Question for mamas with PCOS

Ok mamas! Questions for all who have pcos ! I have gone 6 months now without my period. Nothing is helping me to get it. I just turned 38 I stopped my bc for a month to see if that would help to get my period. Nope. My gyno said it’s ok to not to have a period. Im not ok with this. My hubby have had tmi while I was off the pill! An then I spotted an cramped like it was the implantation bleeding. I tested today and it was a bad test I’ll test again . I really don’t want any more babies. I have a child with autism who’s 11 and a 5 year old rainbow


I’m 41 and haven’t had my period in over a year and before it has completely stopped I was only having it every several months. I need to make a Gyno appointment because I have been wondering if I am going through pre-menopause.

I take metformin to regulate my period.

I take chasteberry/vitex to regulate my period.

What got my cycle regular was provera to start my cycle then 3 months of birth control and metformin i quit the birth control because at the time i was ttc but continue to take metformin. Ive had a regular 27 day cycle since then that was 17 years ago

I went two years without a period before I got pregnant with my son.

I went a few months without my period and made an appointment with my GYN and she said it’s not normal and gave me a progesterone injection.

I’ve went a year without a period before. It’s definitely stressful but stressing it is making it worse

I went two years without one. It’s not uncommon to go months without it. Just keep testing and take other precautions

I took flo and it helped me regulate my period… stressing about it is not going to help you get your period tho, go take a you day get a pedi and relax and see if that helps

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With PCOS you need to have a period at least every 4 months. I take smoo and it has helped alot

I haven’t had a cycle in years.

My dr put me on metformin. Worked wonders.

You should have a cycle at least once every 3 months. Get a 2nd opinion as to why you are having unbalanced hormones.

I went years only having a period every 5-6 months. My OB prescribed Provera, it was a pill a day for 1 week. I got my period right after and have had one every month since for the last 18 years. It’s not always on exact schedule but comes every month. I still struggle with a ton of other PCOS symptoms but I always have a period with the only exception being pregnancy.