Question for Adoptive Parents and Potential Adopters

Question for APs: Why is it that when adoption comes up, there are a majority that say “Well, what am I supposed to do…just accept that I can’t have a baby?” What do you want the answer to be? That yeah, just go take someone else’s kid. If you didn’t complete your degree, do you say what am I suppossed to do and have people tell you just go take someone else’s off the wall? Why in your mind is my crisis tied to your tubes? I get that people want children, but is it another’s job to supply them? Why isn’t it your job to supply the money you have to the poor then or the job or homeowners to take in the homeless or people with nice vehicles to give them to the those with no vehicle? If I said well, am I just supposed to accept that no one will give me $50,000 what would the answer be?