Question about the makena injection?

Any mamas out there had the Makena injections?? Did you also have a cerclage placed?? Did you carry your baby full term? Any problems with labor or with a baby? How did the hormone injections affect you mentally??

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I had them with my second baby they hurt you make you itchy but otherwise I was fine I went full-term with my second no complications baby was completely healthy it’s definitely worth it

My doc always called these the p-17 shots I had them for my last 2 pregnancies and all were successfully full term 38 weeks and 39

I had them with two pregnancies after preterm labor at 32 weeks with my first pregnancy. Second child was born at 35 weeks 3 days, no complications, labor went fine. Third child was born at 37 weeks 4 days, labor was induced due to extremely high blood pressure, labor went fine, no problems. With both my 2nd & 3rd, I had the injections. I dilated early with both of them but my body was able to keep them in long enough without going in to labor. No cerclage. The injections sting and itch a bit but honestly after a couple weeks you don’t even feel them anymore. Definitely a good idea with any history of preterm labor.