Question for landlords or property managers

NMR but is anyone a landlord or property manager? We got approved to rent a property and the property management company sent us a “Holding Deposit Agreement” which is adressed to “Applicant” for the purpose of removing the property off the rental market (Zillow, etc). They also sent an invitation for the portal they use to make payments which already shows the entire balance of rent + deposit due. It’s just weird i havent seen a lease agreement yet, nor have I even met anyone. We were given a code for the lockbox key to walk the property. This IS a company on Yelp with actual reviews so I don’t think it’s a scam. But has anyone heard of a Holding Deposit Agreement?


Yes but not exactly, it’s usually in admin fees/application, once you pay to apply they take it off the market. If you meet the requirements then they will give like 48 hours or so i believe to sign the lease. My last rental the lease was within the portal and it had the approximate feel that my deposit and prorated and or rent would be. However I would check reviews and meet in person before sending money.

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I’d use the code and see if it works and then tell them you’d prefer to use a money order to hold your space.

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Don’t do it until you sign a lease with someone.

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Ask for the lease beforehand and that you’d prefer to bring in secured funds to their office and pick up the keys at that point.


Yes… property manager here, after approval we ask for the deposit to hold the home until move in day and to remove the listing. Tenant Portal is activated and then lease is sent online within a week or so depending on move in day. I have them come to the office though to bring the deposit in money order or cashiers check. Make sure to go to an office at least


Don’t give any money up without meeting with the owner/landlord at the property first. This almost happened to me before we got in the house that we are in now. I came across multiple scams that sound like this. Just to be cautious, I wouldn’t do it. Good reviews or not.


It’s 100% a scam
We looked at soo many properties just like this
The scammer sets up an appointment for you to do a “self tour” an then they immediately contact the REAL property management company and set one up for “themself” and give you the code
Legally you’re trespassing as you aren’t approved to be alone at the property
Then they send links to their website for you to pay making it virtually impossible to get your money back

ALWAYS look up the property info and find who actually owns it

This website is awesome and legit, you get a free trial and then it’s only 3.99 a month for unlimited record searches
We found a place but I still use it all the time for other reasons


If it legit there should be a lease on the portal. Don’t pay till you see that

Don’t get fooled by a scam. If it seems sketchy, it’s not worth the risk.
By the way, that’s def sketchy.

If the person or company can’t meet in person total scam…

Exact situation happened to my friend down in Florida. Total scam!