Question for moms who have had a membrane sweep

Moms who have had a membrane sweep. I was having contractions last night never went in, went to use the bathroom this morning and I wipe and it’s bloody with mucus (not my mucus plug) but it looks to me like fresh blood. I’ll be calling my doctors just wanted to make sure this is normal


I had a membrane sweep with my second and went into labor 5 hours later!

Congratulations on baby! They’re coming soon!

Yes then went into labor like 3 hours later

Yes and had her less than 2 hours later

It’s normal after a membrane sweep

That’s your bloody show I had one with my second child and experienced the same thing

Happened to me after my membrane sweep! A few hours later I went into labor.

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I had this, it was a bloody show. Othrr signs of impendjng labour I had were the urge to clean the house, diahorrea and back ache.

I had such a burst of energy that I batch cooked and took the dog out for a walk whilst the contractions were mild!

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Yes normal!! Same thing happened to me!

More than likely, it could be what they call your “bloody show” which is what happens when your cervix starts to soften and dilate in prep for labor. But yes, definitely check with your doctor.

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This is normal. I was pregnant with my fifth child. I never had a show with my other kids.

Got up the morning after my due date, went for a wee, wiped and there was a LOT of blood. I panicked. Called the hospital and while I was sat talking to them; my water broke (had never had that either; was always done for me)

Four hours later; I gave birth