Question about HCG levels

Anyone have HCG levels of 69803 mIU/ml and know how far along they were? I’m scheduled for an ultrasound to confirm; however, I’m super curious to see if anyone can give me insight. I’ve seen the charts online but Idk if I’m reading them wrong or what, i just can’t figure it out lol


My levels were over 100,000 at 10 weeks… I think!

I was just over 60,000 at 7 weeks

Hcg levels are very inaccurate with determining how far along you are as they vary with each pregnancy!
But my guess would be 7 or 8 weeks, could be further though

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Maybe around 7 weeks?

Hcg levels are not the best way to predict gestation. They can vary a lot from pregnancy to pregnancy. Best to wait for your ultrasound.

You are probably about 6 weeks along.

Somewhere between 9 and 12 weeks

I was 54,000 and about 7 weeks which is on the high end. But it was confirmed by ultrasound.