohol as your blood, so you’d be too drunk to care for your baby before it was an issue. Sober enough to drive, is sober enough to breastfeed.

If u can drive a car you can breast feed a baby it’s what I got told both from my doctor an midwife

Forty plus years ago if you had low milk supply they would tell you to drink a beer a day to increase supply.


You don’t. Alcohol goes in your milk and gets circulated out, like blood. This process takes about 2 hours. A few drinks isn’t going to hurt your baby so unless you are pounding shots you can’t really drink too much for it to affect your breast milk.


You don’t have to pump and dump, even if drunk. The main thing is to discourage you from dropping your baby while intoxicated.

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One drink. Don’t worry about dumping. It’s not enough to effect the baby. Now if you were heavily drinking. That would be different

I was told that if you have 1 drink, wait 2 hours from when you finished the drink to pump and you don’t have to dump!

It is complicated. There is not a simple answer. Buy a copy of Tom Hale’s medication and Mother’s milk and use it as a resource for these questions. In essence depending on how much you are drinking and over how many hours will answer your question.

You don’t need to pump and dump at all. Lactation consultants warn against it now. I know they used to say you have to but research shows it’s not necessary


If you are drinking, your baby is drinking


Do not pump and dump. Thats old. You can safely breastfeed and drink alcohol long as you aint shittered

They say you don’t have to any more. The only issue now with drinking is the care for baby. By what I’ve heard, you could safely feed while shite faced (not recommended due to obvious reasons though lol).

In general, less than 2% of alcohol actually makes it into your breast milk.

They have test strips for the milk