Question about child custody?

If a parent that has full custody , signs over custody to a family member , by choice and it is uncontested. If parent an family member come to an agreement upon themselves on the amount that will be paid, will a judge set an exact amount for child support themselves ? Or will they take into consideration on the amount the family agreed apon ? If it means any difference the family lives in Alabama .


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If you have an agreement, it will likely be taken into consideration by the judge.


It depends on the laws for that state, I honestly don’t know if all states have the same laws … I DO know this, be very specific or as specific as possible when it comes to parents/ grandparents visits and WHO will be able to take part in decisions about the child/ren’s medical, educational and best interests for them … I know this because I have court ordered Guardianship of a child that was signed over to me by both parents, have had her since she was an infant, was given official guardianship in Feb. 2019 , her bio mom passed in 2020, now the maternal grand parents have decided they want to step up , the child is now 4, And I am fighting to keep Gaurdianship … How CRUEL can this be to take a child from the only home she has ever known …


I’m not exactly sure how child support is determined in the courts of the US. Here in Canada, it goes based off the payee (person having to pay child support) last taxes filed. Goes based off how much they made that year. My ex and I actually had a verbal agreement on how much child support should be paid and we mentioned that and they said that wasn’t how it worked. In the end, based off calculations, it actually ended up being what we agreed on. Thing is, if I really wanted, I could take him back to court every year and get reassessed and possibly get more or less. I just leave it where it is, also haven’t heard from the guy in 5+ years. So I have him on a government program where they garnish his checks.

They use a worksheet based off of the parenting time and amount of income for both parties. The judge can also make whatever decision they seem fit. All depends on what the judge decides. That’s the bad part about not settling outside of court…if you mediate it or try to have your attorney contact their attorney and work out a deal at least you’d have some say in the matter.

There are a lot of factors lined up with support. The Judge does go by state guidelines, but has some flexibility. I would not rule it out.

Im in Illinois. We have an agreed amount that is different than what the state wanted

Idk about signing rights over to a family member or Alabama laws. But in Michigan my ex went to the office with 1 pay stub from a day labor agency. He had a good paying full time job. He took a day off to get that stub. He told FOC he will pay no more than $120. They set it at what he wanted. But he also pays about $30 a month in admin fees & medical. We didn’t agree to it. He just said “that’s all I’ll give her”. I could’ve fought it. But judges favor men. He’d go to court asking to pay less. Most likely the judge would go along. So I just took it.

It’ll be taken into consideration, but so will the state minimum’s etc. So there’s a lot more to this 

They’ll go by what y’all agree on